Paranoid Plot

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As of 01/31/2004, the following file has been declared level 5/5000 Classified
Unauthorized access is forbidden.



Input: Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Access code 403722309022

Access granted. Good morning, [DATA LOST].


Item#: 5000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:


The area of SCP-5000, and every confirmed report of anomalous activity within the area.

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-72 Ezekiel Lycus Lucia Reinette-Hartle O-13 "Empirical Inquisitors"

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-5000, formal containment procedures have not been enacted. MTF Omicron-13 "Empirical Inquisitors" has been tasked with monitoring internet message boards, conspiracy groups, and GOI-5674 Parawatch threads associated with SCP-5000. The detection of any anomalous behavior within SCP-5000 should be reported immediately. Access to this file is restricted to local personnel only.

Description: SCP-5000 is the area colloquially known as the Bridgewater Triangle, a roughly 520 square kilometer triangular space in southeastern Massachusetts, outlined by the towns of Abington, Rehoboth, and Freetown. SCP-5000 has been the subject of numerous of alleged anomalous phenomena, ranging from extraterrestrial incursions to various legends surrounding the Native American tribes in the area. None of these legends have been found to have any basis in reality.

Through an extensive search of Foundation records dating back to the early 1800's, it was discovered that no confirmed anomalous phenomena had ever been discovered, associated, or located within the area of SCP-5000. Similarly, no activities from any recognized anomalous Group of Interest were recorded as having taken place within SCP-5000

Lastly, no Foundation missions unrelated to SCP-5000 have taken place within a twenty kilometer radius of SCP-5000.

There are currently four tentatively proposed theories for SCP-5000's existence.

  1. SCP-5000 was expunged of all anomalous activity through the use of another anomalous occurrence for unknown purposes.
  2. SCP-5000 is a probabilistic anomaly that results in the creation of anomalous "dead zones." Additional SCP-5000 occurrences may be uncovered globally after further investigation.
  3. SCP-5000 came into existence by mere coincidence, the occurrence of which while being statistically improbable, is not anomalous.
  4. SCP-5000 was designed by an unknown individual or group of individuals in order to conceal their activities from anomalous influence.

Area of Interest-5000's condition in 1902.

Initial 5000 Exploratory Mission: As part of testing, Agent Andrea Lamark, who possesses minor empathetic environmental capabilities, was deployed to AOI-5000 Profile Rock1 in Freetown State Forest2. Omicron-13 member Simon Dawson accompanied her in order to take several anomalous characteristics readings.

<Begin Log>

Site Command: Alright, you're just outside the town limits. Keep yourself focused.

Lamark: Gotcha. Anything I should be looking for in particular?

Site-Command: Just anything you find unusual. People, places, wildlife. If you're wondering whether something or not qualifies, tell us anyways. Dawson, everything's been fine-tuned?

Dawson: Should be good.

Lamark: Approaching the area now.

Lamark and Dawson approach AOI-5000.

Site Command: Alright, your GPS trackers have shown you've entered the area. Picking up anything?

Lamark: Hmm… mostly animals. Squirrels worried about their nuts, a few predators. Nothing out of the ordinary. I'll keep you updated.

[Lamark progresses up the trail. Two hikers pass by.]

Dawson: Hey guys, how's the view?

Hiker 1: Beautiful. Picked a great day for it, you two. First time?

Dawson: Yeah, new to the area. I'm Mike, this is my wife Jennifer, we heard good things about the view.

Hiker 1: I'm Jane, this is Michael, my boyfriend-

Hiker 2: Come on, I'm starving. Hurry up.

Hiker 1: Alright, happy trails you two.

[the two progress further along the trail.]

Lamark: Keeping up cover?

Dawson: Thought it would be a good idea.

Site-Command: Anything to report?

Lamark: Negative, Command.

Site Command: Alright. Keep us posted.

Dawson: Understood.

[Lamark and Dawson continue along the trail.]

Dawson: So, alleged Satanic activity, what's that about? Because if I had a nickel for every time it ended up eyeing a few goth kids scaring up nosy neighbors…

Lamark: Nothing credible, judging by Reinette's briefing. There was a 15 year old cheerleader3 from Ranyham was who was murdered here, though. Authorities found her body tied to a tree.

Dawson: Could be something. VERITAS system should pick up any usual Elan patterns if she's a ghost. Died violently?

Lamark: Strangulation by her restraints after she fell unconscious. Body was there for about two months before anyone found her, according to the autopsy report.

Dawson: Poor kid.

Lamark: Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.

Dawson: Huh?

Lamark: What? Something wrong?

Dawson: Did you not just say something?

Lamark: I'm positive I didn't. Command, pick up anything?

Site Command: You said a short phrase in what sounded like Hebrew? What? Reinnette-Hartle said it sounded more like Arabic. Stand by for a moment.

Site Command: The phrase was "Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un," from the Quran. "Indeed, to God we belong and God we return." Said whenever someone experiences a great tragedy or death in your life.

Lamark: I… I don't remember saying that at all. I must've picked it up from Mary, the girl. Probably that.4

Site Command: I suppose that's a possibility. Dawson, stay alert for any further utterances.

Dawson: Roger that.

Lamark: Mhm.

Dawson: So, how exactly does your empathy thing work?

Lamark: Most of the time, it doesn't do shit. Everything at site or in Boston's too artificial to work. When it does work, I usually feel like eating an acorn, or trying to stand taller to get more sun on my leaves. It's a bit, what's the word? Disassociating, I'd say.

Dawson: Huh. How exactly did you become a Foundation agent, and not, say, some sort of hippie druid thaumatologist? No offense.

Lamark: Heh. Believe it or not, not a lot of places like Hogwarts in downtown Boston. Besides, uncle was Psi-12, Dad was in Tactical Theology, would've happened eventually-

Site Command: Be advised, you're approaching the target area, appears that there's a civilian presence. Immediately end all foundation conversation.

Lamark: See, I told you there wouldn't be a Port-a Potty up here?

[Dawson and Lamark emerge into a clearing, where Profile Rock can be seen from. A Caucasian male in business attire is sitting on a nearby rock, smoking a cigarette.]

Lamark: Well I just thought- Oh, hey there. Enjoying Profile Rock?

Man: Not much, really. Doesn't look like much of a face right now, does it?

Dawson: I guess not. Sorry, I'm Mike, Mike Coleman. This is Jennifer. Just came here to see the rock.

Man: Call me John. Whaddya think of it? Kind of a disappointment, really.

Lamark: Little bit, yeah.

[a brief silence is interrupted by the ring of a cell phone.]

Man: Well, that's work. Nice meeting you two.

[Individual departs the scene. Dawson begins setting up monitoring equipment, while Lamark keeps watch.]

Dawson: Hey, you read the file?

Lamark: What? Oh, skimmed it a bit. Why?

Dawson: Just something I thought about on the way up here. If it wasn't for the anomaly, this would probably be the best place possible to build a site. Not even so much as a single Wondertainment toy's been spotted here. It'd be a perfect spot.

Lamark: Too good to be true, comes to mind.

Dawson: I guess so. There's always an alternative, isn't there? Who knows, maybe Site-01 is right under our feet. It'd explain how we just let it go by.

Lamark: Nah, they'd never let us go anywhere near here if that was the case. Alpha 1 would've dropped by and mind-wiped us faster than-

Site Command: Before you say anything further, let me remind you both that this full, unredacted transcript will be viewable to everyone with a level 3 clearance. And above.

Lamark: Right. Uh, no offense meant.

[Silence falls.]

Lamark: Honestly, I'm not registering anything. Are we sure this isn't just a major coincidence?

Dawson: So, just a statistical abnormality?

Lamark: Yeah. Anomalies can't be everywhere, can they? Maybe this is a fluke. And there's not much strategic value for any GOI's within the triangle, anyways. Boston's right next door. Relatively speaking, of course.

Dawson: Could be. Do you really believe that?

[Lamark shrugs.]

Dawson: Alright, we're good. Heading back to pickup sight now.

Site Command: Ready to receive you.

<Remaining rrelevant logs have been excised>

Addendum 0000.1: Discovery of SCP-5000 took place in 1972, during the latter stages of Project Lycaros5 in the state of Massachusetts. Due to the extensive alleged anomalous activity in the area, the project was never officially completed. Assets were redistributed from the project as a whole to more pressing areas, resulting in the project being placed on a hiatus.

During the planning stages of Site-76 in 2003, an abandoned factory outside of the town of Norton was considered as a potential location, and Project Lycaros was briefly revived to examine the area for any hostile anomalous phenomena. When it had been discovered that no anomalous phenomena or GOI activity had ever been noted as taking place within SCP-5000, a provisional anomaly file was created.

While SCP-5000's area had been associated with anomalous phenomena for a number of years, recognition of SCP-5000 as a whole appeared to have been started in the early 1970's by American cryptologist Loren Coleman. Coleman was the first to coin the Bridgewater Triangle as a name for SCP-5000, as well as the first to define its boundaries.


Interviewed: Loren Coleman
Interviewer: Doctor Sallust
Foreword: Interview was set up under the pretense of a potential book deal. However, Doctor Sallust was approved to reveal level-0 classification information in an attempt to induce information about SCP-5000.
<Begin Log>

Sallust: Mr Coleman, glad you could come. Sorry about the timing, can I get you coffee?

Coleman: Already had some, no thanks. Have to say, i'm surprised about this. Didn't think anyone would be interested. These days it's all podcasts, aint it?

Sallust: I suppose so.

Coleman: So what were you thinking of for this one? Mysterious America was mostly NA focused, maybe we could take a trip down south, or did you have something in mind?

Sallust: Well actually, I was hoping we could discuss something else. I- Actually, it may be better for you to read this folder.

Sallust produces a modified print version of the Family Disclosure Protocol for Coleman.

Coleman: …You're joking. This is bullshit, right?

Sallust: I'm afraid not. [COGNITOHAZARD REMOVED].

Coleman and Sallust both sneeze.

Sallust: That's what we call an auditory cognitohazard. Essentially, it's a word that makes you sneeze. [COGNITOHAZARD REMOVED].

Coleman and Sallust sneeze again.

Coleman: Holy shit. Are… are you gonna kill me? Because of my work, I'm too close to the truth?

Sallust: No. If we wanted to kill you, I wouldn't have wasted all this time talking to you. I did want to ask you about your work, actually. Specifically about the Bridgewater Triangle?

Coleman: Uh, sure, whatever you need. This about the Bigfoot sightings? Or Hockomock, or um, maybe the wampum belt? Wait, are all of them real? Got them all locked up in some sort of CIA blacksite?

Sallust: Actually, no, none of them are true. Bridgewater Triangle is a 520 square kilometer anomalous dead zone. As far as we can tell, nothing anomalous has ever happened in the area. We haven't had so much as one employee born in that area.

Coleman: …Is, is that bad?

Sallust: I wouldn't say it's bad. Highly irregular, possibly to the point of being an anomaly in and of itself, perhaps. Which is why we turned to you. You were the one who named the area, correct?

Coleman: Well yes, but it was something I just made up! Hell, it could've been a square, or an octagon for all I cared. You don't seriously think I somehow did– well, whatever you're accusing me of!

Sallust: I see. Have you actually found any evidence of anomalous phenomena in the are?

Coleman Of course, what kind of author do you take me for? I've got dozens of eyewitness accounts, cellphone footage, samples of fur that I've had sent off to labs– inconclusive, but what'd you expect from something like bigfoot? I'm actually in the middle of-

Sallust: Is that it?

Coleman: …Yes.

Sallust: Alright. Thank you for your time, Mr Coleman. John, can you escort Coleman to his car? Thank you.

<End Log>
Closing Statement: Coleman was administered a Class C amnestic and escorted from the facility. Two agents have been tasked with monitoring his activities until the conclusion of the investigation.

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