Object Class


All anomalous objects requiring Special Containment Procedures are assigned Object Classes. An Object Class is a single word which denotes the difficulty of an object's containment and/or particular circumstances surrounding its containment. They assist in the documentation of SCP objects, as well as for consideration for various budgetary and research priorities.

There are three types of Object Classes: Primary, Non-Standard, and SCP-XXXX. The majority of SCP objects utilize Primary Object Classes. However, some SCP objects warrant unique consideration, and are assigned Non-Standard Object Classes. SCP-XXXX meets neither of these conditions, and is a totally unique object class.

The assignment of Object Classes to SCP objects is restricted to Head Researchers and Site Directors only. Any Head Researcher that wishes to assign a Non-Standard Object Class must obtain permission from the Foundation Classification Committee (FCC). The creation of a Non-Standard Object Class requires at least a two-thirds vote by the FCC. If an SCP object may be affecting its documentation, consult the Department of Miscommunications immediately.

For further information regarding Object Classes, please contact your local RAISA liaison or schedule an appointment with the FCC.

Primary Object Classes

Primary Object Classes cover the majority of the simplest tenants regarding an object's containment.

Object Class Definition
Safe Object is considered incapable of breaching containment independently and does not require any consistent caretaking.
Euclid Object requires consistent caretaking to ensure health and wellbeing or is potentially capable of breaching containment but is not actively attempting to do so.
Keter Object is actively attempting to breach containment and is capable of doing so. Includes uncontained objects if containment has previously been established.
Uncontained Object is presently uncontained and has not been previously contained.
Neutralized Object has been destroyed or rendered non-anomalous, either accidentally or without explicit Foundation authorization.
Decommissioned Object has been deliberately destroyed or rendered non-anomalous, with authorization and permission.1
Explained Object has been found to not be anomalous and can be explained by conventional science.
Anomalous For documentation and organizational purposes only. Refers to anomalous objects that are not assigned Special Containment Procedures.
Pending For temporary use only. Object Class has not been assigned yet.

Non-Standard Object Classes

Non-Standard Object Classes refer to anomalies where the circumstances of their containment require further information or acknowledgement than can be covered by standard object classes.

Object Class Definition
Thaumiel Object is utilized by the SCP Foundation for the purpose of containing other SCP objects, either directly or indirectly.
Archon Object is capable of being contained but must not be contained.
Ticonderoga Object cannot be contained but does not need to be contained.
Declassified Object has been made aware to the public.
Dependent Object is a legal dependent of the SCP Foundation.
Ignosi Object's existence must not be made aware to any person or entity, including the SCP Foundation.2
Maksur Object has been separated into multiple components, each of which requires unique Special Containment Procedures.
Apollyon Object is uncontainable but is too low-risk to merit extensive response.3
Cernnunos Object can be functionally contained, but the Foundation cannot achieve this for logistical and/or ethical reasons.
Hiemal Object is part of a self-containing system of anomalous objects which all regulate each other.
Principalis [REDACTED]


SCP-XXXX is an object class which is completely unique from all other object classes.

Object Class Definition
SCP-XXXX Object is contained via its description as a hyper-specific object class. An SCP-XXXX-class object is not to be referred to in any other manner besides its status as an object class entry. An anomaly assigned the SCP-XXXX object class is an infohazard that is capable of altering information regarding itself and other objects in order to render itself completely unique from all other objects, which it is, as SCP-XXXX is completely unique from all other object classes. The SCP-XXXX object class was a hypothetical classification, which, upon conceptualization of it as an idea, manifested an SCP-XXXX-class object. The SCP-XXXX-class object was classified and contained following its contamination of relevant documentation. The initial theory postulated that the SCP-XXXX object is [DATA EXPUNGED], resulting in its temporary breach of containment. After consultation with the Department of Miscommunications, SCP-XXXX was redefined and successfully contained.
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