Out With the Old Guard

Tau 5 blah blah

<@TyGently> if Able needed to be killed, sure, it's a possibility
1:14 AM <@TyGently> for me personally the main questionable thing there would just be that Tau-5 would be close enough to the site in question to be deployed there quickly
1:15 AM <Cerastes> yeah, that might be an issue
1:15 AM <@TyGently> it'd be pretty lucky if they were less than a day out, and I'd imagine Able probably wouldn't waste time on a multi-day rampage
1:15 AM <Cerastes> Brought in temporarily while maintenance is going on, perhaps?
1:16 AM <Cerastes> like large scale renovations were going on, and they needed back up
1:16 AM <Cerastes> to area 25b or whatever
1:16 AM <riyulendut> oh wow
1:16 AM <@TyGently> you mean like, there was a vulnerable moment in which a breach could have occurred, so tau-5 were called in advance just in case?
1:16 AM <Cerastes> yeah
1:17 AM <riyulendut> I don't think I actually have the original file of my google profile picture stored anywhere
1:17 AM <riyulendut> this is a disaster
1:18 AM <@TyGently> that's possible yeah — if they had been doing some mission in the same country fairly soon earlier, it could make sense for them to be called in (along with other task forces) as insurance

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