Our Key to Salvation

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Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is kept at Site-01 in a locked blast-proof safe, under guard by specially selected Alpha-1 members trained in combating both empyrean and tartarean entities. Personnel attempting to access SCP-XXXX without the express permission of the O5 council will be terminated immediately, regardless of rank.

Use of SCP-XXXX requires the majority approval of the O5 Council.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small silver key, 12 centimeters in length and weighing approximately 35 grams.

If placed on top of the corpse of a recently deceased humanoid, or used as described in Procedure XXXX-Flamel (see attached documents), SCP-XXXX has the ability to recall any deceased human from any theologically-prescribed punishment, allowing it to return to a corporeal existence, or depart to a particular afterlife if it so chooses to. SCP-XXXX is single-use, and will dissolve immediately after its usage.

Discovery: The O5 Council came into the possession of SCP-XXXX during Operation

The usage of SCP-XXXX by the Council is a debated subject.

<Begin Log>

O5-1: I'm sure everyone understands why I felt this meeting was necessary. SCP-XXXX presents a unique-

O5-4: Sorry, if I may interrupt for one moment, before the debate starts?

O5-1: Go on.

O5-4: I just wanted to say, does anyone else find it kind of, apologies for the vulgarity, "fucked up" that we're debating which one of is the most depraved instead of working to improve ourselves? It's like we've already given up.

O5-10: It's the good ol Catholic schoolboy still in you.

O5-4: Oh please, I definitely gave up on religion a long time ago. Sort of required, in our line of work. Which I suppose brings us back to the topic. Sorry, ma'am.

O5-1: As I was saying. SCP-XXXX presents a unique opportunity to us. The nature of the Foundation is that all of us have ordered or overseen reprehensible acts in our tenure as Overseers. Now while they may have been for the greater good, the Inferno problem doesn't take that into account. Before we begin, does anyone need a refresher on the properties of SCP-XXXX?

O5-2: We're sure that Procedure Flamel works as described? We can't exactly verify it ourselves.

O5-1: Death gave us the procedure, I'm inclined to believe them. I had one of our contractors from the Sons of Shammai verify it- as a theoretical exercise, I assured them. They think we're looking for the Shroud of Turin, but that's not relevant at the moment. Are there any other questions?

[All overseers voice a negative.]

O5-1: Excellent. Then we can begin. Does anyone want to take themselves out of consideration for usage? You will still be required to vote on its contender.


O5-1: As expected. Seeing as O5-3 does not require it, being an artificial intelligence, I am striking its name from consideration. There are currently twelve contenders for its usage. If someone would like to make their case, please go on.

O5-7: I suppose I shall go first, then. I'm sure everyone's aware of my role in our negotiations with the North Korean, Myanmar, and Chinese governments for our supply of D-Class. I also supervise the containment procedures for 231, and as I'm sure we're all aware-

O5-2: Are you really citing that? We lost 231-5 when you botched the Montauk protocol. If it was up to me, you would've been booted off the council for that.

O5-8: So? We're talking about Montauk. I dont think competence at it matters. It's something we're all going down for, I imagine. We all voted to adopt the drafted revisions to its procedures.

O5-2: I didn't.

O5-4: Agreed. So I don't think you should really be getting, right?

O5-2: No, that's not what I meant-

O5-3: If I may interrupt-

O5-1: Go on, Three.

O5-3: Thank you, ma'am. I was contemplating the issue of voting. Would it be possible for everyone who plans on voting for themselves to raise their hands, regardless of personal arguments?

[Everyone raises their hand.]

O5-9: Goddammit.

O5-11: So we have a twelve way tie, then. But I'm assuming you already have someone in mind, Three?

O5-3: I've been going over the records of the collective actions taken by each Overseer. I've weighed their moral culpability according to each individual's religious belief and philosophical code, and determined that the Overseer with the highest amount of dubious actions would be O5-10.

O5-10: Can't say I'm thrilled to hear that, but-

O5-3: However, that only accounts for actions they have taken or directed employees to take. A level of moral culpability is hoisted upon all of us for each proposal we vote against or for. Factoring those into our decisions, it would be me, followed by O5-08.

O5-8: Why do I sense another thing coming?

O5-3: The veto factor. Currently under the rules of this Council, the Administrator can veto any proposal, requiring a two-thirds majority to overrule him. As Ethan Horowitz has been unavailable since the implementation of Many Crowned Serpent, his veto power has fallen to O5-1 for the past six council meetings in which a veto has been implemented. Thus, I have determined that she would be the most morally corrupt, so to speak-

[Indescernible audio as all Overseers except O5-1 and O5-3 begin to shout and argue.]

O5-3: [Increasing its audio settings] I have made a decision. I believe we must proceed to a formal vote.

O5-4: Does it even fucking matter?

O5-1: The rules are quite clear.

O5-1: Voting for myself.

O5-2: Voting for myself as well.

O5-3: Voting for O5-1.

[Remaining Overseers answer similarly.]

O5-1: At a majority of votes, the decision has been made. The key has been reserved. That concludes our meeting today, if no one else has anything they'd like to speak about… Good to hear. Meeting adjourned.

<End Log>

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