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Item #: SCP-4755

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: A rental property belonging to the Foundation near Lake Tahoe houses data servers and satellite dishes responsible for targeting all outgoing signals. Web crawlers are to detect, flag and censor SCP-4755 augmented content, with emphasis on children's programming, before it reaches telecommunication receivers across the United States.

Description: SCP-4755 is the collective designation for ~521 giant clams1 situated at the lakebed of Lake Tahoe, which lies between the states of California and Nevada in the United States. Instances of SCP-4755, henceforth individually designated as SCP-4755-1, live at a depth of 501m and infrequently emit crying or cooing as broadband and radio signals. These vocalizations affect signals from television programs, AM/FM radio, phone calls, and webcasts, and as such, result in the transmission of haphazard audio or visual sequences.

SCP-4755-1 are biologically different from baseline members of the same species. An aluminum carbonate shell covers the entirety of SCP-4755-1, with 6μm fiber optic chords that run along with the interior. Radioisotope thermoelectric organs, responsible for circulating electricity across the body, are situated bilaterally on opposite ends of the exterior.

SCP-4755-1 has a respiratory siphon that is capable of receiving frequencies from an indeterminable distance. The exterior rim of the siphon is covered in swollen lumps embedded with small, white calcium nubs. Ongoing experiments indicate SCP-4755-1 become inert when receiving synthesized audio signals colloquially known as "white noise."

The excretion siphon appears and operates as a transponder commonly found on communication satellites, which output electromagnetic signals that can bypass all environmental obstacles via unknown means.

The following are recordings captured via remote jamming devices by the Department of Audio Analysis: (Note: […] indicates parts of the recording that are incomprehensible or lost. Slight alterations have been made due to SCP-4755-1 interference.)

Detected Media: John Oliver from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Alex Jones from Infowars.

John Oliver: Sometimes it's good to remember how bad food can be.

Alex Jones: Giant death factories, ladies, scum, […] keeping babies alive

John Oliver: Consume […] Mongolians. […] Horse milk!

Alex Jones: That woman number one.

John Oliver: I care about […] the way I care about oxygen and imbibing enough water a day to live.

Alex Jones: Literal vampire potbelly goblins are hobbling around comin' after us. My spirit gets close, my spirit gets close to that evil and I feel it go, ah— [table slam] I need a drink.

Detected Media: Narrator from a National Geographic episode on mollusks and an audiobook of Thus Spoke Zarathustra!

Narrator: This snail is but one of the countless tens of thousands of mollusks in the world today. […] how did they change shape from simple […] protein-rich, meaty flesh […].

Audiobook Excerpt: And conceived a rope stretched between animal and Space […] a rope over an abyss.

Narrator: What set this line of mollusk apart was all that came before. It was a key evolutionary breakthrough.

Audiobook Excerpt: Silence is worse; […] that are kept silent become poisonous.

Narrator: A method known as "broadcast spawning", utilized in reproduction—

Detected Media: Manager from a Sonny & Sons Motorparts commercial and the singer from a YouTube video titled, "Daddy Finger: Fun Time Mickey Mouse X Spiderman".2

Manager: Now with our amazing deals on mobile homes […] something wrong […] the stars, your lady […] can always get in!

[Scan lines distort and warp screen with blue outlines around his face.]

Manager: Come! [ambient music plays from Daddy Finger video]

Manager: Come! [ambient singing, "where are you" is interjected into the background melody]

Manager: Come! [audio distortion]


At the time of this document's composition, SCP-4755's colonies were in a state of decline as they refused to release sperm and eggs into the water due to malnourishment and reproductive inactivity. However, their appetite and physiology greatly improved after an extra-terrestrial transmission (originating from 34 Ori, 46 Ori, and 50 Ori in the Orion constellation) bombarded Foundation receiver modules monitoring SCP-4755. Decrypted, it roughly translates to a sequence of letters: "HreiamHereIM-heream, iamhere, here i am."

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