Unification Tale
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SCP-2785's debilitation on whether pumpkins were scarier than skeletons was interrupted by an explosion. Usually, explosions didn't even mind SCP-2785; after all, they were so common at the site, that they may as well have been explosions. However, something was different about this explosion in particular; rather than the usual "shhhhk" that happened before the "kaboom," there was a distinct "fwish" that came before.

This explosion was followed by another like it, then another. SCP-2785 began to establish a pattern: while the first one was far away, the second one was closer, and the third one even closer still. With that in mind, the next explosion would be—

Before SCP-2785 could finish his illuminating thesis, the sturdy door to his cell was broken down by another, similar explosion. Rather than the orange bloom that SCP-2785 had come to know, however, it was purple. Once the dust had fallen, there was a black-haired man in a tuxedo crouched down, holding some kind of device that was firing purple lasers. SCP-2785 could hear screaming as loud as a very loud flute!

SCP-2785 felt the excitement rush through him as he realized that this man was throwing him a party! SCP-2785 approached the man as he continued firing his disco-laser device to be met with screams of joy.

"Hello there, sir!" SCP-2785 said in his most upbeat voice, "My name is SCP-2785, and I—"

"Don't worry, I know, I know," replied the man in a rushed tone, "listen, could you do me a favor?"

"Certainly, good friend!" replied SCP-2785, "after all, you came all this way for me!"

"Hold onto this." The man handed SCP-2785 an interesting trinket, which he examined. It looked like a ring, but there was a peculiar purple device inside of it. It was spherical, yet squarical at the same time, and it made SCP-2785 think of—

Again, SCP-2785 didn't have time to finish his thesis, as the purple suddenly expanded and consumed SCP-2785's vision, leaving it purple, then black.

Life was hell for Dr. Sullivan. He didn't even resist as his own niece threw him against the wall and began to shatter his ribs with the leg of the table she had slammed him into. Eventually, he became numb to it. The first few times, hell, the first thousand times, had all seemed fresh and excruciating. However, after the millionth time, waking up to throw a party where he would inevitably be killed in a brutish way, he'd found that it simply didn't matter.

His daily routine was to wake up, to help his wife and children to set the table, to wait until somebody that he'd once known and loved assassinated him, and to wake up again, like some sort of satanic Groundhog Day. As his niece finally crushed his beating heart to a pulp, Dr. Sullivan found himself embracing the coming darkness, to advance onto the next day of eternity.

It was a welcome surprise to not wake up in his bed, but to instead come to in a rather posh chair that seemed to fit his bulky form rather well. After overcoming the initial shock, he looked around. He was in a blue room, but the walls seemed the pulsate and flow, where one ripple would bulge out and wash over another. It reminded Dr. Sullivan of the ocean.

He was facing a shaven man of posh attire, although his tuxedo seemed to be ruffled, like he had just been in a scuffle. He poured a glass of wine for Dr. Sullivan and, without saying a word, offered it to him. Dr. Sullivan took it with both hands and began to drink.

"My name is Jack Forme," the man eventually said, breaking the silence, "I have taken an interest in your recent conundrum, for lack of a better word."

"Are you— are you talking about the— the party?" stammered out Dr. Sullivan. He had tried to tell his family of his troubles, but they thought him to be joking. He had eventually developed some mental resistance to talking of it.

Jack Forme nodded. "There's something special about you, Dr. Sullivan. Something that some part of the universe decided that it was worth keeping you around for. Maybe it wanted revenge. Maybe it just wanted a quick laugh with some irony. But I have a better theory."

"What do you mean by that?" replied Dr. Sullivan.

Jack chuckled and snapped his fingers. A doorway opened in the wall of the room, revealing a hallway illuminated by wall-mounted incandescent lights. "Do you know what day it is?" he asked.

Sullivan shook his head. "I do not, sir. I've lost track."

"Let's talk while walking," continued Jack Forme, "it's good for the mind. It's funny that, on this day in particular, your horrors suddenly end."


Date: 10/██/2018

Involved Anomalies: SCP-4048, SCP-4148

On 10/██/2018, at 1513 hours, SCP-4148-2 achieved 121,568.9 kilometers above sea level in height; approximately 33% of its journey to the Moon. However, researchers stationed in New Orleans reported sudden and unexpected activity from SCP-4048. It was reported to become visible, and rapidly ascend into outer space.

Researchers reported receiving a rapid series of pictograms containing SCP-4048 with a crown, forklifts, white bears, and ladybugs, often featuring a scale weighing the white bears as "greater" than the ladybugs. Calculations indicated that SCP-4048 was going to intercept SCP-4148-2.

As SCP-4048 came close to SCP-4148-2, it began to fire pink lasers at it, but missing. However, a blue sphere of space appeared and enclosed the two anomalies inside of it, apparently freezing them in time. Following this, a humanoid figure heavily resembling PoI-56481 appeared within, assessed the objects, then disappeared along with everything inside of the blue sphere.

Due to PoI-5648's involvement, this is believed to be related to the disappearance of SCP-2785 at 0300 hours and the sudden neutralization of SCP-3248 at 0720 hours. A state of RED MELODY2 has officially been declared, and all sites are to be placed on lockdown until further notice.

Russel stood outside in the freezing cold with his village. "Village" was a very ambitious term for himself and 9 former prisoners that had formed a community with him. The Storm had died down, and it was actually bearable to stand outside. Normally, Russel would've taken this day to get everybody together to play some games, but something was happening.

The Foundation site where the prisoners below had come from was lit up, reminding Russel of the fireflies he had seen in his youth. However, a greater indication was the actions of the Mountain. Russel shared an unwilling link of sorts with the Mountain, and he could see somebody walking up its sides.

But it wasn't another unwilling prisoner, or another prisoner, but somebody else. Somebody powerful. Russel and the village was about to meet that person face to face.

The storm cleared, revealing their expected traveler. She was wearing a thick fur jacket that covered her entire body, leaving only a hole where Russel could see her pale face and her stark black hair. She was followed by a crude figure of a man made entirely out of water, but somehow moving and shivering like a drunken buffoon.

She walked up to Russel, and held out a blue envelope. "I bring a message from a man named Jack Forme," she said.

Russel took the letter and opened it. Immediately, his vision was covered with a wild blue, and he felt a sense of vertigo for a split second before he found himself standing, but in a different area than his old village. He was in some sort of auditorium, with several other odd figures, including a mustached man in a tracksuit, several green aliens that reminded him of the sci-fi movies of his childhood, a poorly-put together robot, and an obese man in clown makeup.

The auditorium was centered around a podium, in front of a window through which Russel could see what was presumably the Earth in space. At the podium stood a man wearing short black hair and a ruffled tuxedo, with a nose that reminded Russel of a goblin's.

Once the man saw Russel, he began to speak: "Ooh, I'm glad to see our remaining guests arrive. Thanks for finding Russel, Sarah."

Sarah blushed a little bit in response. The man ignored it, and continued his speech.

"Thank you all for coming. As you all already know, my name is Jack Forme. I consider myself an entrepreneur and philanthropist."

"Hi, Jack Forme!" yelled the robot in a juvenile voice.

"Good day, SCP-2785. Now, I have brought you all here for a specific reason."

"Damn tootin'" said the obese clown, "I had shit to do, you know."

Jack Forme gave a polite cough before continuing: "Anyways, I brought you here for a specific reason: our world is in danger of being overtaken by hostile life." Jack then pressed a button on the podium, and the window behind him flashed blue for a second before being replaced with an array of circles, the majority of which were red. The circle at the center was blue.

"There is some kind of phenomenon that is destroying other universes, leaving the Earth bare, picked dry, and without humans. By the way, the whole 'parallel universes' theory is true, should've mentioned that earlier. Each red circle represents a universe compromised by this phenomenon. The blue circle represents the universe where we all come from, i.e. our universe." Jack took out a laser pointer and traced a zig-zag line between all of the red universes, eventually culminating in the blue one. "As you can see, our universe is next in line."

"But what's behind all of this, hmm?" asked the man in the tracksuit, "what is causing this mayhem?"

Jack Forme smiled. "I've recently came into possession information that elucidates what, exactly, is causing this." He pressed the button, and a slide containing a large cloud came into view. Russel could see that the cloud was made up of something, but his bad eyesight limited his mileage. "These are men, combined with birds. Billions of them, perhaps tens of billions. They enter a universe, ravage it, and leave it just as suddenly as they came. As far as I know, no universe has managed to repulse these avian fiends."

"So, we're gonna get fucked by birds, then?" said one of the aliens, "you brought us all the way here to tell us that?"

Forme shook his head no. "The reason I've gathered you all here today, on this day of frights and festivities, is to tell you that you have a fighting chance. But we need to seize this chance now, if we want to make something of it."

"So what's our plan?" asked Russel, "and why are all of us here?"

"Our plan is to cut off the head of the beast," Jack replied, "the birds are commanded by some extradimensional deity who comes to inspect the worlds that the birds find their way to. If we can force it into a state of vulnerability, we can kill it, thus saving our world."

"And how are we supposed to do that?" questioned the same alien from before.

"Project APRIL," Jack responded with, before putting another picture up. It looked like some array of solar panels, with a rod in the middle. "A Foundation project, built off of the paratechnology they used to make the Atmos Telescope in the early 70's. It was originally intended to allow for the weakening of space anomalies, but the project fell through. Luckily, it still remains, and we can use it to kill the bird-god if we can get it operational. And will our skills combined, I feel that we can do that."

Jack looked at SCP-2785. "SCP-2785, your heart is actually a perpetual energy machine. The APRIL Project was originally abandoned because of all the power it took to operate it. You should be able to resolve this issue."

SCP-2785 originally seemed surprised, but then began to shake its legs and jump as if excited. "Hurray!" he yelled, "I am going to save the world, like a superhero saving the world!"

Jack then turned to the clown. "Randall, unfortunately, the project isn't complete. However, I was told that you put on a hell of a show back in the day. I'm informed that it should only take cursory modifications, and that's your job."

"You got it, man," replied Randall.

Jack cleared his throat. "Unfortunately, we definitely will encounter some resistance on our way there. That's where Sarah and the Anti-Forklift Brigade come in. Sarah, you and your… friend, will escort everybody through the facility, while the AFB will act as defense from the air."

Sarah nodded. One of the aliens gave a quick salute.

"Now, Captain Ladybug, you'll act as a scout. If everything else goes to crap, your job is to warn everyone, and make sure our group stays informed as to what's going on."

A ladybug in a bottle who Russel had not seen before gave a quick wave of its arm before settling back into its abode.

Jack turned to Russel. "Mr. Russel, you're arguably the most important part of this operation. I have reason to believe that you're a telepath, and that your friends here have managed to acquire your abilities as well. Project APRIL requires someone with this ability to function. You're going to have to be the focal point, and use your abilities to take down the bird-god cleanly."

"It would be an honor to save our world, sir," replied Russel.

"Finally, Dr. Sullivan, this procedure is not without some necessary medical doctoring and drug administration. That's your specialty, if I recall correctly. Make it happen."

"I can definitely do that," replied the man in the tracksuit.

Jack Forme turned off the presentation, leaving Earth visible in all its glory. The sun was rising in North America. Suddenly, a portal opened above the Earth. The very same cloud the Russel had seen on the presentation poured out onto the Earth.

"There's our cue, my friends," Jack Forme said in response, "everybody follow me to the annex. It's our time to shine."

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