A Six-Pack of Sleep
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Item#: 4458
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Special Containment Procedures: All six SCP-4458 instances are held in an anomalous objects locker in Site-19. Personnel selected for testing with SCP-4458 are to be screened for personalities prone to addiction. Immediate cessation of SCP-4458 use is ill-advised due to potentially lethal side effects.

Description: SCP-4458 is the collective designation of six replicas of a pillow and pillowcase constructed from paper, plaster, and bronze wire. Persons who make visual contact with SCP-4458 will display symptoms of delirium and express a desire to sleep, preferably using SCP-4458 as a pillow to do so. Despite the materials being otherwise incapable of supporting the weight of a human head, users of SCP-4458 report that they are tactilely indistinguishable from a non-anomalous pillow.

While using SCP-4458 as a pillow, the subject is incapable of prolonged REM sleep and is 83% more likely to interrupt their sleep episode due to acute headaches, a need to urinate, dehydration, or excessive sweating. Upon waking, the individual will display symptoms typical of a glutamine deficiency. Subjects with a prolonged history of using SCP-4458 become incapable of becoming unconscious without its assistance. The point at which this effect occurs is variable and thought to be dependent on the neurochemistry of the affected person. A treatment plan of tapering use of SCP-4458 has proven effective at eliminating SCP-4458 dependency.

Addendum 4458.1: Discovery

All six SCP-4458 instances were discovered on 2019/12/31 at 1:00 pm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin following reports of an altercation between over 30 members of the Milwaukee homeless community outside the Miller Brewing Company's home office. Responding officers reported the six instances where originally bound together by a series of plastic rings upon discovery. SCP-4458-1 through SCP-4458-6 were recovered by local Foundation assets at 11:35 pm on 2019/12/31 after reports on police radio of their memetic effect.

Addendum 4458.2: Recovered Note

The following message was delivered by paper airplane to the site of SCP-4458's discovery on 2020/01/01.

"It steadies my hand while I sculpt.
It's common in our scene.
It helps me brainstorm."
— Me, lying to look cool.

"I can't sleep anymore.
It's surrounded me my entire life.
Sometimes, I just don't want to feel."
—Me, at least being honest.

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