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Aerial view of SCP-XX.

Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Site-28 is currently being downsized to 0.04% of its extant size. All surplus personnel have been scheduled for transfer to other facilities, and excess portions of the site are being decommissioned. Following this, the ENNUI protocol will be activated, removing all human knowledge of SCP-XX and reinstituting Masquerade protocol.

Description: SCP-XX is Public Site-28, a large-scale Foundation facility occupying a significant portion of Manhattan Island within New York City. Both the site and the Foundation's existence are well-known, and are integral to the history of the area, as it is the largest employer in the city with 819,724 paid personnel.

The facility spans the entire width of Manhattan between 23rd Street and 114th Street (with some exclaves elsewhere in the city). There are relatively few anomalies stored at Site-28: instead, most activity at the site is in research or resource management.

Due to its immense size and the impracticality of maintaining public unawareness of Foundation activities in a densely-populated area, in 1993 the Overseer Council voted to suspend the Masquerade protocol. The Global Occult Coalition did not follow suit, which has subsequently resulted in diplomatic tensions between the two organizations.

A few notable areas within SCP-XX are listed below:

Name Address Description
Hudson Yards West 43rd Street, near the Hudson River A shipyard used to maintain and deploy sea vessels. Notable Foundation Navy presence.
Times Square West 42nd to 47th Streets A facility region near the south of Site-28 which is mostly used for large public events, both operational and recreational.
Human Containment Riker's Island Detainment of D-class personnel and persons of interest not considered to be SCP objects. Civilian prisoners may also be kept here, though they are often transferred into Foundation custody as part of New York's work release program.
Surveillance Center 33 Thomas Street Monitors most communications within the site's jurisdiction, and relays findings to the appropriate department.
Amnestics Contraband Service 214 West 72nd Street A department of Site-28 Security which investigates illicit use of amnestics. Theft and embezzlement involving amnestics have become major problems in the facility, with an active civilian black market. Examples of illegal use includes application during commission of crimes or self-administration as a narcotic drug.
Central Conservatory 59th to 110th Street A large rectangular park which is used to contain low-risk biological anomalies. A region with only mundane flora and fauna has been allocated for recreation, which is open to civilians.

Further information can be found in Site-28's facility dossier, or its Wikipedia article.

Discovery: Early in the morning on 2024/01/02, a large number of reports of a memetic containment breach were submitted by Site-28 personnel. The Containment Director on duty investigated and found a number of statistical incongruities, and referred the matter to the Department of Analytics.

Their investigation eventually became wide-ranging, and despite limited information, made the following findings:

  • The size, scope, funding, and institutional management of Site-28 is sufficiently deviant from typical Foundation practices to indicate possible anomalous influence.
  • Extremely careless use of a Foundation laptop led to memetically active media being unknowingly transferred to a civilian media control computer.
  • This caused a serious containment breach during the annual New Year's event in Times Square.
  • Despite this event being well-known throughout the world, no civilians could be verified as present during this event, either in-person or remote.
  • In addition to all participants being Foundation personnel, it was found that each held Level 2/2140 security clearance.

SCP-██ has been re-classed as Neutralized. Personnel with Level-5 clearance may consult its file for more information.

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