My love, my love, my fearless love

Item #: SCP-0000


Recovered photo of SCP-0000, 1913.

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-0000's position of influence within Nexus-49, direct apprehjension is considered impractical. SCP-0000 has taken steps to limit recognition of its anomalous effects, and as such, attempts at Foundation apprehension and containment have been deemed unneccessary.

Description: SCP-0000 is Adsila Dare, the founder of Nexus-49 (Antillia). While details on her anomalous features are unclear, SCP-0000 was born in 1612 and is alive and healthy almost four hundred years later, well beyond the range of any known life-extension procedures of the 16th century.1 SCP-000 has not displayed any overtly anomalous attributes, but her disposition towards the Foundationhas stymied any attempts at an interrogation.

Nexus #: Nx-49

Civilian Designation: Antilla

Population: 4,549 humans, 603 others (according to a 2016 census)

Area Class: Dunwich (indicate which class)

Nexus Interaction Protocol: Any attempt by members of the Foundation or by third parties on behalf of the Foundation to access Nx-49 have resulted in failure. Periodically, humanoids and other anomalous creatures will be ejected, with letters to the Foundation explaining criminal acts comitted beyond the severity that Antilla is equipped to handle. Beyond this, contact with Nx-49 is nonexistent.

Containment Facility: Auxillary Site-23 has been established close to Nx-49's access point to monitor all travel between baseline reality and Antilla.

Description: Nx-49 is a dimensional city state acessible through a point in an unmarked cave in the Pacific Southwest. Unless prior exact knowledge of the access point is possessed, attempts to find this cave will fail. Intruders will be lost in the woods, often ending up kilometers away from their original origin point with little to no explanation. This attribute appears to only apply to those seeking Nx-49 specifically.

To enter Nx-49, the seeker must have a password granted to them by SCP-0000, which appears to vary individually. Speaking the wrong password while placing a hand onto the access point results in the spontaneous manifestation of a hostile grey wolf that will attempt to maul the intruder.

Reports garnered from ejected inhabitants describe it as a heavily wooded 21st city located on a small island in the middle of an infinite sea. An glowing object2 remains affixed in the sky, mimicking a day/night cycle matching baseline reality.

Nx-49 is ruled by thirteen councilors who are elected on a lifetime basis. While SCP-0000 formally is equal to her peers, SCP-0000 effectively serves as the head of the government of NX-49 due to her centuries of experience.

Further details on NX-49's internal structures are unknown.

History of SCP-0000:

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