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Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Floppy Comments:

The following is an unabridged transcript of the episode, which elapsed for a period of four hours. At approximately 3 hr 21 min into the recording, the audience began a séantic ritual, culminating in the levitation of a crew member 3 meters above the ground. At this point, the subject underwent transmogrification into an equivalent volume of homogenized milk. The milk was later consumed by all persons present, which includes host Oprah Winfrey and guest Vermin Supreme.

Moon Champ, Mooman, ChinChin walk into a bar.
1: "だからあなたは販売しています…"
2: "Hm?"
2: "Hold on now, it may not actually be from the moon, but there is a remote possibility that the same photons in your eyes could end up on the surface of the Valles Marineris. Now that's what I call Mind-Power™, now available with every shipment of Mind-Milk™"
1: "…baka"

Why cry over spilled milk when you can CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME?
At Foundation Mind-Milk, we encourage you to literally become the consumer.

Now as a limited time offer, Foundation-labeled Mind-Milk. Our test audiences loved the first batch and now — in this limited time offer — we want you to join the mind-milk family.

An entire sector of the noosphere dedictaed to producing milk

And in a MTF raid, cognitohazardous build-up incurrs and you just have agents dropping their guns, stripping nude. And going straight into the udders and suckling from them

And then they develop udders too And the other MTF members suck their udders And then the udder grows the MTF leader's face and starts sucking one of the MTF's udders

We'll sell Secretion Classic TM after we sell Diet Secretions. Once our user base is sick and tired of the new flavor, boom, bam, wam, we hit them with Secretion Classic.

Expecting a 5% drop in lactic optimization in your lactose insurance tolerance. Buy all yeast stocks, all yeast stocks, all yeast stocks

Do you think it would be good for him to have a defunct, desheveled warehouse as a place of operations that he just "claims" is perfectly legit and the pinnacle of milk innovation/
Like it harbors the massive udder inside of it.
Entire floors are devoted to housing pieces of the udder that has broken through the floorboards and cieling panels.

And its voice is constantly distorted due to him speaking through the big, bulbous sack of a head thats filled to the brim with 100% nutritional mind-milk.
Dripping-splooshing sounds
Everytime he talks, it ondulates.
The things he says are just economic and investment terms mixed with milk

And like
When he thinks
He secretes cream cheese
And it's screaming
whispers because it's mind milk

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