Operation FLYTRAP
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As the size and scope of SCP-XXXX presents a untenable threat to maintaining secrecy, neutralization of the anomaly has been classified as a top priority. Operation Flytrap has been conceived and shall be executed in order to achieve the following:

  • Interrogate and apprehend notable Persons of Interest within the town
  • Discern the origin of the anomaly, determine the possibility of transfer or resurgence
  • Search for and rescue survivors
  • Destroy and/or eliminate the source/cause of the anomaly

To this end, several personnel from within the continental United States were transferred to Site-92C, with the resulting task force being designated MTF Iota-0 ("Silk Road")

MTF Iota-12 Personnel Files:


Personnel File #18270
Code-name: Brute
Mobile Task Force Commander: Eta-18 "Tyrfing Black"
Level Four
Background Information
Previously employed under Site-77's Chief Containment Specialist Hans Müller, whose team was essential in identifying original containment methods for over forty-seven Safe and Euclid-Class objects. Gained notoriety for his capability in identifying exploitable traits in the behavior of anomalous organisms.

Operated as an agent on MTF Zeta-9 "Mole Rats" for four years; and as a squad leader for the final eighteen months. Displayed aptitude in navigating hostile terrain and shifting topography during an active breach of SCP-████, in which his squad was directly responsible for halting a localized CK-Restructuring Scenario, at the cost of two of his squad members.


Personnel File #87632
Code-name: Uriah
Cadet: Mobile Task Force Iota-11 "Dune Raiders"
Level One
Background Information
Born and raised in Holbeck1. Became emancipated at age 17, and joined the USMC at age 20. Inducted into the Foundation after an encounter with SCP-███ while on active duty.

Enno has served for four months on Iota-11, during which he assisted with cleanup operations on SCP-████ and the recapture of SCP-████. Selected due to his familiarity with the town and its residents.


Personnel File #96570
Code-name: Wicker
Psychonaut: MTF Psi-9 "Abyss Gazers"
Level Three
Background Information
Former security guard: Olmec Pharmaceuticals, fifteen years. Incarcerated and sentenced to death for four counts first-degree murder after killing a local butcher and his family. Inducted into the Foundation as D-1921, serving for twenty years. Foster performed as a test subject for several Safe-Class objects. Over this time, Foster displayed loyalty and commitment to Foundation interests.

Following Dr. Calixto Narváez's breakthrough in using DMT-assisted perception to identify anomalies during exploration of SCP-2480, Foster's case was revisited. The bodies of his victims were exhumed clandestinely. Several redundant organs were found upon autopsy that are known ritualistic components in Neo-Sarkicism. Due to this discovery, as well as his outstanding track record; Foster was inducted as a Level One agent, and attached to Project: SITRA ATRA.


Personnel File #38537
Code-name: Gib
Close Protection Officer - MTF Psi-9 "Abyss Gazers"
Level Three
Background Information
Previously stationed at Site-77 - serving on security detail of VIPs in the Southern European Region for five years. Took a leave of absence after the assassination of her then-current charge Director Matvei, and resigned from CPO service within the month. Elks was reassigned to MTF-Psi-13 "Witch Hunters", where she gained experience in Counter-Occult-Strategems as applied to adherents of Sarkicism.

Due to her expertise in dealing with aberrant SK-BIO organisms, as well as the need for competent CPO's for the supervision and protection of Psychonauts, Elks was brought onto Project: SITRA ATCHRA, and assigned to Cayden Foster.


Personnel File #17
Code-name: Oni
Field Agent: MTF Nu-13 ("Rasczak's Roughnecks")

Level Two
Background Information
Kawehi is a third-generation Foundation employee alongside his twin, paraentomologist Lei Keahi. He has served his entire twelve-year tenure on Nu-13 ("Rasczak's Roughnecks")2, operating out of Area-12.

Kawehi has been instrumental in the containment efforts for SCP-███, and was on-scene for the eradication of an SCP-████ outbreak at Lunar Area-32.


Personnel File #48658
Code-name: Firebug
Specialist: MTF Tau-5 Samsara
Level 4 Asset: Clearence N/A
Background Information
One of four augmented humanoid replicates, created for the purpose of testing esoteric technology and for dealing with situations in which a high casualty rate is expected.

The current Onru is Iteration #72 and is the only living member of the SAMSARA squad. Agents Irantu, Nanku, and Munru were killed on their previous deployment - their new shells have yet to be printed - though are expected within the month.

Exploration log Alpha: - Brute and Uriah


Exploration log - Beta: - Wicker and Gib


Exploration log - Delta: - Oni and Firebug


Exploration log - Omega:


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