Lillian Hadley, Ethics Committee Liason for Site-23, looked at what popped up on her computer screen and sighed.

The Ethics Committee wasn't what everybody thought it was. They weren't just some joke, like most people thought on first introduction, nor were they some scret shadow organziation operating with almost unlimited power. Rather, they were basicaly like the health inspector in a resteruant. No one liked seeing them, because it usually meant they'd find something wrong.

Somehow, no one ever thought of doing it the right way iinstead of having to be told that.

Lillian printed off the email, then mentally prepared herself for what was going to be a long day.

The observation room was empty for once, with only one bored junior researcher making notes in a log. Lillan walked over to him, tapping him on the shoulder.

He was young, looked fresh out of whatever university or college the Foundation had snatched him out of. "You're not supposed to be here."

Lillian flashed him her ID badge. "Ethics Committee Liason. Where's Haverford? I need to talk to him about the skipp you've got here."

The researcher shrugged. "I don't know." He turned his attention back down to the testing chamber and continued making notes.

Lillian followed his gaze. Down below, behind the soundproofed window, was what resembled a mintature forest inside a containment cell. A guard escorted a D-Class personnel in, placing him down on a large stump in the center, and then left the room. What looked like a man with goat legs emerged from behind a tree and began to play a song.

"Who's next on the list?" she asked.

"Uh…." The rsearcher tapped a key on his computer, flipping throught the list of D-Class. "D-5437. Why?"

"I need you to be letting him go. He needs to undergo amnestication and be released from our custody." Lillian gave him a copy of her email. "His court case was reopened, some new DNA evidence came to life. He's been cleared of all charges in the murder of Elena Athanas. As such, we no longer have cause to hold him."

The researcher read over the page. "Well… so? He's still a criminal."

"Yes, but he's not a murderer. He was brought in under the Death-row Inmate program, which means since the conditions for accepting him are no longer valid, we can't hold him," Lillian said. "If we did, we'd be violating our terms with the Greek government."

The researcher shrugged. "Okay."

"Great. So can you tell the guards to rbring him over to Medical?"

"Umm… I can't really do that. Ithink you;d have to talk to Haverford about that." The researcher turned back to his log and continued scribbling his observations on the Stag Prince.

"Alright. I thought you said you didn't know where he was?" Lillian questioned.

"Yeah, sorry." He didn't look sorry.

Lillian sighed. She was right when it would be a long day.

About two hours later, she finally managed to track him down.

Haverford was stepping out of a meeting room, chatting to some HCML supervisors.

"Well keep me posted, I think they're stringent enough but if it activates again, then obviously we-" Haverfored noticed Lillian quietlywaiting at the edge of the group.

"Anyways then, we'd have to go back to the drawing board. While we're here, i wanted to go over five-four-three-three. I think we could-"

Haverford kept the conversation going for another fifteen minutes, going over conatainment details for another twelve anomalies in excruictaitng detail.

Lillian fought the urge to roll her eyes. Her and Haverford weren't exacvtly on the best of terms. When you were in charge of a third of all anomalies at the Site, you were bound to clash with the Ethics Comittee every so often.

Eventually one by one, work obligations slowly leeched away his peers, until he could no longer ignore Lillian.

He sighed, walking past her without stopping. "What is it this time, Lillian?"

Lillian stumbled, trying to match his stride. "Well, you've got a D-Class Personnel, George Panagos, who's conviction has been overturned, so-"

"Panagos, Panagos…" He let the idea swhirl around in his head before spitting it back out. "Right, for the satyr anomaly. So what? He's still got a rap sheet a mile long. Arson, assault, theft… He's still one of the more hardened criminals we have here."

"Well yes, I realize that, but as our agreement with the greek government only allowed us to take criminals from death row, we'd be breaking our agreement, so-"

"So you want me to release him, then?"


Haverford stopped, almost causing her to collide with him. He seemed to be mulling the idea over in his head.

Lillian waited.

After about five minutes, he shook his head. "No can do. Talk to the Personnel Head."

From: Jack Bright <d.bright@scipnet>
To: Lillian Hadley <L.hadley@scipnet>
Subject: RE: D-Class Tranference
Date: January 17th, 2019

Hi Ms Hadley,

Thank you for taking the time out of your scedhule to contact me. The ethical treatment of all personnel should be every researcher's concern.

However, D-Class personnel do not fall under my department's supervision. That responsiilty is parcaled away with individual site's Heads of Personnel.

Jack Bright
-Foundation Head of Personnel
Secure. Contain. Protect.

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