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As part of their training, Mobile Task Force operatives are exposed to a number of memetic agents designed to allow them to perform their duties with the utmost efficiency. Below is a basic rundown of the standard suite of memetic implants a typical agent will receive.

Designation: BaselineFortify v2.1
Classification: Class II Exposure Time: 23s
Success Rate: 97% Delivery Method: Visual
A standard non-invasive Class II memetic agent, designed to act as a mental foundation for further implants. Since the introduction of the BaselineFortify line of implants as a first step, implant success rate has increased by approximately 30%.
Side Effects: None
Notes: In order to properly integrate, exposed persons must wait at least nine days before being exposed to further memetic anomalies.

Designation: Mem-aid C-93
Classification: Class III-a Exposure Time: 3s
Success Rate: 95% Delivery Method: Visual
Following successful exposure to Mem-aid C-93, individuals will possess significantly improved recall of events that have occurred within the last 72 hours (accurate recall of events improved by 27% on standard Foundation tests), and an increased ability to perceive and react to details in high stress situations (increase of 36% on standard Foundation testing).
Side Effects: Nausea (30% of cases, duration 3 hours), Blindness (40% of cases, duration 3 hours)
Notes: Following the deployment of the Mem-aid line, accuracy of post-action reports from MTF operatives has improved considerably. Additionally, fatalities during engagements was reduced by 7%.

Designation: Rekall 4
Classification: Class V-c Exposure Time: 3m 31s
Success Rate: 82% Delivery Method: Audio
Stage one of a two-part implant. Following exposure to Rekall 4, individuals become susceptible to a second series of memetic agents. These additional agents possess memory suppression properties, allowing operatives to suppress memories from the last 17 hours, 37 hours or 118 hours. Individuals exposed are left with the knowledge that they have suppressed memories from the specific time period, and that they were willingly removed. Memories suppressed in this way can be retrieved in 72% of cases, but cannot be removed a second time.
Side Effects: Tinnitus (65% of cases, duration approx. 80 hours )
Notes: Due to the nature of the actions frequently undertaken by MTF operatives, they are often left with disturbing or traumatic memories. Giving operatives the ability to willingly block these memories has increased morale and team efficiency by a notable margin.

Designation: K8VF-47P
Classification: Class IV Exposure Time: 4m 30s (see Notes)
Success Rate: 90% Delivery Method: Visual
A memetic vaccine, the K8 line provides protection to 93% of tested Class I and Class II visual memetic anomalies. While this implant is recommended for all operatives, it is mandatory for all agents expecting to be working in the Anomalous Art scene, or with related Groups of Interest.
Side Effects: Extreme Irritability (95% of cases, 72 hour duration)
Notes: Requires six individual sessions of exposure in order to become effective. Blinking or any other disruption to the visibility of the implant medium will reset the process; thus, the use of an ophthalmic speculum is recommend.
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