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Item #: SCP-194

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-194, while currently contained, is expected to breach containment within the near future. When SCP-194 reaches a point of near completion, personnel are to abandon Provisional Site-194.

Currently, the Foundation is to slow the assembly of SCP-194 via Protocol 194-Alpha (see below).

Description: SCP-194 is an incomplete Norse longship assembled from small shards of keratin, held together via unknown means. The scale of the ship itself is far larger than any standard Viking longship, at roughly 4 kilometers long. However, SCP-194 seems to have been built for the use of average-sized humanoids, though with enough rooms and capabilities to operate as an oversea headquarters.

SCP-194 is slowly gaining keratinous mass in order to complete itself; its total completion is expected on 04/23/2063. It is currently attaining this from the untrimmed fingernails and toenails of deceased humans.

SCP-194-1 is an archway integrated into the ship's deck, 500 meters wide and 200 meters high, and constructed in a similar fashion to the rest of SCP-194. SCP-194-1 represents an intersection between our universe and an alternate one, and the overlap between the two realities within SCP-194-1 is increasing at a proportional rate to the assembly of SCP-194. SCP-194-1 is expected to allow for the complete overlap of the two universes upon the completion of SCP-194. The full effects of this overlap, as well as the aftermath, remain unknown.

Addendum 194.1 (Discovery): SCP-194 was discovered in 1947, after it was first spotted in a reconnaissance flight mission over the Arctic Sea. It was originally thought to be a glacier, but its shape matched that of an immense longship. Foundation personnel investigated the object and established a provisional site around it.

SCP-194's anomalous effects were noticed after several measurements of its mass were taken at different times. SCP-194's mass would increase at a rate proportional to a fraction of the mass of humans dying, that fraction being the weight ratio of toenails and fingernails to total body weight.

Various Hume measurements during these periods as well also revealed that localized reality in SCP-194-1 was decreasing at a similar rate, weakening the barrier between baseline reality and an unknown universe.

Addendum 194.2: Following the discovery of SCP-194's properties, the O5 Council voted to initiate Protocol 194-Alpha, in order to slow the growth of SCP-194.


Protocol 194-Alpha is a global campaign effort focused on persuading the collective human population to clip their toenails, under the guise of a mass hygiene program. To execute this, the SCP Foundation has organized a front movement, known as "Stay Clean, People!", to disseminate propaganda and other resources designed to encourage nail-clipping on a regular basis1 The goal of Protocol 194-Alpha is to minimize the amount of toenail and fingernail mass per human upon death. Some examples of Protocol efforts are show below.

Research Funding: "Stay Clean, People!" is providing monetary donations to study centers focused on hygienic research, specifically on research devoted to toenails and fingernails, in order to further establish support for campaign efforts.

Public Service Announcements: "Stay Clean, People!" is purchasing various advertisement space on television and radio stations in order to broadcast public service announcements. An example can be seen below.

Image Advertisements: "Stay Clean, People!" has produced several advertisements and images with the purpose of promoting nail-clipping. Some examples can be seen below.

Third-World Donations: "Stay Clean, People!" raises funds to supply third-world nations with nail clippers and other hygienic products, as many people are unable to afford or access standard nail-clipping tools themselves.

Memetic Agents (Pending Approval): "Stay Clean, People!" has requested the use of memetic agents to disseminate amongst the population. The purpose of said agents would be to stimulate people to clip their toenails, or possibly even to remove them entirely. This request is pending approval by the Ethics Committee.

Current Progress: Protocol 194-Alpha has decreased the rate of SCP-194 assembly by approximately 10%. The current goal of Protocol 194-Alpha is to reach a 20% decrease in SCP-194's efficiency by 2024.,0,137.ef99f020b10d32c2b189c4e62bd225e6b7a04350

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