SCP-033? A missing number? That's complete bullshit.

Fifthist musician Quintus begs people not to look to much into a song.
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Text%20thumbnail%20Niles.pngNiles is an amazing writer, with a strong sense of series direction, horror, sadness, and furry subtext. Suggested reading: SCP-2952 Text%20thumbnail%20Kirby.pngKirby has the uncanny to tell a story in the exact amount of words needed, no longer and no shorter. Suggested reading: Captain Kirby's proposal Text%20thumbnail%20Crashington.pngFriend, critter, German translator, beard haver, writer, what can't this man do? Suggested reading: SCP-4534 Text%20thumbnail%20djkaktus.pngNeeds no introduction but gets one anyway, he's mainly here when I recorded You and Me he raised my recording up, promoting it as much as the original tale. A supportive creator. Suggested reading: Track 4: You and Me (duh) Text%20thumbnail%20Ellie3.pngEllie is an absolute joy to talk to, and her writing swings wildly between optimistic and down right depressing in the best way. Suggested reading: I hope this isn't just a dream Text%20thumbnail%20Flops.pngFlops is the best kind of person to have in your corner: supportive, good humored, sociable, and pushes you to be your best self (or at least your best writing). Suggested reading: Land of Honey

Text%20thumbnail%20Gee.pngWhile best known for his humorous writing, Gee's potential for drama makes him an upcoming author to watch. Suggested reading: SCP-4593 Text%20thumbnail%20Malice.pngMalice is great a wide variety of genres, just go read some articles by them and you'll get it. Suggested reading: SCP-4774 Text%20thumbnail%20Manymeats.pngJust chill to talk to, and has really unique ideas both for scips and tales. Suggested reading: Tuesday Has Been Cancelled Text%20thumbnail%20Metaphysician.pngAnother awesome person to talk to, and real great at writing that dreadful horror that sticks with you. Suggested reading: SCP-2264 Text%20thumbnail%20Mew.pngThe queen of rewrites, Mew is always a delight to talk to and brainstorm with. Suggested reading: Her Final Thoughts Text%20thumbnail%20Naepic.pngIt seems he steals everything— excluding the ideas for his fantastic articles. Suggested reading: The Mother Who Demands One's Toes (With McB) or SCP-4958

Text%20thumbnail%20Nat.pngNat such an underrated writer, every single article is a banger, and she's really approachable, genuinely embodying the spirit of the Foundation. Suggested reading: Sweeter Dreams Inc. Text%20thumbnail%20Rattles.pngNo author page yet, but what Rattles has written is incredible. All around real supportive guy. Suggested reading: SCP-4154 Text%20thumbnail%20RTME.pngThis bony-stony author is fun to talk to and good at writing too. Suggested reading: SCP-4826 Text%20thumbnail%20Stormbreath.pngA fair judge, a good critter, an excellent idea haver. Suggested reading: SCP-4547 Text%20thumbnail%20Tanhony.pngGood ol' skips tahon. It's hard to be prolific, and it's hard to be good, somehow Tanhony is both. Suggested reading: SCP-4162 Text%20thumbnail%20Taylor.pngTaylor is a wonderful musician, author, leader, person, they're basically who I want to be when I grow up. Suggested reading: Inside the Wall

Text%20thumbnail%20McB.pngHis mighty metal screaming skills (no, really) are matched only by his mighty writing. Suggested reading: MWDOT (with Aepic) or SCP-3272 Text%20thumbnail%20TR.pngTo tell the Trutherford, I think TR is a great author! TR im so sorry i had to. Suggested reading: SCP-4978 Text%20thumbnail%20Weryl.pngWeryl and I go way back, having joined around the same time, and while I kinda stagnated, Weryl's stuff has only gotten better and better. Suggested reading: Dr. Palanez's Proposal Text%20thumbnail%20Woed.pngListen, you already know how awesome Woed is with writing and coding, but Woed is also just a cool person, and helped customize the code im using here! Suggested reading: SCP-4205 (I know, I know, it's just so good)


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