Item Tag: SCP-x

Item Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-x is a Caucasian male, 14 15 years of age. SCP-x was referred to as Jonas Bowers prior to containment.

SCP-x has a pair of iPhone brand earbuds running throughout the inside of its body. The chords of the earbuds are irregularly long, as the earbud chords are 0.6 meters long and the charger chord is 2 meters long. The earbud chords run up the ribcage and spine before emerging from the neck, where the speakers are planted in the ear canals. The charger cord runs around the spine, lungs, intestines and heart before emerging from the left thigh and plugging into an iOS 12.0 iPhone 6s (hereafter SCP-x-1).

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