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MURPHY LAW in...Iteration M (or, the Case of the Pataphysical Dick Measuring Contest) Tale (Active Development)
The Newbies' Guide to Parawatch Orientation tale (Active development)
Other sandboxes
http://scp-sandbox-3.wikidot.com/ncq-s-idea-bottling-factory The main factory
http://smlt.wikidot.com/nykacolaquantum:smlt-hub Experimental Division

Free ideas for anybody to flesh out

Ideas in varying states of development and planning:

  • Parawatch tale(s) involving Westhead Media's forays into film and newspaper comics
  • Broken Masquerade skip involving dado making a podcast, interviewing people in the mundane and anomalous world
  • Serpents' Hand profile on Westhead Media.
  • Skip involving Westhead Media anomalously screwing over Twitch streamers.
  • Cross-canon tale/skip/GoI format series about 507 joining the Serpent's Hand and collecting knowledge for them. Esoteric tales.
  • Parawatch tale set in the Team Bird canon.
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