Note: Temporal Canis Lupus Familiaris
Temporal Canis Lupus Familiaris
Aliases: SCP-6565-WWS, CNS16/LPS51/4FMIS9, Sampson
Summary: Doberman suffering from Temporal Displacement. Originally from
1982, brought into the year 2018. Was captured by MC&D, now under
custody of Wilson's. Owner "Jonathan Stanford" purportedly suffers similar condition.
Threat: Min. Could potentially pass temporal displacement to myself.
Interest: Implications that Jonathan Stanford is capable of time travel,
possible scenarios:
1) Jonathan is searching for the Doberman, I know the location
2) Could potentially take me to the past, could change the course
of events in my life to make myself normal again - Best scenario
3) Cannot take me to the past, could gain a hint about my origins (?)
4) Doberman has something to do with the time travel, unlikely
Doberman will act as bait so that I may gain contact with Jonathan Stanford.
Worst case scenario -> nothing about the Doberman
or Jonathan Stanford is helpful, still worth the effort to pursue.
Will not be hard to locate the anomalies.
Potential of Jonathan Stanford being a form of a nobody as well?


Location: Boring, OR. Wilson's Wildlife Center
Hopefully the best scenario will take me back in time. Will write results later.

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