One Last Thought (Hexick)
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CONTAINMENT CLASS:keter confidential



SCP-XXXX-1 shortly of its completion in August of 1898. The photographer is as of yet unknown.

Special Containment Procedures:

The perimeter of SCP-XXXX has been surrounded via a 1.5 Meter electrified fence. MTF Λ-13 ("Chain Breakers") has been commissioned with the intent of maintaining proper monitoring of the effect the entirety of SCP-XXXX1 has on SCP-XXXX-3's activity. Despite the initial belief in his death, PoI-0513 is currently at large and is to be engaged upon location.

In light of Incident XXXX.Δ, all entry within SCP-XXXX is strictly prohibited as to prevent unnecessary casualties. All entry to SCP-XXXX is to be performed via remotely controlled drones equipped with peripherals deemed necessary to complete the given task2. As SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties are actively spreading via the sub-level corridors beneath the land, SRAs have been installed within various locations outside of SCP-XXXX's area of effect as this property appears to be related to Hume fluctuation of unknown source.

Personnel are to patrol the area every 5 hours to see that the flora present within SCP-XXXX does not grow past the object's designated boarder. This growth is to be noted and if deemed to pose a risk of the object's containment failure, personnel are authorized to utilize incendiary weapons to burn away said flora.


SCP-XXXX designates a pataphysical force of unknown source localized and directly affecting a large estate previously in the possession of Harold Baker hereby referred to as PoI-0513. Due to the re-arrangement of the estates topography into a Gorzadic Rod3, this has effectively created an extra-dimensional plain within baseline reality.

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