001 Outline

Computer jargon welcoming O5-1, login credentials etc

SCP-001 header details, containment procedures etc.
SCP-001 is an anomalously large human population that goes against accurate prediction models, by approximately 1 billion people.

people arrive and are integrated into the world through low-level reality manipulation, and have memories that imply they have always been here, other peoples memories match etc.

Theorised to be from an alternate reality (alternate reality version of scp-2000? minor fluctuations in hume levels?)

More computer jargon - message received via automated system, triggered by O5-1 accessing the 001 document. Message is 15-20 years old from the previous O5-1. Mentions an investigation getting close to yielding results. Links to an older version of the file.

PAGE 2 - 15-20 years old version of 001 doc.
Similar to original doc. 700~million extra humans. Also note that increase in rate of humans seems to be coinciding with an increase in the rate of new anomalous shit, which historical data suggests has been pretty constant.

Note evidence that extra humans have had their memories altered in some way.

Computer terminal section, O5-1 credentials detected, unlocking additional data - message from an investigator saying he's apparently not the first person to go looking into these files, but that those who came before apparently ended up dead or just vanished. Link to older version of the documentation.

Heavily corrupted older version of document, 450 mil extra people. Appearance of new people seems to coincide with brief spikes in the rates of newly discovered anomalies.

Computer terminal, additional attached file; note from apparently different investigator; managed to recover this version of the file, but it was corrupt and heavily redacted. investigation continues.
O5 credentials detected - Link to older version of file.

Older document still. Scanned/digital transcript? 200 mil extra people, spike in anomalies etc.
Document from Dr. Hume detailing a detectable field that is constant and flat in all normal stuff, but has minor fluctuations in anomalous crap and extra humans - implication that these things might be from elsewhere.

Computer terminal stuff - access attached docs. Note from investigator, found memetic kill/memory wipe agent? Someone trying to cover up older versions of the file, but one was found.
Link to old version of the file.

1920s/1930s doc? 25 million extra people. Witness reports of anomalous crap appearing out of nowhere with large groups of people. People appear confused and unsure of where they are.
"SCP-001 is a phenomena in which humans and anomalous items/people/STUFF appear in our reality." etc. Lots of redaction.

Computer terminal: access classified file with O5-1 credentials. File has been accessed 5 times. Time of last access, date on the original computer message from Page 1.
Letter from original O5-1, which is you. O5-1 is over 100 years old, doesnt age. Reveal that previous investigators were all the same person (or heavily imply it) that had their memories erased during/at the conclusion of their investigation.
Reveal that reality is a dumping ground for anomalous crap and refugees from destroyed worlds for a "higher" section of the universe (one that "started" a little earlier, and so is a few hundred years more advanced?) All anomalous crap gets sent here so that all those other realities can have a normal existence. Foundation was founded by people from those realities, including the original O5-1, because any of those objects that are destroyed basically "return to sender".
Cost of 1 universe being screwed up to save dozens of others. "You die in the dark so that we can live in the light."
Request to further redact 001 information to make it less clear what the truth is, so that they dont start destroying stuff and thus sending them all back out into the other universes. A suggestion of self-amnestic application so that O5-1 forgets the truth too, though they will almost certainly start digging around and end up here again.

PAGE 6/7

Link to computer terminal, implying suggested edits to original 001 doc, including the deletion of the messages that lead down this path. Then, link to amnestic meme. Final link to 001 doc.

Newly updated 001 document. Very light on details, lots of "classifieds" etc.
Alternate: 001-EX. SCP-001 was a presumed-anomalous extra human population, caused by inaccurate population prediction models. No actual anomaly present, models have been updated.

Computer terminal, log out.

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