Upon the first lights of creation, before the King had awoken.

The Flawed Creator, who came to be known as Mehkane, exploded into being everything. Thousands of big bangs erupted to fill the boundless void. In those great fires, shape took form to give meaning to each cosmos. Worlds the size of suns, nebula to stretch across the horizons, vast silver pillars circling around a golden singularity.

But in the race for creation, not a single soul was there to witness it.

So the cosmos exploded into shape, building vast monuments for no one to see, then falling back to singularity and starting it all over again.

Yet, something stirred in the so-called center of this reality. Somehow, the great flesh of before had not fallen to the fires of creation and had intruded upon this great tree Yggdrasil. Attaching to universes, it destroyed indiscriminately, the result of some primal urge within it to destroy.

And there met the first battle between Mehkane and Yaldaboath. Shaking the pillars of creation, they fought with primal, extra-universal might the likes of which have only been matched with the clashes of the Endrion.

Eventually, Mehkane gained the upper hand, and dashed Yaldaboath across the cosmos, splintering its body into infinite pieces. But as I had said, this battle was not fated to be the last. As shattered Yaldaboath was, it seeded itself across the cosmos. The battle had exhausted Mehkane, and she descended into the first slumber, which did not end for many eons.

So it was that Yalbadoath's body gave way to life. They exploded across the universe, simple beings which did not yet know how to think.

But while the body of Yalbadoath had been shattered, its mind, unstable as it was, still kept its shape. It drifted in seething rage across the cosmos, subject to the entropic winds which dominated the between lands.

Finally it came to rest in the so-called center of it all. In all directions, infinity stretched outwards. Then it came undone. Instability had formed countless other consciousness within it, all pulling in different directions. So it came to be that it collapsed.

Unbridled sentience of countless beings were pulled into the center, echoing across the expanding walls of creation, calling for freedom, for feeling. Instead they were pulled into the center of centers.

For a single, fleeting moment, it was there that the countless unknowing thoughts and minds of all who would ever be took form into one being, an amalgamation of all others, yet distinct all the rest.


And so it was that I was born. For that moment, I was a being of supreme power, surpassing that of even Mehkane herself, power burning from my finger tips and setting the cosmos around me aflame with my raw power. So I looked out upon the entirety of creation, seeing all things, the vast wonders of all that would or could be, the walking husks called 'life' which were seeded across all universes, the empty homes, the soundless halls.

And so it was that I died for the first time.

With my death, the flimsy protections which had held consciousness together in a singularity unraveled, and sentience exploded outward in a newfound surge of emotion, stretching out to the furthest reaches, filling every husk.

In the echoing aftermath of what I had done, my mind still persisted. I had no power, barely any form. But I found that I could walk the dreams of all I had been.

So you ask me who I am?

The answer is simple.

I am nobody.

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