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A lot of SCP artwork was made and shared this month. In honor of Inktober we are feturing one image uploaded on each day of the month and some extra treats just for Halloween (Not all great art this month followed the Inktober prompts, so that wasn't a restriction for inclusion in this month's artwork recap).

Here is out Halloween advent calendar or art:


New content has been added to a quite a few artwork pages on the wiki. Here is a short recap:

  • drshine-art-page - Six new pages of Drshine's original comic ("Apotheosis")
  • sunny-art-scp-cards - New tarot cards - "King of Swords: SCP-001 - The Gate Guardian" and "Two of Swords: Incident 239-B - Clef-Kondraki" | Artist's Tumblr
  • sunny-art-series-2 - "SCP-1277 - Thirsty Cactus"
  • sunny-art-series-3 - "SCP-2621 - Knocking on Heaven's Door
  • zebastian-studios-creators-page - "Are We Cool Yet? Shirt" in the SCP Merch tab
  • brenzan-s-art-dump - "Bumaro (or any other mekhanite priest)", "scp 076-2", and "how to contain scp 076-2" | Artist's Tumblr
  • hawks-n-artworks - Brand new artwork page with works in a few different styles. Be sure to check out the atmospheric Polaroids in the Personal Art section.
  • luke-s-artwork - Luke has been churning out new illustrations all month. He has been exprimenting with color and with making multi-panel comics with stories.
  • sexycontainmentprocedures - New content in the Design/Cosplay tab - latest cosplay, props, phone wallpapers, etc
  • crystlon - Huge update - see the New Pixel Art tab. Tale illustrations added: "Bees", "SCP-????-J", "Thrice", "Quiet Days", "SCP Foundation", and more.
  • pastarasta1-s-simply-epic-artpage - In the SCP Related Art section everything from SCP-081 and down is brand new. That's over 160 new SCP illustrations this month. Smply epic.
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