Let There Be Bright
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Item Number: SCP-5000

Containment Class: Tipler-Barrow1

Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-5000 is under the purview of Project Penrose.

Description: SCP-5000 is an unfolded biological macromolecule classified as a protein. Despite its folding having a negative Gibbs Free Energy2 at all recorded temperatures and pressures, SCP-5000 will not spontaneously fold itself into a functional protein until observation by a sapient being is attempted. Regardless of the surrounding temperature, pressure, and intermolecular forces upon observation, SCP-5000 will invariably fold itself into a self-replicating protein capable of thriving in its environment. Observation of SCP-5000 in its unfolded state is theoretically impossible, with the protein folding into one of an, as of yet, undetermined number of eigenstates3 within nanoseconds when attempted. Confirmation of new SCP-5000 instances in the wild is accomplished by scanning for the presence of N-terminus and C-terminus4 peptides typically used in the creation of self-replicating biomimetic5 peptide sequences.

Discovery Logs


Artist depiction of 10199 Chariklo prior to Foundation ownership.

Date of Discovery Location
1975-10-22 Beta Regio, Venus
1978-11-22 Chicxulub crater, Yucatán Peninsula, southern Mexico
1982-07-13 Silverpit crater, North Sea
1990-01-11 Bltysh crater, Kirovohrad Oblast, central Ukraine
1993-02-28 Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9, Jovian orbit
2002-09-18 Comet C/1843 D1, Solar orbit
2009-12-23 Northern Pole, Titan
2011-12-03 Comet C/2011 W3 (Lovejoy), Solar orbit
2020-03-20 Jovian atmosphere, Jupiter
2031-09-15 10199 Chariklo6, Solar orbit

Further search for SCP-5000 instances suspended by Ethics Committee Verdict number 5000-PENROSE.

Runner Up Spot preference
5432 (on the condition I can rename the title to "One")



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