Nicki Knows
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Welcome to Security Checkpoint 6. Final clearance requires completion of the “Knows Test”. Place your hand in the door slot.

Please hold still. Do not resist the automated clamps. Please wait… Please wait… Please wait…

"Alright! Jesus! I'm up! Could you just calm down? You know it takes me a while to get out of bed. Now-… hey, who are you?”

SCP-5606, please authorize this visitor.

"No hold on. I wasn't told there'd be any more tests tonight. Why is he here?"

SCP-5606, place your hand on the subject’s wrist. Now.

"Alright! Alright, fine.

SCP-5606, does this person have a heart?

“Yes, I can feel their heart beating. Or- wait, hold on, I-”

Access granted. Please review the following document before entering the containment chamber.

Item#: 5606
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


FN NIKNO03_12_ENG_24SD.SNC - TC 01:00:21:01 | Initial encounter of SCP-5606 and GOI-15.

Special Containment Procedures: If you are viewing this document, you have already cleared all required containment checkpoints to access Section 12. Please be aware, as a result of the deep-tissue scanning and microbiotic sterilization, you may experience lasting numbness and intermittent ageusia1.

All testing, research, and accumulated data related to SCP-5606 may only exist within Section-12. Direct empathic screening, aka the "Knows Test", must be completed each time SCP-5606's containment cell is accessed, without exception. Upon exiting this secured area you will be amnestisized.

Should SCP-5606 expire before testing is complete, a global KS-Class "Body Snatchers" scenario will enter Phase-3 and become irreversible. In this event, please await instructions from the O5 council; disregard all other orders.

Description: SCP-5606 is Nikita Ludo, a television personality from Jacksonville, Florida. From 1994 - 1997, Ms. Ludo hosted “Nicki Knows”, a daytime talk-show formatted in the style of a therapy session. During this program, celebrity guests would spend an hour with Ms. Ludo recounting childhood experiences and future aspirations in front of a live studio audience.

SCP-5606 is capable of C2M minor empathic communication, i.e. the exchange of emotions through physical contact. Currently, 791 empathic-capable individuals are being tracked by the SCP-AHR2, making Ms. Ludo relatively unremarkable. However, SCP-5606 must remain under heavy security at all times, due to her connection with the newly discovered group of interest: GOI-12 “Smiling Men”.

To date, this collective has made 27 attempts on Ms. Ludo’s life.

5606-GOI15-A2: SCP-5606 begins asphyxiating shortly after finishing their meal. Emergency tracheostomy is performed. A traceless chemical toxin is identified in SCP-5606’s food scraps. Containment Procedures updated.
5606-GOI15-A12: Security officers Loren, Hertz and Carter-Paulson enter Wing-D during a scheduled patrol. Hertz engages manual lockdown, and the trio proceed to execute all other personnel within Wing-D. Multiple MTFs converge and eliminate the assailants as they attempt to breach the containment cell. Containment Procedures updated.
5606-GOI15-A26: During a non-Foundation surgical procedure, security officer Blachford was implanted with a micro-explosive. This device is triggered once officer Blachford came within range of SCP-5606, killing him instantly, and causing near-lethal damage to SCP-5606. Containment Procedures updated.

SCP-5606 is characterized as having an acerbic, diva-like attitude, but is generally complaint with foundation personnel. For further information on SCP-5606 and GOI-12, please refer to the documentation below.

Interview Log 01 - Personal Account of SCP-5606

**Interviewer: Level 4 Research Director | Dr. Malcom Adelard

Interviewee: SCP-5606 | Nikita Ludo

Dr. Adelard: When did you first realize you had these abilities?

SCP-5606: Some time between the ages of five and go fuck yourself.

Dr. Adelard: Excuse me?

SCP-5606: Oh you're excused. I know you people don’t give a crap about me or my story. I’m only here because of those fucking monsters.

Dr. Adelard: Ms. Ludo, understanding the nature of your gift may the key to beating those "mosters". We want to help you.

SCP-5606: Oh yeah? What has it been, twenty seven times that-

Dr. Adelard: Ms. Ludo-

SCP-5606: Twenty-seven times and you’re still using nets on those fuckers!”

Dr. Adelard: Capturing one of those fu- capturing one of your assailants will also help us with our mission, Ms. Ludo… and for the record, the nets were electrified.

SCP-5606: Shoot them. They aren’t human.
Dr. Adelard: No, but they are living creatures Ms. Ludo, and our primary mission is to study abnormal-

SCP-5606: No. Shut up. They are not "living". They aren’t anything. You wouldn't understand.
Dr. Adelard: Then help me, Nicki. Help me understand.

SCP-5606: (…) It-… it's not easy to describe. How would you explain color to a blind person? Or sound to a deaf person?
Dr. Adelard: Comparatively, and carefully.

SCP-5606: (…) God that's dumb. Okay. Okay fine it-… when I touch someone, it's like I can see- well, sense, a kind of energy around them. Call it an aura if you like, but don't mix it up with that crystal waving bullshit. It's real. It's like… a second shadow, or a silhouette, always changing shape and colour and… feeling. I don't know- the point is that this silhouette is honest. It laughs, and cries, and screams without restraint.
Dr. Adelard: And you can influence this aura, correct?

SCP-5606: Look- just- call it a silhouette, okay? And yeah, I can- but everyone can, really.
Dr. Adelard: Please, explain.

SCP-5606: When people talk, or touch, or just… communicate, I suppose, that light is interacting too. It's like a hidden conversation people don't know they're having, influencing their moods and opinions and perspectives. It's like two blind statues sculpting each other. Me though? No blindfold, and it's frustrating as hell being the only one with their eyes open.

Dr. Adelard: And you've had this ability since birth, correct? How was your childhood-

SCP-5606: Let's not, okay? One doctor to another? It was shitty. My parents humored me. Kids made fun of me. I didn't make my first friend until high school, and she died in a crash after her mom smoked DMT - and I knew something was wrong! I knew it! I felt it, like a hot little ball of needles under Kim's ribcage - but I never said anything, because I finally had a friend who didn't think I was some weird emotion-vampire wiccan wannabe with-… with…

Dr. Adelard: (…) Nicki?

SCP-5606: God- fuck. Fuck! I've been in this box too long.
Dr. Adelard: Would you like to stop-

SCP-5606: No. Let's- we should just get this over with. I decided to study therapy because- well, clearly my abilities weren't enough. So, I studied hard, graduated, started my own practice, soaked up three years worth of emotional baggage, started drinking, stopped showering, and eventually broke down during a session screaming at this young couple who just wouldn't fucking tell each other the truth! Like, he was cheating, she was cheating, neither of them trusted the other and it was just… I couldn't take it anymore.

Dr. Adelard: That's when the tape surfaced, correct?

SCP-5606: (…) You've heard it?

Archival footage

Dr. Adelard: ?
Then help me, Nicki. Help me understand.

(…) Uhg! Fine! Where do I even start?

The beginning, please.”

“Fine… I’ve always been like this, since you asked. I didn't even realize I was different until grade school. Imagine, walking into a classroom expecting a community and only finding a bunch of little islands? People… people don't even realize-"

“Hmph. I didn’t make friends until highschool. Kathy and Gill-”


“Just some girls I knew back then- weird girls. We used to play this game where we’d sit back to back, blindfolded, holding hands. Kathy and Gill thought it was the coolest thing ever - they’d think something happy, or sad, or scary, then I’d take their feelings and-”

“You extracted their emotions?”

“Wh- no! Damn it, you know how it works! You’ve run a million fucking tests! Back then I only knew how to read emotions - I didn’t figure out how to send them until university.”

“Alright, tell me about that-”

“Then let me tell my story! God! The reason I went to university was Gill. Kathy was cool, but she just wanted to get into my pants. Gill… sometimes when we played that game, I’d feel… it was like a little fear that never went away, sitting right inside her chest. I could feel the shape of it, but every time I tried to share it with her… it was like touching a bundle of needles. It was a terrible feeling. I didn’t know how to ask her about it - she didn’t even really believe I had powers. She thought it was, like, a trick with reading pulses or something. I wish I could have convinced her… or just talked to her. She died in a car accident halfway through the school year. Her mom was drunk behind the wheel. If I’d just talked to her-”

“Ms. Ludo-”

“Yeah, fine, whatever. University. I went to study psychology; I wanted to help people, and I knew my powers weren’t enough.”

“So you practiced for six years before-”

“I swear to God if you keep rushing me, I’ll tell them you’re one of those smiling fuckers.”

“Please excuse me.”

“I graduated, and I practiced for six years, yes. I was a great therapist, by the way; and it wasn’t because of my abilities. I was just good at my job.”

“So, you’re saying you didn’t project positive emotions on your clients?”

“No! W-… well okay, sometimes, but only when they were really distraught! Besides, it’s not like I can tattoo a feeling onto someone - it only lasts as long as we’re touching. No, the ‘empathic’ shit was the problem, actually.”

“The whole point of therapy is creating a safe space where you can lay out all your vulnerabilities, y’know, safely. Right? The problem is, even in patients I’d been seeing for years and years, I’d occasionally shake their hand or touch their shoulder and- woosh! Oh nevermind! You’ve been holding all that back, huh? When I ask “are you feeling alright” and you say “oh yes!” you’re just lying to me, huh? Do you know how demoralizing that is!? Do you know how aggravating that is!?”

“Yes. I’ve seen the videos.”

“Oh fuck you. Fuck you!”

“I simply mean- yes, I-”

“No, no, you know what? It’s fine. Everyone else in the world has seen them. Hell, I think ‘Angry Therapist Roasts her Patients” had ten million hits on Youtube before they finally took it down.”

“You must admit, you were a bit harsh, and your tone was… well, it was an amusing video.”

“It was confidential, illegally obtained footage of a therapy session! And yes! I was calling that woman out for lying to her husband constantly, and she’s sitting there saying she’s loyal when I know she isn’t, and she tries to defend herself by secretly filming the session on her phone!? Textbook-low-self-esteem-validation-seeking-basic-bitch!”

“You can’t be that angry. That video got you your own talk show.”

“Pft. ‘Nicki Knows’. ‘Dr. Nicki teaches you how to Feel’. What a joke. I only took that shitty job because I couldn’t get any more clients. Nobody wanted therapy from the crazy, screaming lady from Youtube.”

“The show was fairly popular-”

“It was mid-day cable trash. I danced around for day-drunk moms and unemployed losers to watch. It was the off-brand junk-food of television.”

“Well, your lifestyle certainly improved.”

“Okay- okay yeah, it wasn’t bad. I did like having that much money, and fans, and meeting celebrities wasn’t-… well, I liked it while it lasted.”


“Please describe what happened on June 18th.”

“Why? You’ve apparently watched all my videos.”

“Yes, I know what happened at the taping. I want to hear it from your perspective.”

(…) I’d just finished the ‘Positivity Minute’, and the audience was sitting back down. I introduced my guest and-”

“Governor West, correct?”

(3 second pause)

“Yeah. Him. He came out, all smiles. Normal looking 60-something guy in a suit. He sat on the reclining chair - y’know, the hole psychology shtick - and we talked. He seemed so normal. Painfully normal. He talked about his childhood, why he wanted to be a politician, just charming the audience y’know… then it was over, and we shook hands.”

“It was… god, I don’t know if I can describe it… when I touch someone, it’s like shaking two hands, y’know? It’s like suddenly I can see two people in front of me; there’s their body, then there’s, like… a shadow made of light. An aura I guess. It’s like this… bright silhouette, and it cries when it’s sad, or laughs when it’s happy. It’s their honest self, and the longer I touch someone, the clearer that person becomes.”

“When I touched West’s hand it was just… nothing. There was nothing there. No aura, just an empty space. When he smiled at me, there was no reason for it. No feeling. I don’t mean he was just a slimeball liar either - I mean there was nothing there. Like he was a robot, except there wasn’t even metal inside him! There was nothing! A total, absent void.”

“Did he sense you were aware of his… lack of feeling?”

“Oh yeah. I mean, he knew something was up, at least. You’ve seen the video. I practically screamed, and I pulled my hand back so hard it knocked over the lamp. I tried to play it off saying he just had cold hands but… well, if he didn’t at least suspect, he wouldn’t have sent those men to kill me.”


“How exactly did you get away? From what we’ve seen these ‘creatures’ are incredibly tenacious-”

“If you mean the fact they’re unkillable monsters, yeah, it wasn’t easy. I was just lucky I got away from the guy in my dressing room. I actually survived by emptying my savings account and driving like hell. I didn’t actually stop for three days - and it was just to grab some sleep at a crusty-ass roadside motel.”

“Where they found you.”

(3 seconds of silence)

“Ah- sorry, I was just-”

“Know what? I’m done! You know the rest of the fucking story. You assholes were there!”


Incident Report - SCP-5606 initial recovery.

Embedded assets within the U.S. government, military, and local enforcement reported a sudden, coordinated response from multiple off-books task forces, all focused on Ms. Nicki Ludo. MTF-Zeta-12 “Black Baggers” were able to track Ms. Ludo to the Suncup Rest Stop, where they encountered the first instance of GOI-15 “Smiling Men”.

Zeta-12-1 knocks on the motel door.

Zeta-12-1|Helmens: “Ms. Ludo? This is the Los Angeles Police. Please open the door.

No answer.

Zeta-12-1|Helmens: “Ma’am? This is the police. We need you to-”

Zeta-12-4|Roth: Wait, did you hear that? Quiet a second…

A faint clattering sound is picked up by the recorder, followed by a muffled scream and shattering sound. MTF-Zeta-12 immediately draw their sidearms and breach the hotel room.

Zeta-12-1|Helmen: LAPD! LA- Sir! Sir, put your hands up! Let go of the woman!

Bodycam footage shows a white male with his hands around Ms. Ludo’s throat, holding her up against the far wall. The man is trembling, and creating an inhuman, steady tone from his mouth. As Zeta-12 enters, he drops her and turns around. Both he, and Ms. Ludo are covered in blood and various injuries.

Unknown Male: Officers- officers, this is just a big mistake. She invited me back here saying she wanted to fool around- then all of a sudden she attacked me-

Nickita Ludo: He’s lying! He’s not even human! He’s like the governor- he’s empty! He’s a fucking zombie freak!

Unknown Male: See? She’s totally crazy. Probably on drugs or something. I think I need to get to a hospital, so-

Zeta-12-2|Fields: Yeah you fucking do.

Unknown Male: Huh?

Zeta-12-2|Fields: Your arm.

//The male figure looks sideways at his own arm, still being held up. The Radial bone is severed - the jagged edge extending out from a large gash by the elbow. While muscle is fully turn and exposed, no bleeding is seen.

Unknown Male: Ah.

Zeta-12-1|Helmen: Don’t. Move.

After several second, the man drops his arms in a careless, ragdoll like manner. His features sag, and seem to default to a faint, steady smile. He begins to approach Zeta-12.

Zeta-12-1|Helmen: I said don’t move!

Male figure lunges forward. Zeta-12 open fire.

Figure is undeterred by gunfire. Feed is interrupted as Zeta-12-2, 3, and 4 are knocked down. The male figure proceeds to pin Zeta-12-1, and smashes it’s head repeatedly into 12-1’s own. Within seconds, both figures skulls have been severely fractured. 12-1 is dead, but the figure is still fully mobile, despite 23% of it’s brainmatter being exposed.

The figure attempts to flee out the front door. While running to the highway outside, the remaining members of Zeta-12 resume fire, destroying significant portions of the head and body. Figure slows it’s run, then begins stumbling, before finally collapsing to the ashvault. Subject continues to spasm for several seconds before disolving, leaving only a gas-slick like puddle and a set of clothes. MTF-Zeta report the puddle smelling of amonia, and quickly ‘evaporating’.

Interview Log 03

“Ten minutes? We know you fought it, but-… god. How did you survive? Why didn’t it kill you?”

“It tried. I was sure he was going to. I was coming back from getting a vending machine lunch and he just… was there, in my room. I tried to run, but he just picked me up and threw me across the room - like I weighed nothing at all. Then he had his hands around my throat and… and I knew I’d die. His hands were so tight, so perfectly steady… then he started shaking- like, trembling. He loosened his grip. When I opened my eyes… he was crying.”


“Yeah. He was crying, because I was crying. I was afraid, and without knowing it, I was pushing those feelings to him. He started freaking out - like, actually freaking out. Screaming, smacking his head, clawing at his eyes. He couldn’t handle it. I had put something in that emptiness, and he had no idea how to deal with it. Then I hit him with a fucking chair. After that-… it’s a bit of a blur. I know he hit me- hard. Like really hard. Like I heard crunching sounds and blacked out hard. But whenever he touched me, I’d hit back - not just with my hands, but with poison. I made him feel what I felt - afraid for my life.”

“It didn’t stop him - not really. It just slowed him down, confused him. He was still going to kill me… then your goons showed up.”

“Those goons saved your life. A man died protecting you.”

“Save it. I don’t need to touch you to know what’s really happening here. Those things are in the government, aren’t they? It’s not just West. They’re everywhere, aren’t they?”

“You don’t need to worry about that, Ms. Ludo. We’re going to keep you safe.”

“Until they try Plan 28 and just nuke this place, or something. Do you even know what they are?”

“I believe we can conclude this interview. Thank you for your time.”


Addendum: Note from Dr. Yale: Interviews with SCP-5606 have not revealed any new information. Additionally, we’ve yet to discover any other way of identifying GOI-15. I had lunch with Officer Kenan right before he, and two other security personnel tried to kill Ms. Ludo. He talked about his kids. He laughed just like Kenan laughed. Thirty minutes later, he was a puddle of acid.

I’m not sure I can even trust the security of this document. These attacks have been too well coordinated, too precise. It’s very likely they’re already among us. I can’t imagine how, though - every person in Wing-K is routinely checked by SCP-5606 herself. Seems like the council’s only answer is to keep tightening security - as if it will help.

No, right now, only SCP-5606 is capable of both detecting “Smiling Men” and imposing some form of psychological impairment on them. We have to find a way to reverse-engineer her abilities. We need a way to detect them, or we’ll never be able to trust another human being ever again.


“Hi. Hey. Welcome. Grab a fucking chair. What kind of test do you need to run at 2 in the fucking morning, huh egghead?”

“(…) Hello? Are you-”

“It was so strange.”


“We never knew. We thought a smile was just curving your lips up.”

“P-please… please don’t-

“We never knew there was a world under your skin. We just wore the skin.”


“Thank you, Nicki. Thank you for showing us how to feel.”

“Oh… oh god…”

Video Feed: Male subject is seen approaching SCP-5606. Figure’s face is deadpan, save for a very faint smile. Subject reaches up to their own mouth, and begins to pull on the sides of their mouth up hard enough to tear the flesh.

Video feed terminated.

Video feed deleted.

Alarm systems in full shutdown.

Smile, Nicki.


GOI-15 “Smiling Men” are capable of imitating any human being to a perfect degree. Using an unknown form of assimilation, they are capable of assuming all memories, mannerisms, and physical qualities of a victim. This is achieved through a form of chemical manipulation - “Smiling Men” will adapt their physiology to imitate their victims on a cellular level. Using this same process, these entities will vastly increase their physical durability, instantly clotting gunshots and functioning post-decapitation. Once a “Smiling man” sustains significant damage to their physical body, or is backed into a no-win scenario (footnote, assured capture, immobilization, surrender to overwhelming force) they will dissolve their own bodies, leaving only base chemicals.

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