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Item #: SCP-4755

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4755 is stored in cold storage at Site-81. All affected objects are archived in Anomalous Object Storage.

Description: SCP-4755 is the designation given to the remains of a female juvenile of unclear age or ethnicity, who attended Oakhill Secondary School in ██████, Indiana. Due to its potent antimemetic properties, only a few distinguishing characteristics are known, as can be inferred from its point of recovery:

  • Homeroom C of the school has only 27 desks, unlike all other homerooms which seat 28. When questioned, school personnel have stated that the homeroom had always been that way, although they are unable to remember the reason behind it.
  • The contents of a student folder filed between 'MacGregor, Charles' and 'Maloney, Antonio' in the principal's office are incapable of being read.
  • There is no Locker 211 in the hallways, with the numbering system going from 210 to 212. All school personnel insist this is an error made by the locker manufacturing company, despite roughly 30 cm of space between lockers 210 and 212 being unaccounted for when measured.

Discovery: SCP-4755 was discovered when Agent Chao was in the area interviewing eyewitnesses of an unrelated anomalous event. After entering the school under the guise of a reporter for the local paper, Chao encountered SCP-4755 in the women's bathroom and alerted the Foundation. A full sweep of the school was initiated under Cover-2942 (Lead Piping removal), and several traces of SCP-4755 were discovered, including:

  • A chair in one of the counselors' offices cannot be focused on for a substantial amount of time, and is believed to have been used frequently by SCP-4755.
  • Two male students, Kevin Cosniak and Derek Thompson, are said to have ended a years-long friendship abruptly over an incident with a classmate. Both students were unable to recall the cause of the incident, although Thompson stated the fault was with Cosniak. Cosniak disagreed, but was unable to elaborate on his reasoning.

Interviewed: Kevin Cosniak

Interviewer: Zebediah Falk

Foreword: Cosniak was interviewed under the pretense of a psychiatric review for lead poisoning. Cosniak was administered a low-level Veritas agent to induce compliance.

<Begin Log>

Falk: How are you feeling? Any head aches, or pain in your throat?

Cosniak: Nah, I'm good. Never really drank from the fountains, brought my own water from home.

Falk: Good to hear. How's school going? Everything's back to normal, having fun with your friends?

Cosniak: Uh, yeah, everything's good. I guess.

Falk: How's Derek? I think you mentioned him in our preliminary session.

Cosniak: I…haven't really got the chance to talk to him. Haven't really seen him around, so yeah.

Falk: What was the incident that led to the end of your friendship, again?

Cosniak: Honestly, I, I don't remember it that well. Probably drank a little too much at Tristan's party.

Falk: I see. Tell me about the party, then.

Cosniak: Sure, it was at Tristan's place, invited the whole team over. Had a good season so far, so I think there was a pretty good mood all around. Wasn't just the team, lot of other people from school. Jason A, Marcus, Kristian and her friends, hell, even-

Cosniak pauses briefly with a look of confusion on his face.

Cosniak: Uh, anyways, yeah, everyone was there. Had music playing… yeah, it was just a good time.

Falk: Hmm. And you said Derek was there as well? How was he at the party?

Cosniak: Still bitching about his ex. Apparently Samantha told all her friends that she was breaking up with him before she told him, and then he got all whiney about that, so he wasn't really fun until we got him drunk, loosened him up a bit.

Falk: So everything was going well at the party?

Cosniak: Yeah, it was great. Someone put on some music, couple people were playing pool in the basement, everything was pretty fun at that point.

Falk: And how'd the rest of the evening go?

Cosniak shifts in his chair.

Cosniak: Uh… I, I don't really remember, it's a bit blurry. I think the three of us went upstairs at some point? Then we-

Falk: Three of us?

Cosniak: What?

Falk: You said there were three of you. Who was the third person?

Cosniak: I did? No…no, I said two. It was just me and Derek, no one else.

Falk: Alright. What did you do upstairs?

Cosniak: Uh, can't really remember. It's a blank slate from there.

Falk: So you can't remember anything past going up the stairs, then?

Cosniak: Basically.

Falk: I see then. Thank you for your time.

<End Log>

Several texts were recovered from Cosniak's phone.


jesus christ what the hell

What the fuck did you do

go fuck yourself you piece of shit never talk to me again, it was your idea

i was drunk as shit you kept getting me drinks. its your fault

samantha was right about you. Im gonna tell her tomorrow in class

fuck, whatever. Hate me all you want but you cant tell her, she's gonna tell the cops and we'll both get arrested.

well what are we supposed to do then?

idk. Let's meet up before homeroom, think of something. Not gonna ruin my life over a stupid mistake.

Both Cosniak and Thompson stated that they had no recollection of sending the messages or the context surrounding them.

Addendum: A post-recovery autopsy concluded that SCP-4755 had likely died from exsanguination, resulting from two deep cuts made to the wrists. However, no likely implement was found on its person.

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