The Walls Have Eyes

Item-#: SCP-X

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Should SCP-X become active and depart from the location it was found in (a foodstuff warehouse), MTF Eta-88 ("Valley of God") is to detonate the interiors surrounding SCP-X. Following this, MTF Eta-88 are to release memetic inoculants from above the roof with a drone operated balloon. Intraocular and extraocular SCP-X-A tissue that pervade the interiors of the warehouse is to be extracted by drones daily. Samples are to be analyzed by the Department of Bacteriology in the hopes of creating a stable antibiotic from SCP-X-B.

12 Medidrone MK-IIIs, installed with mechanical pincers installations doused in antigen / hydrofluoric acid, is to blind SCP-X-A daily.

All personnel who describe alterations in their eyesight (such as floaters or blurred vision) and identify seeing from SCP-X's current position in the warehouse are to be immediately quarantined for cognitohazardous infection by MTF Eta-88.

By order of the Ethics Committee, SCP-X is forbidden from all forms of visual perception; self-harm is encouraged.

Description: SCP-X is a humanoid with exposed eyesockets, which leak a highly virulent and memetic variation of ocular toxocariasis.1

Due to chronic inflammation, irritation, discharge, and pain experienced by SCP-X from its eyes, it instinctively scratches and punctures them with its black, angular, nails. At this current time, SCP-X is incapable of fully regenerating its eyes and excess vitreous fluid, optic nerves, blood vessels, sclera, etcetera., are discarded (these remnants are designated as SCP-X-A).

Upon interacting with a surface, SCP-X-A gradually annexes unobstructed walls, objects, and subjects over a period of several hours. An individual SCP-X-A instance exhibits indefinite growth and expansion and present as pink, purple mounds (upper limit measures at 10m2).

SCP-X-B are roundworms contained inside of SCP-X-A. Colonies of SCP-X-B "squirm" inside SCP-X-A. The amalgamation of such vast SCP-X-B colonies is visible through translucent sheaths of SCP-X-A, with witnesses describing the movements as akin to "looking at seas of snakes [sic]." Essentially, SCP-X-B mounds present as musculature commonly found on cheeks and craniums.

SCP-X-A spawn pseudo-ocular organs (SCP-X-A-1) within various oval slits, which rapidly twitch and spasm. Within 4m of an SCP-X-A-1 instance, SCP-X is capable of detecting objects and subjects regardless of distance or obstruction.

Subjects viewing SCP-X-A or SCP-X-1 are exposed to cognitohazardous payloads; they will fall to the ground exhibiting seizure-like symptoms and experience vivid hallucinations, under the presumption they are SCP-X. If undeterred, SCP-X will move towards the subject. Upon contact, SCP-X unravels the subject's eyelid, and enthusiastically pokes and prods at the subject's eyes, under the presumption that they are in fact the subject.

After MTF Eta-88 stun and restrain SCP-X, retrieved subjects will have their eyes dissolved by invading SCP-X-A tissues and nematodes.


Ever see your own eye pop?
I could see from his point of view.
I saw these rusty metal pliers.
I saw myself underneath him, struggling, crying.
The wait was far more terrifying.
I saw a lever device prop my eyelids back.
I saw and felt the clinch and pop of my right cornea.
Fluid leaked down my cheek.
Stray white viscous departed as the pliers pulled.

Red and white.

Blindness was forbidden; he never blinked.
I saw the plier come down on the left.
It clamped on a clump of the slippery, sclera.
Red and white.
I saw my face crease lines of fear.
I saw small, little, blood vessels erupt.
I saw the pliers fidget a while before one abrupt pluck.
Red and white.

Preventative antibodies and mnestic inoculants do not work on SCP-X's infection; the roundworms (SCP-X-B) which exist inside of SCP-X-A are highly mutagenic and expedite immunities towards antibodies.

A parasite dimension:



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