Thought Police
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SCP-4798's main door.

Item #: SCP-4798

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All possible entrances into SCP-4798 are to be barricaded. In the event that SCP-4798 is ever fully destroyed, Class-7V nerve agent is to be administered to all on-site personnel in the event of hypothetical Sudden Information Supernova (document 7314.7777 CHJ).

Using SCP-4798 as protection against an MK-Class End of the World scenario is pending approval from the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-4798 is an abandoned police station within the Chihuahuan Desert, constructed sometime between 1940 and 1980. No records indicate any history surrounding SCP-4798, and it is unknown if SCP-4798 ever belonged to a town or city in the past. The main anomalies property is information regarding the inside of SCP-4798 cannot leave the building by any means. This includes information regarding light levels, heat levels, radio waves, sound, human memory, and other forms of tangible information.

However, it is theorized that subjects are capable of seeing, experiencing, and fully comprehending information from within the building. It is unknown if SCP-4798's anomaly is inherently antimemetic or not. Mnestics and other forms of anti-antimemetic drugs do not work with SCP-4798, which indicates that the information itself isn't anomalous.

Subjects looking into SCP-4798 from the outside, such as through an open door or window, describe seeing "nothing." Subjects specify what they see as 'nothingness' rather than simply 'darkness', and compare it to the vision of someone blind from birth.

Addendum 3561HE: The following have entered SCP-4798 since its discovery.

Date Subject(s) Status
17/1/1965 Dr. Henrik Left SCP-4798
17/1/1965 Dr. Henrik Left SCP-4798
18/1/1965 MTF Eta-10 ("See No Evil") Five members of the team left SCP-4798
20/1/1965 MTF Beta-14 ("I Wish To Live A Quiet Life")1 Left SCP-4798
23/1/1965 A homeless man Left SCP-4798
24/1/1965 Twelve homeless people, 8 males, 4 females2 None have left SCP-4798 as of writing
5/2/1965 A family of raccoons None have left SCP-4798 as of writing
23/2/1987 An entity in a black garb, carrying 7 vials filled with the bacterium Yersinia pestis Unknown
8/5/2001 Dr. Jason Moor Left SCP-4798
10/5/2001 One Antimemetic Field Stabilizer Unknown
13/5/2001 Marion Wheeler Left SCP-4798
13/5/2001 An unknown disease Unknown
29/8/2006 Unknown species of fox Unknown
1/1/2020 O5-6 Unknown
2/1/2020 A small medical kit Left SCP-4798

Addendum 1171HO: On 6/2/2019, a controlled test with D-3616 was conducted by onsite staff in an attempt to learn more about SCP-4798's anomalous properties. D-3616 was instructed to enter SCP-4798, and write a description of everything within the building. After approximately 2 hours, D-3616 successfully left SCP-4798. The following is an After-Experiment report on the subject.

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