Old Friends Part 2

June 7th, 2041

O5-7 sat at her desk, tapping the pen absentmindedly. There was a single folder in front of her. Inside it, two pages, stapled neatly in the corner, that had a document she had been searching for months.

There was a knock on the door, and her pen momentarily ceased its rhytm. "Enter."

It was Jeremy, with a fresh stack of documents. "Ma'am, some more documents requiring your approval."

"Thank you Jeremy, I'll get to those in a second. Just put it on my desk." The pen's rhtym started up again.

Jeremy glanced at the desk, which already boasted a towering stack of promotions, transfer requests, containment procedures- everything that needed an Overseer to sign off of. That was her life now, signing paperwork. "Is… is everything alright, ma'am?"

"Hmm? Oh, it's nothing serious. I've just been overlooking some revisions to Site-01. You wouldn't believe how much work it takes just to change a pair of curtains," she laughed.

That seemed to put Jeremy at ease. He always worried about her. "Alright ma'am. Let me know if you need anything else."

Once the door was closed, she returned back to the document at hand. There were three words that had defined her entire life.


She knew these plans. They all did. But now she had learned why.


O5-7 opened up her laptop, and begun typing out a message.

From: O5-7 <ten.pics.lwohnoomkcalb|7-5O#ten.pics.lwohnoomkcalb|7-5O>
To: O5-1 <ten.pics.lwohnoomkcalb|1-5o#ten.pics.lwohnoomkcalb|1-5o>
Subject: We need to talk.
Date: 09 July 2041

It's been a long road, hasn't it?

Twenty years ago, we were children being cared for by nurses, hidden away in the bowels of Site-01. 8 hours of sunlight a day, 8 hours of teaching, and 8 hours of sleep. That was our schedule, for the last twenty years. Looking back, it was a prison.

I remember on my tenth birthday, recalling a math problem in a textbook. Jenny was ordering pizzas for a party with fifty people from her. How many pizzas with 8 slices each would she need to order to make sure everyone had three?

And I asked to our tutor, what was a party? What was a school? I never had any experience with such things at the time. None of us did. She told me it was when a group of friends got together.

And now here we are. The most powerful men and women on the face of the planet. I suppose it paid off. As I type this email, I'm being flown over the Atlantic in a private jet. Apparently there's a little project the previous Overseer left me that requires my personal attention.

Despite all this, I found myself questioning if this was truly necessary. They stole our entire lives from us, stripped us down of all experiences and turned us into their soldiers. What right did they have to do so? We were assured that it was necessary. That it was for the good of the Foundation, and so, for the good of the world. But why? What was important?

I vowed that when I became an Overseer, I would use my power to figure out why they had done so.

It took a while. I had to trace the previous Council's work through Exclusionary Sites, RAISA, Site-01 archives, the Ethics Committee, a whole dozen sites that officially don't exist. They buried it deep, so that it might never see the light of day. But I found it.

And when I read it, I realized this had been a failure. Our entire lives, we were molded into the perfect Overseers- it was all for nothing.

Not all of us made it, I remember that. Even the Overseers in all their infinite wisdom, knew that they would not be able to process us perfectly They kept a few backups, in case one of us went wrong.

I remember one girl, who they replaced with Christine. Everyone liked her, even Johnathan. And that's saying something. She was kind. Too kind for an Overseer, was my guess. They needed people ruthless, to make the hard decisions. I think that's what we all assumed.

I suppose we were wrong. But to get to my question,

Do you remember Eliana Smith?

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