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violaorchestranerd66: VON, Viola, etc. (oboebandgeek99)
limpfirebird: limpy, limps, etc (floppyphoenix)
FloraHertz: Flora (natvolt)
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Everything was blurry. There was nothing but a dull ache. And noise. So much noise. What the hell happened? He just wanted it to stop.

The world snapped back to Jean as he looked at his laptop screen. He had just connected to IRC. He had just gotten back from work. His parents were downstairs, yelling again. He couldn't wait to get his own apartment.

Waiting4Rousseau: No, you know what, I'm pissed at how we treat everything here as normal
Waiting4Rousseau: "Parawatch is where you go to suspend your disbelief," how many times have I been fed that fucking line
Waiting4Rousseau: That forum that Storks posted left me sick to my stomach, and half of the people who were talking abt it said it was her best writing yet
violaorchestranerd66: .seen storkshead
Assistant_Troy: violaorchestranerd66: I last saw storkshead 54 days ago saying "im being careful, im not gonna turn into my brother"
Waiting4Rousseau: nameless, sp00ky, katy, and wwyc still won't admit if the scared stiff bullshit was rp or a collab story. They say that they were all hacked, despite evidence to the contrary
KatyDidnt: dude, i promise you, i didnt make those posts, i have no fucking memory of writing that.
Waiting4Rousseau: I dont believe you anymore!
Waiting4Rousseau: People are burning barns and finding secret bases in diners apparently, and discovering old vhs tapes of questionable authenticity and talking about freezers?
Waiting4Rousseau: And dont get me started on the bullshit Imbroglio posts. And we let him get away with blurring the lines of truth and fiction, what, because he was an old member?
Waiting4Rousseau: Why the fuck are we all so calm about this? Why are we just like "hmm storks disappeared after heavily implying she was going to kill herself? ah well, business as usual, that's just how weird the world is."
Waiting4Rousseau: and it leaves us desensitized and half of our users are rping and the other half are blurring the truth and theres no clue when youre reading what
Waiting4Rousseau: and we treat it as an inherent truth of parawatch as opposed to a fucked up practice that could actually put people in danger if it isnt already

FloraHertz kicked Waiting4Rousseau. Reason: You know better than to discuss that stuff in general chat apropos of nothing.

He slammed his fist on the desk. He was just so frustrated

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