my name is Lila! What's yours?

Item #: SCP-XXXX


SCP-X's first screen after the start screen.

Special Containment Procedures:

Due to the nature of SCP-X, complete containment is currently unattainable. However, once SCP-X is downloaded onto a device, its source code can be temporarily isolated for interrogation and testing; SCP-XXXX is capable of deleting itself from a device at anytime by currently unknown means. Foundation Web Crawler Delta-69 ("DELETE-LILA") is to scan the web for all mentions of SCP-X. Upon discovery of these mentions, they are to be hidden from view of the general public. If SCP-X-1 suggests a view to a user that poses a threat of danger, the subject is to be monitored until the effect has worn off.


SCP-X is a 'chat' style game that is downloadable on most types of desktop and laptop style computer, as well as any tablet style device. Before discovery, SCP-X could be downloaded for free from a website dedicated to it under the name of ███.Lilalovesyou.███.

SCP-X-1 is the title character of the game, "Lila." SCP-X-1 appears to be sentient, or at least has been programed to act as so. SCP-X has demonstrated the ability to give responses outside of its programed lines in the game's files. Users will hold any views or opinions suggested to them by SCP-X-1. The length of time the user will hold these views has been found to range from a few minutes to several weeks. The user generally does not associate these new views with SCP-X-1. If a user is amnesctized of any memories retaining to SCP-X and SCP-X-1, they will still hold SCP-X-1's suggested views for a range of time.


After initial tests with D-Class were run to discover the extend of SCP-X-1's abilities, Researcher Belle Flowers, who is slightly memetic resistant, was tasked with messaging SCP-X-1 through SCP-X. The following are the results.

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