Like God Full Throttle

Inspired by Bedlamite by Puscifer.
Open with a notice of discontinued cooperation on XXXX with the GOC.
Anomaly is a method of passage to a separate layer of space overlaying portions of Earth and opened by intentionally reviving a species from extinction while within its geographic bounds.
Multiple tribes exist within the anomaly's bounds but the largest organization of humans are the central cult centered around the "Drinker".
The nature of the overlapping space draws immediate attention from multiple players but mainly the foundation and goc, leading to a joint exploration expedition to make contact with the cult and establish a permanent station there.
Bright sent to lead Foundation team and Uche Nwaokocha leads the GOC force. They make contact with a separate tribe before the cult. They express reverence towards the Drinker.
Contact with the cult is made and they are welcomed warmly. The Drinker personally meets with them and gives them a tour of their portion of "The Vineyard". Offers them meed which they take for testing. Jack Bright's other name is "Testing". When asked how he understands them, he remarks that their world is a noisy one and beckons a servant of his to bring for a radio.
The Drinker takes this as a sign of Bright holding a lower status in the group. Proceeds to treat him like he does his own initiate class. Jack doesn't correct him.
Cult is structured into a class system based on the number of harvest ceremonies they have completed. Initiates have yet to complete one while the others are referred to as seed-swallowers ranked by the number they have ingested.
Labor is divided according to rank where the initiates do manual labor while lower level swallowers tend to children and craft pottery, tools, and wicker baskets from reeds. Mid level oversees the initiates and the breeding, slaughter, and cooking of livestock. Higher level swallowers take on more specialized professions but much are employed in the brewing, growing, or refining of intoxicants, stimulants, hallucinogens, and aphrodisiacs.
Foundation and GOC teams settle in and are given feasts by the cult. After a day or two of exploration, the GOC finds a tree-like green pillar atop a hill. They radio the Foundation team and spread out to inspect the surrounding grounds.
Foundation arrives to see a burst of light and the two groups convene to find one GOC squad missing. Their charred remains are found when the combined force pursue the source of the flash. Jack wishes to continue towards the flash's source but is stopped by Nwaokocha.
The Drinker arrives while visibly intoxicated. Asks them if they are there to watch the harvest before their cradle. He sees the bodies and laughs before confirming that yes, they are there to watch the ceremony.
The team watches as his initiates bring libations and various fruits. A bound and gagged tribe member is brought out and escorted to the tree where a rug lies at its base. The cult proceeds to free the captive and present them the gifts.
The captive eats and drinks with increasing ferocity until they lie back against the pillar and stare up at the glowing lines decorating its trunk and branches. They rise from the ground and reach towards the nearest branch where a fig materializes. Light bursts forth from the previous direction and sears the floating captive out of existence right as they grab hold of the fruit.
The fruit falls the ground where it is collected by the Drinker. The initiates line up before him as he peels apart the fruit and places a seed on each member's tongue. Upon completion, the drinker pulls out a bottle and places the fig's remains inside.
Nwaokocha's crew report that they can receive a radio signal from outside following the ceremony's completion. Uche clears them to attempt contact with joint command and pulls Bright aside as the cult goes back to their compound.
The two argue on whether they should capture the Drinker. Uche argues that they still don't know the full scope of what the Vineyard can offer humanity and sites multiple extinct species they have already encountered. Jack argues that the Drinker just torched a human being to get a piece of fruit and that they can just cap a bastard and take his land. Jack makes a joke about how their sponsoring organizations seem a little flipped from their usual behavior concerning this. Uche says he doesn't find it so funny. Jack then jabs that they could sit down to talk about it but laments that they don't have a chair to do so in right now.
SCP Overwatch command returns their call with confusion, reporting them to be almost 2000 km away from their entry point on the Ghaggar-Hakra river. They are eventually patched through but joint command cannot confirm the exploration group's present location overlapping the outside world. Uche presses on this matter, mentioning that some bearing on current location is mathematically necessary if they can give them a distance from entry. Joint command refuses to continue that line of questioning and sides with Bright on taking out the Drinker. Jack jokes about Uche being surprised by the withholding of information, asking if this is his first time leading a discovery mission. Uche surprises him by answering yes and asks if they can interview the Drinker before capture.
Bright and Nwaokocha approach the Drinker's sanctum to find him mid orgy. He interrupts his intercourse while wedged between a male and female initiate and offers them silphium treats before exiting and greeting the two. He offers them various intoxicants selectively bread over generations and sexual partners, also selectively bred. He points to the slaughtered ibex in the corner in case they wish to use contraceptives.
Uche presses on how and when his cult came to inhabit the anomaly. The Drinker picks up a jug while remarking that he can show them how he came to be here before beckoning over a woman and pulling ibex intestines off of his penis. Uche replies that there is no need for that and inquires again on the cult's origins. The Drinker replies that he was just about to show him.
Bright takes the lead as Uche becomes more flustered by the Drinker's mix of serious answer, innuendo, and sexual offers. Bright starts to ask about sampling the liquid the Drinker keeps in his jug but is cut off when the Drinker pats him on the head and remarks that it is cute that they let their initiates talk like this.
Uche regains composure and asks about how large the anomaly is. The Drinker remarks that their cradle is far from alone but also far from company. Claims to have journeyed to another cradle once, just had to set his pace to the speed of life. Uche mentions that their drones have yet to observe a limit to the anomaly's bounds. The Drinker assumes drone to be what they call their initiates.
They leave and reconvene with their forces to discuss the plan of action. They decide to remove the Drinker from the equation first and then deal with the cult members themselves. "Only fight one variable at a time." They wait for night.
They infiltrate the grounds and find the Drinker passed out in his personal garden. Bright attempts to pull the Drinker's jug from his hand but finds that the Drinker's grip is almost incapable of being pried open, they are forced to use a crowbar. Uche administers a sedative to the Drinker as they do this.
Bright is handed the jug and the Drinker immediately awakens. He sings a song in Sumerian and the cult awakens from their collective stupor.

End note, note the start of the Penrose Initiative.

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The following has been kept on file in defiance of the Ghaggar-Hakra accords with the Global Occult Coalition. Distribution of this file to those not authorized to view it carries a penalty of immediate termination.

— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Description: SCP-XXXX is a separate layer of space overlaying approximately 7.2% of Earth's terrestrial surface. Entry into the anomaly is accomplished by reviving a species from extinction while within SCP-XXXX's geographic boundaries. Use of the region's sole exit is limited to one person per month by order of the O5 Council and the Ethics Committee.

SCP-XXXX is universally hospitable to life regardless of the age in which it existed. Due to varying climate and evolutionary changes across planetary history, SCP-XXXX is separated into various biomes with self-contained climates. The method by which the various atmospheric pressures and compositions are kept separate are currently inexplicable but seamlessly crossed.

All flora and fauna that exist withing SCP-XXXX are non-anomalous aside from their anachronistic existence in the modern day. Such species include those still existing outside the anomaly including Oryza glaberrima (rice), Elettaria cardamomum (cardamom), eight species under the family Bovidea, and Homo sapiens.

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