Shadow People

It’s ya boi, Al.

Black Queen Umbra

-א‎0, ready to ★t this report.

Black Queen Echo mirroring that sentiment

Wait, who’s taking point on this entry? I believe that would be you Whoa, whoa, whoa, what?! I am in no way qualified to take point on any catalogue, much less this one! Come on, you've done this b4. You can do this, Little Sister. *Little Sibling, if you don't mind. And for that matter, even if you do mind. Can we stop stalling and begin writing this entry? Well, if I’m taking point, I’m going to do things a little differently.


In the past, we’ve failed to define the exact terminology we’re using and I believe that’s led to some confusion. Obviously we’re filing this under “Shadow People” but I know that term isn’t consistent and frankly I’m not a fan of it considering I can’t tell to what extent they’re “people”. I don’t like it either. Sounds a bit childish. Does anybody have suggestions for how we should refer to them for the remainder of this document? I’ve been calling them “Night Terrors” but that’s bound to be confusing for a number of reasons. I’ve called them “shadow creatures” because despite their apparent humanoid I can’t tell if they’re actually people, and some of them act more animalistic, but that doesn’t seem much better. I would recommend the term “Shade,” borrowed from the name for residents of the underworld in greek mythology. Simple, concise, clear. We’re using it, unless anyone has any objections.


Shades are entities of nebulous form and construction. They appear to be humanoid usually and are semi-corporeal.


Features of the universe necessary to effect the creation of the object.


Ways that the Black Queens might find this useful. Remember, most of them are looking for different things, so feel free to get creative!


How it can be destroyed, harmed, or at least avoided.

Instance: Timeline X-##:

Describe a particular instance of the object.
There's no particular order to which timeline appears first, so if you're using a SCP object, there's no need to list it first.
This part will usually include information about the status and identity of the object, as well as how it's perceived within the particular universe.

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