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Item #: scp-bydado

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: spc-bydado is to be stored in a standard containment locker. In the case of any other anomalous object proving overly costly or difficult to contain, scp-bydado may be administered to the problem anomaly.

Description: scp-bydado is an anomalous pharmaceutical compound that comes in both pill and cream form. The containers for both drugs have stickers on their exteriors with the text "scp by dado" written on them.

scp-bydado is able to alter the behaviour and anomalous properties of other anomalous phenomena in such a way that they will actively try and help Foundation personnel in maintaining operational security within their immediate area. The exact nature of these changes vary from anomaly to anomaly.

scp-bydado was created by the Person of Interest and known anomalous pharmacologist dado, at the behest of the Foundation. Since dado no longer takes phone calls from Foundation personnel, this request was made via text message; the exchange is transcribed below.

Hello, is this dado, the pharmacologist?

yes hello this is dado, home of fine dado product and also bar and grill, how can dado help u

Bar and grill? I thought you ran a laundry and tanning place

dado operates many fine business. important to be diverse in difficult economy

I see. Anyway, I represent the SCP Foundation, and we'd like you to make something for us.

ah yes, u want the dado wares. now dado understand why u keep stealing them from fine dado clients

Indeed. In our line of work, we deal with many dangerous objects. We contain them in order to protect people. We want you to create something that will make it safer to deal with these dangerous things.

u want to make things protect yes. do they also need to attack?

What? No, we just need to make things safer! Is that something you can do?

yes very easy to do, i will ship product to u soon. will give pill and also cream bcus not everything having mouth or butthole

Excellent. How much will this product cost us?

no charge. dado provide for free, then u stop stealing from good dado friends yes. good business sense

I understand. Thank you for your time.

An unmarked cardboard box containing multiple instances of both the pill and cream forms of scp-bydado was found at the entrance to Site-19 the following morning. Initial tests of scp-bydado can be found below.

scp-bydado Test #1
Subject: SCP-173
Results: The cream form of scp-bydado was applied to SCP-173 by D-Class personnel. A follow-up inspection an hour later revealed that SCP-173 had somehow produced a crude sword made from rebar and a crude, painted concrete shield, which were attached to its arms.

When any individuals are in the same room as SCP-173, it will actively move into areas in which none of the individuals have line of sight and hold its sword and shield out in front of it. This makes maintaining visual confirmation of SCP-173's presence difficult. SCP-173 is currently believed to be somewhere in Site-19 .

Hey, at least it's not snapping necks anymore, I guess?

scp-bydado Test #2
Subject: SCP-049
Results: After being convinced by Foundation personnel that the pill form of scp-bydado was "the cure", it ingested the pill willingly "for verification purposes". Almost immediately following this, SCP-049 determine that it was carrying The Pestilence, and began performing medical procedures on itself. This resulted in self-termination and subsequent reanimation as an SCP-049-2 instance.

I… guess we can call this test a success?

scp-bydado Test #3
Subject: SCP-1048
Results: Samples of both the pill and cream form were left in areas believed to be frequented by SCP-1048, and were later confirmed to be removed. Two days later, following a spate of disappearances of cafeteria trays and cutlery, SCP-1048 and a dozen of its creations (made from plastic and metal) were found in the containment chamber of SCP-682. The creations began severing pieces of flesh from SCP-682, which SCP-1048 then used to create more replicas. Following the destruction of the original creations, the replicas made from the flesh of SCP-682 then began to attack, and have been engaged in battle ever since.

Following this incident, small squads of plastic and metal SCP-1048 replicas have been seen patrolling the halls of Site-24, though have taken no aggressive action against Foundation personnel.

Yep, calling this one a win too.

Note from scp-bydado Senior Researcher
I don't know what we were expecting (or thinking) when we asked this dado person to make something to help with containment, but I guess this is about as good a result as we could hope for? I guess what we've heard is right; you can trust dado.

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