Naglfar Rewrite

Item #: SCP-194

Object Class: Safe Euclid Keter Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-194, while currently contained, is expected to breach containment within the near future. When SCP-194 reaches a point of near completion, personnel are to abandon Provisional Site-194.

Currently, the Foundation is to slow the assembly of SCP-194 via the funding of programs or studies informing the public of the proper hygiene of clipping fingernails and toenails.

Description: SCP-194 is an incomplete Norse longship assembled from small shards of keratin, held together via unknown means. The scale of the ship itself is far larger than any standard Viking longship, at roughly 4 kilometers long. However, SCP-194 seems to have been built for the use of average-sized humanoids, though with enough rooms and capabilities to operate as an oversea headquarters.

SCP-194 is slowly gaining keratinous mass in order to complete itself; its total completion is expected on 04/23/2019. It is currently attaining this from the untrimmed fingernails and toenails of deceased humans.

SCP-194-1 is an archway integrated into the ship's deck, 500 meters wide and 200 meters high, and constructed in a similar fashion to the rest of SCP-194. SCP-194-1 represents an intersection between our universe and an alternate one, and the overlap between the two realities within SCP-194-1 is increasing at a proportional rate to the assembly of SCP-194. SCP-194-1 is expected to allow for the complete overlap of the two universes upon the completion of SCP-194. The full effects of this overlap, as well as the aftermath, remain unknown.

Addendum 194.1 (Discovery): SCP-194 was discovered in 1947, after it was first spotted in a reconnaissance flight mission over the Arctic Sea. It was originally thought to be a glacier, but its shape matched that of an immense longship. Foundation personnel investigated the object and established a provisional site around the object.

The most likely reasons for SCP-194 remaining undiscovered for so long are its inhospitable location, combined with the fact that the exponential increase in the world's population had only resulted in its reaching significant size shortly before its discovery.

Addendum 194.2: In 2009, SCP-194 briefly activated, allowing a Jötnar-class entity to enter baseline reality. The entity (hereby designated SCP-194-A) demanded to speak with the containment staff's "captain," claiming that it meant no harm and simply wished to negotiate. Head Researcher Charles Green interviewed SCP-194-A via a video connection.

SCP-194-A: Who the hell are you?

Green: My name is Dr. Green. I'd like to-

SCP-194-A: Where's the captain?

Green: Pardon?

SCP-194-A: I demand to speak with the captain of this vessel. Where is he?

Green: I'm sorry, but this ship doesn't have a captain.

SCP-194-A: You're right, it has two. I hail from Helheim as captain of this vessel, and demand audience with the captain from Midgard!

Green: Wait! I'd like to speak to you first!

SCP-194-A: I have no need to speak with you, mortal. My business is with the other captain of this ship, and him alone!

Green: Hold on, we can get him for you!

SCP-194-A: Then do it.

Green: He's not here at the moment, but I can summon him.

[Brief pause.]

SCP-194-A: If you can keep true to your word, then very well. You have one week to bring him to me. If not, I will find him myself. Rest assured that none of you can or will stop me.

[SCP-194-A swings his axe, briefly opening a portal, which it steps through.]

Closing Statement: I'm afraid we didn't have the resources to stop him if he had actually tried to leave SCP-194, simply because we weren't prepared for an actual invading force at the time. I'd like to both request additional manpower to try and contain SCP-194-A should it arrive again.

Furthermore, I believe that SCP-194 is referring to the current captain of this ship being someone he doesn't know, but that he would like to negotiate with. He displayed no knowledge of who the captain actually was, and simply desired to speak with him. I propose we send in an agent with seafaring experience, and have him interview SCP-194-A as the "captain" of SCP-194.

Due to the sapient and possibly hostile entities apparently related to SCP-194, its object class has been updated to Euclid.

Addendum 194.3: Following the incident, Captain Wayne Jetson of MTF Gamma-6 ("Deep Feeders") interviewed SCP-194-A, under the guise of the captain of SCP-194.

[SCP-194-1 activates briefly, and SCP-194-A steps aboard.]

Jetson: Hello! I am the captain of this vessel, Wayne Jetson. I believe you wanted to speak to me?

SCP-194-A: Wayne Jetson? An unusual name, but no matter. I have come to take ownership of this vessel alongside you.

Jetson: Hold on, I need some context for this. What exactly are your plans?

SCP-194-A: You mean our plans. This, the mighty Naglfar, is our vessel for Ragnarok! To bring forth the hordes of Helheim into this world for the final battle!

Jetson: I… see. Is that happening now?

SCP-194-A: No, no, but soon. The ship must be completed first. I trust you have overseen its construction well? [Looks around.] It seems to me that you have.

Jetson: Um, yes. But if Ragnarok hasn't begun, then what are you doing here?

SCP-194-A: I would like to know that everything is underway. My army is assembling as we speak. As soon as Naglfar is assembled and the gateway is opened, my armies will board. Already the borders between worlds are shaking, allowing me access to this ship for brief moments.

Jetson: That's great. And you need me to give this ship to you?

SCP-194-A: Don't be absurd. You will be on the deck, our brave guide, the chaos god of Midgard!

[SCP-194-1 activates.]

SCP-194-A: And I must request you relieve your mortal servants of their duty. My troops are far more efficient and prepared, and we have no need for mere humans. If you require their assistance now, so be it, but I expect everything to be cleared away when this ship is complete!

[SCP-194-A steps through SCP-194-1, which deactivates behind it.]

Following the incident, SCP-194's object class was updated to Keter, and Researcher Green proposed the object for Decommissioning.

Containment Procedures for SCP-194 were updated to counteract the possibility of an invasion event as described by SCP-194. It is theorized that upon the completion of SCP-194, SCP-194-1 will connect to the alternate reality, Helheim, allowing entities from the realm to enter into our own via SCP-194-1. This will most likely include an immense number of Jötnar-Class and Helheim-based entities, primed for immediate warfare.

Addendum 194.4: Research has determined that SCP-194 matches the description of Naglfar from Norse mythology. Both are longships constructed from the toenails and fingernails of the dead, and Naglfar is apparently prophecied to herald Ragnarok upon its completion, matching the claims made by SCP-194-A.

Due to the extreme threat posed by SCP-194, as well as the texts related to it, SCP-194's object class has been updated to Apollyon.

Addendum 194.5: Following the incident, SCP-194-A manifested several different times aboard SCP-194 to make note of the assembly efforts (full logs can be found in SCP File 194.1). It has requested multiple times that SCP-194 be cleared of all personnel to make way for its impending army.

Additional forces have been requested by supervising personnel, pending approval which has been denied by O5-7.

Addendum 194.6: Two days before the projected completion of SCP-194, SCP-194-A manifested aboard the ship, to finally assure that the ship would prepared in time for Ragnarok.

Jetson: Hello again.

SCP-194-A: Captain Jetson! Is everything prepared for Ragnarok?

Jetson: Indeed. The gateway is almost stable, and Naglfar will be sailing two days from now.

SCP-194-A: Wonderful. I see your troops are still here, however! I've told you time and time again, you must be the only resident of Midgard aboard this vessel! We cannot have mortal flesh sullying these decks.

Jetson: Of course, sir. They'll be gone on the day of Ragnarok.

SCP-194-A: Good, good. The soldiers of Midgard hardly compare to those of Helheim. They'd be nothing more than an annoyance!

Jetson: Is there anything else required before you arrive?

SCP-194-A: None at all, my divine captain. Ah, I've dreamed of Ragnarok for years. An empty ship, simply waiting for my troops to board and go forth conquering - it's poetic, in a way.

Jetson: Indeed.

SCP-194-A: Well, I must prepare my own forces! Be sure yours are gone, my friend. No mortals can stand in our way.

Further manpower has been requested, in order to deal with the oncoming invasion. All sites have been placed on warning for a possible SK-Class Dominance Shift Scenario or XK-Class End-of-the-World Scenario.

Additional Notes: Request denied. In fact, I would advise the immediate evacuation of Site-194, in order to ensure minimal loss of life at the first stage of an invasion. If necessary, bombing of SCP-194 will take place to deal with the possible containment breach. - O5-7

Addendum 194.7: On 04/23/2019, SCP-194 finished assembly. On-site agents and MTF Gamma-6 assembled aboard SCP-194 to confront the invading army.

Jetson: Everyone ready?

[All agents affirm.]

Jetson: Good. I'm not one for big speeches, but this needs to be said.

[Captain Jetson steps forward.]

Jetson: It's unlikely any of us will survive this, and that isn't our job anyway. Our job is to hold our ground, and to weaken the enemy as much as possible.

[Brief pause.]

Jetson: I want to thank you all for being here, for making this last stand. It's been made clear that any on board this ship will die. But none of you have stepped down, too scared to fight. For what it's worth, you are the finest men and women this world - or any world - has ever seen. It's an honor to fight alongside you.

[Agents applaud and cheer. A loud humming begins emanating from SCP-194-A]

Jetson: Here they come!

[SCP-194-1 activates, and SCP-194-A enters.]

SCP-194-A: Well, Captain Jetson. I'm-

[SCP-194-A looks around at the assembled agents.]

SCP-194-A: What is this? You promised they'd be gone!

[As the initial flash from SCP-194-1's activation subsides, Helheim can be seen through the portal. No entities are present aside from SCP-194-A.]

Jetson: Wait, what? It's just you?

SCP-194-A: I- uh-

Jetson: Where's the army? Where's all the troops?

SCP-194-A: Uh…

Jetson: Was this all so you could get the ship?

SCP-194-A: I mean- uh-

[SCP-194-A retreats into Helheim.]

SCP-194-1 has remained activated since the incident, and investigation into Helheim are currently being prepared. SCP-194's object class and containment procedures are pending reevaluation following preliminary exploration.

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