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  • BrenZoBrenZo has been drawing mekhanite technology for some time and now they have their own art page on this wiki. Be sure to check out their new atmospheric piece "We March To The End Of All Things".

  • Would you like to see a sprite only 34 pixels across that manages to represent at least half a dozen 001 proposals in a very limited palette? Head over to CrystlonCrystlon's art page.

  • SunnyClockworkSunnyClockwork has added a few new illustrations in her signature high contrast style. sunny-art-series-4 now holds a joint image for SCP-3041 ("The Red Knife") & SCP-3154 ("Terminal State Inducer") and an illustration of SCP-3702 ("I Walk Through The Desert, And I Have No Name"). There is also now an illustration for Tufto's SCP-001 Proposal ("The Scarlet King") on sunny-art-series-1.

  • Artist and writer OthellotheCatOthellotheCat has been quietly uploading drawings to their art page over the last year. Check out their two new illustrations this month "SCP-049, SCP-3774, SCP-4028" and "SCP-4080" to see their progress from doing only line drawings to starting to incorporate color and shading.

  • The prolific artist DrShineDrShine has recently uploaded parts 5-10 of their original comic "Apotheosis" to their artwork page.
    This is an ongoing project. The next part of "Apotheosis" is expected to start in the second week of October.

  • This month SCP author and artist MendelssohnMendelssohn uploaded illustrations of SCP-2855 ("Mr. Money") and a large colorful painting to go with the Apotheosis series. Both can be seen on their Tumblr blog.

Some Excellent YouTube Content Out This Month

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