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Nixiedoubledouble 06/14/2014 (Saturday) 14:03:45 #77860149

I've had this account for a little bit, a year I think?? It was time to post.

So does anyone else remember Loopy Lily the late 90s early 2000s Saturday morning kids cartoon? That thing was my life and I remember it vividly, but I haven't seen any posts about it online.

Nixiedoubledouble 06/21/2014 (Saturday) 17:03:08 #77860149

Okay guys so like you know that cartoon I was talking about? I was able to find some cable guide listings for it from the early 2000s, but the computer crashed and I couldn't save the pictures. And I messaged my mom and she said I had some dolls and other toys from the show so I'm gonna look for them.

But my main goal is to find some screen caps, maybe a script or so. That sick episode is my main priority.

Nixiedoubledouble 06/25/2014 (Wednesday) 18:03:39 #77860149

Okay guys I found a wikipedia page on it!! Turns out that sick episode was a creepypasta with an animation someone made released online.


Nixiedoubledouble 07/3/2014 (Thursday) 09:50:52 #77860149

That episode is real guys. Stop trying to hide it. I made it for a reason. It's a real vent of pain. Everyone thinks it can just go away with one solution but it's all a lie.

The cartoon was created by Nichola Johns, me. The networks wanted to pull the episode and hide it away because they thought it was real, but it is a real thing I made. No one knows about my show because of sheer willpower of the networks. Lost media is a powerful thing.

This is a picture of me. I just want you to know I do exist.


Nixiedoubledouble 07/5/2014 (Saturday) 17:30:22 #77860149

Ugh. My account got hacked. Sorry about that. That wasn't me. I know there is a lot of mystery to this but I think I'm ready to move on. Who wants to hear about that one time a unicorn dear was outside my house???


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