My dear old friend, can't believe you're here, old friend

Cain, or SCP-073 as most people called him, never forgot anything. Most people didn't know what that meant, or failed to consider the implications. He thought it a curse, like the one that marked his brow, until he saw its advantages.

It took him only seven days to learn the names of everyone at the Site. A hello in the hallways, a name attached to a description, a glance at an organizational chart, they all added up in his mind.

Similarly he knew the designation of every anomaly they held, the precise geographical location of the site, and the access code for every door— not that he would do anything with them. It helped to pass the time, connecting the pieces of information in his mind and seeing what picture they formed.

Cain was in the cafeteria, thinking back on his time in Mongolia, when an interesting tidbit of information made itself known behind him.

"Did you hear?" asked researcher Kevin Handel, who primarily studied Euclid-class humanoid anomalies. "Mitch got assigned to 336 today."

"Really?" replied his friend and fellow researcher James Davenport, specializing in anomalous robotics. "Thought they moved her to 19, you know, after that whole thing."

"No, they were just mulling it over. Director wants a psych eval though, I'm thinking its related."

"Maybe. About her… do you really think she's_"

"Dude. He's like two feet away."

Cain kept on eating his steak, turning over the interesting new information in his head. SCP-336? He hadn't heard of that one before. They call it a woman, so it must look human. And they fell silent when they noticed he was nearby, so they assumed it must've been someone he knew. Unless his mother had found her way into a Foundation cell, he didn't have the faintest idea who it could be.

He tucked away the little tidbit of information into his brain like so many others, and carried on with his day.

Cain's opportunity came later that week.

He was being escorted to the site lounge when an alarm blared itself to life.

"Attention all Foundation staff, Site-17 is currently under assault by outside forces." the automated recording played. "Please find safe shelter and wait for the all-clear signal. Attention all foundation-"

"Fuck." One of his escorts, Joshua Hernandez (American, divorced twice, three younger siblings) pulled out his gun. "Alright, we'll get 073 back to his cell, then we can-"

"I can go back to my cell myself." Cain asked. "Whoever these attackers may be, I doubt they possess the means to harm me. I wouldn't want you two to get harmed in a pointless task."

"Well, that's a good point." Maria Silvard (Dutch, never married, had a boyfriend who worked in finance at a german investment firm) shrugged, though she appeared nervous at the alarm. "One less thing we have to worry about shooting in the crossfire."

"Are you kidding? Security would be up our asses if we let an anomaly go unsecured during a breach-"

"It's Cain," Maria pointed out. " He's the last thing we'd have to worry about. I don't think I've even heard him curse before."

Joshua was mulling it over.

"Fine," he said. "SCP-073, proceed to your room and lock the door. Do not engage any hostiles. Are we clear?"

"Crystal," Cain replied, moving to the right side passage way. He watched as the two Foundation guards went down the hallway, guns drawn. As soon as they were out of sight, he turned left instead.

A few more bits of information on SCP-336 that he had uncovered suggested that she was located in the west wing of the site, as Mitch had complained a few days prior of the breakroom vending machines in the west wing, and had stumbled into the wrong observation room.

Up ahead, he could hear raised voices. Staff or attackers?

"-I don't care what he thinks! I'm getting it back if its the last thing I do!"

Cain turned the corner to see three humans dressed in bizzarie clothing that didn't quite look entirely non-anomalous. Two of them were holding strange long silver devices, while the third, the one that was talking, was unarmed.

"Hello there," Cain said.

The three attackers spun around, with the two raising their devices at him. "Who the fuck are you?" one of them asked.

"I'm Cain. Who are you?"

The devices dipped momentarily. "Uh.. what?" While they were clearly prepared for battle with foundation security, they seemed unprepared for someone like him.

Cain looked them up and down. "You're clearly not from the Chaos Insurgency or the Global Occult Coaltion. I would also rule out those auctioneers. Less sophisticated. I don't think the anartists are the type to attack a site, so I would hazard a guess at the Serpent's Hand."

One of the two armed humans sighed. "Great. Nice job, Edna. Told you to pick up one of these, but you had to be all special, didn't you?"

"Shut up." Edna started painting something in the air. "Doesn't matter, he'll be dead anyways."

A kinetoglyph. He hadn't seen one of these in a long time. Cain grimaced as a boiling torrent of a dark liquid was hurled at him.

Finally it stopped, and he wiped paint out of his eyes to see Edna boiled down to a skeleton. Cain looked at the other two artists, who were slowly backing away. "I'm not supposed to engage any attackers, but I think the best course of action would be for you two to leave, yes?"

One of them nodding so fast it looked like his head would fall off, they both ran off, leaving a boiled skeleton surrounded by paint. That'd puzzle the clean-up teams. Cain continued on, reaching the west wing.

191… 434… 4818… ah, SCP-336.

Due to security precautions, most Euclid or Safe anomalies had two forms of locks, in case a power outage or similar rendered one non-functioning. This one had a keypad, and a card reader

SCP-073 hovered over the keypad. It was a Euclid humanoid, but that didn't mean much. Most were Euclid, he was just considered harmless. Cain punched in a code he had seen them use for Iris.

No luck. He sighed. He didn't like doing this, and the Foundation would give him hell for it, but…

Cain pressed his fingers against the card reader, and with his other hand traced a symbol on the inside of his forearm. The cardreader displayed several error signs trying to read the Mekhanite magic that was currently flooding its system, before rapidly breaking down and opening the door.

Cain slipped in to see who exactly this SCP-336 was.

The room was quite luxurious, by most standards. A tastefully pattered bed, a chest of drawers, and a closet with actual clothing. Not many anomalies got away with that.

SCP-336 was sitting in front of a vanity mirror, brushing her hair. She had some sort of device covering her mouth, like a metallic muzzle.

"What's with all the alarms?" she asked in a not quite natural tone (a voice modulator, it must have been), her eyes still on her reflection. "Don't tell me he's up to something again."

She was a woman looking around her early thirties. Pale skinned, but arabic. Cain didn't recognize her. Had they met somewhere before? If they had, he didn't remember, and that would've been a first.

SCP-336 shifted in her seat, crossing her legs. She was wearing a dress that extended down just above her calves, where patches of snakeskin could be seen.

Cain's mouth fell open. It had been ages upon ages ago when he had heard of her, before the Foundation, before his brother's death, when they had been happy and whole, but he remembered her well. "You."

"Yes, me. I asked you a question-" Lilith's eyes glanced away from her reflection, freezing when they saw him standing before her.

"Well, well well. Cain ben Adam. Do my eyes deceive me?" Lilith stood up from her chair, reaching to touch his Mark before drawing back, making a sound that must've been laughter. "I heard that they had found something like you, but I never thought it must've been the Wanderer himself. It's been ages since I saw a compatriot. I- forgive me for my rudeness, I haven't introduced myself. My name is-"

"Lilith ben Yahweh. I've heard all about you," he said tersely. His parents never spoke of Eden. But sometimes, late at night when they thought he and Able had fallen asleep, he could hear them reminisce. And when they spoke of Lilith, it was always with hatred and vitriol.

She could see the disdain on his face. "Did you now? I can't imagine your parents had anything nice to say about me. Hawwah was jealous that I had him first, I suppose, and Adam… one thing he lacks is a sense of responsibility, but I'm sure you know that."

Lilith raised an eyebrow. "Well? Speak. You went to a great deal of trouble to come here, escaping during a containment breach. I would hate for it to be nothing. Say what you came here to say."

"I-" Cain said nothing. He wasn't expecting to find her here.

"Did you come to brand me a harpy and demoness that destroyed any chance of happiness your family might have had together?" she asked. "I've spoken to Iris Thompson, you know. I've heard all about the monster that slaughtered that team. What did you do to your brother?"

"I, I killed him, i know. I admit to that. It's something I will never forgive myself for" Cain admitted, his eyes downcast on the floor. "But I did not change him into that. I would never do that. The necromancers did."

"And the daevites never would've gotten their hands on a child of Adam ben Yahweh if you had not struck him down," Lilith pointed out. "Nor would your father abandon his family in disgust, leaving him to be captured by the Yeren. Consider your own transgressions before you vilify me for mine."

She was right. She may have caused them to be barred from Eden, but she did not rob them of paradise. He did, when he killed Able it a fit of petty jealousy.

Cain sighed. "I'm sorry."

"An apology? If only you had been this courteous towards your brother, than perhaps you wouldn't be in this mess." She sat down at her table, examining her hair with a quizzical look, before picking up her brush again. "Have you seen him?"

"Not since I received my punishment," Cain said, tapping the mark on his forehead. "As atheistic as the Foundation can be, they think it wise to keep us apart. Not that he would listen to me. He's full of rage and bitterness from what I did. As well he should be."


Cain look towards the doorway. The alarm had stopped. Soon they would be going through their protocols, checking for breaches, accounting for all their anomalies. It wouldn't be long before they realized he wasn't where he was supposed to be.

"You know, they say they have Him in containment," Cain said. "At this site. They say He stays willingly."

"Interesting. That can't be a coincidence. What made you come to me, instead of him?"

Cain hadn't thought of that. "I… I suppose I thought He would not want to see me. Or worse, perhaps He would. Or maybe I was just afraid."

Lilith set down her brush, turning to face him. Her eyes were a light brown, just like his father's. "Do you ever wonder why He gave you that mark? He cursed you, made the land die around you, but at the same time He protected you from anyone who might harm you."

He shook his head. "No. Why?"

"I have no idea," Lilith shrugged. "But seeing as he's protected you this far, I imagine He would be open to a meeting, whatever that would entail for you."

"…I suppose so."

He could hear security now. They were going door to door, checking on each anomaly. Another few seconds and they would reach them.

Lilith nodded towards the door. "You better go. I can't imagine they'll be pleased with you."

"I suppose I must. It's been… illuminating." he said as he stood up. That sounded fitting. She turned back towards the mirror, his presence already forgotten.

Cain slipped out of the containment cell, closing the door behind him. Three doors down a team of men bearing rifles had just finished with 5473's containment cell.

"Hey stop where you are and- shit, zero-seventy-three? Guns down, guns down everyone." the leader said. He hadn't seen him before, but the patch on his armor said he was from Epsilon-11, aka Nine-Tailed Fox.

"Hello. I imagine the breach is over? One of them tried to kill me with some sort of boiling paint device," Cain said conversationally. "The other two in their group ran."

"Paint?" he asked. "Well I guess that sounds like the anartists- wait, did you just come out of SCP-336's chamber?"

Cain shrugged.

"Whatever, that's for the labcoats to worry about. Back in your cell, now."

Cain nodded, walking the long way back to his cell. Today had been interesting. The Foundation would punish him of For this, or at least replace the lazy eyes they had assigned to what they assumed was their least dangerous anomaly.

He wouldn't get the chance to do something like this anytime soon. But he was patient.

073-336 Incident Report

SCP-073 was being escorted to his cell when Site-17 was attacked by AWCY? insurgents. SCP-073 convinced his escorts to seek shelter, reasoning that they were at far greater risk of being harmed.

Instead of returning to his cell, SCP-073 proceeded to the west wing of the site where it was attacked by an AWCY? member, its anomalous properties reflecting the damage onto her.

SCP-073 entered SCP-336's containment cell and conversed with SCP-336 for roughly fifteen minutes before exiting. How it was aware of the access code, and similarly how to locate SCP-336, is currently being investigated. Both SCP-336 and SCP-073 have refused to comment on the incident.

SCP-073 is unique in that it is historically one of few humanoid anomalies that has been designated safe rather than Euclid. This has been largely due to its general compliance to Foundation protocol and staff. In light of this incidence however, an upgrade to Euclid is being considered.

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