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Tears of Blood (血の涙)

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Film poster for SCP-XX discovered online. Origin unknown.

Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation web crawler Kappa-08 ("NOTEARS") is to remain in constant operation, seeking and suppressing any references to SCP-XX in entertainment news and online discussions, as well as identifying individuals who use SCP-XX-related keywords in web searches. Those who are confirmed to possess memories of an SCP-XX screening are to be administered a mild amnestic.

Description: SCP-XX is a nonexistent Japanese horror film entitled Tears of Blood (血の涙).1 Despite the lack of any such film ever having been produced, claims of SCP-XX screenings have been reported across the world by various individuals and media outlets since late 2014. Those affected by SCP-XX will firmly believe that they have attended a screening of the film even when their presence at the purported location of the screening would be impossible.

Unlike nonexistent works that are anafabulous in nature, reports of SCP-XX's story and characters are frequently inconsistent, and a broad variety of Japanese performers (both living and deceased) have been reported to star in the film's lead roles. The only constants appear to be the film's beginning, climax, and ending (see Addendum XXXX-01).

SCP-XX-1 refers to nonexistent individuals who have been reported to be present at SCP-XX screenings. As with SCP-XX itself, descriptions of SCP-XX-1 vary considerably; however, many instances are said to bear injuries similar to those inflicted on the protagonist during the climax of the film.

Addendum XXXX-01: Consistent story elements of Tears of Blood, as described by affected subjects.

The film opens with an introduction of the female protagonist, showing various aspects of her day-to-day life. One day, she receives a phone call from an unknown party who tells her that a loved one has been hospitalized. When the protagonist leaves her apartment to go to the hospital, she is attacked by a male assailant and loses consciousness.

When the protagonist wakes up, she finds herself in an unfamiliar environment with her arms and legs bound. She is surrounded by a number of other female captives, some of whom still remain unconscious. The women briefly discuss the possibility of an escape, but are interrupted when the kidnapper appears. He notices one of the women crying, and promptly kills her. The kidnapper explains that he intends to release the captives after 24 hours, but only under the stipulation that they do not cry.

Throughout the film, the kidnapper exacts various forms of physical and psychological torture on the group. Despite their best efforts, the captives prove unable to hold back their tears, and they are killed one by one until only the protagonist remains. Frustrated by the protagonist's resolve, the kidnapper gradually escalates her torture; however, the protagonist only responds with rebukes, which angers the kidnapper even further.

At the film's climax, the kidnapper approaches the protagonist with a razor blade and announces that even if she is freed, she will spent the rest of her life horribly disfigured. This instigates an argument between the two regarding the nature of inner and outer beauty, the value of women in society, and the societal stigma against expressions of vulnerability. Eventually, the kidnapper loses patience, throws the protagonist to the floor, and grabs her face.

Using the razor blade, the kidnapper slowly begins to slice off the protagonist's lower lip, starting at the left labial commissure. The kidnapper pauses halfway through the process to verbally abuse the protagonist. She takes advantage of this by quickly grabbing the razor with her teeth, and before the kidnapper can react, she uses it to slice open his left eye.

The kidnapper screams in pain as blood and vitreous humor flow down his face. While he is distracted, the protagonist maneuvers the razor blade to her fingers and uses it to cut through her bindings. Enraged and half blind, the kidnapper grabs the protagonist's partially-severed lower lip and tugs it sharply, tearing it from her face along with a portion of her right cheek. At the same moment, the protagonist frees herself from her bindings and slits the kidnapper's throat with the razor blade.

The protagonist rises to her feet as the kidnapper bleeds to death on the floor. Although her speech is impeded by her injuries, she pauses before leaving to mock the kidnapper one last time, calmly telling him that he "cried tears of blood", and therefore had to die according to his own rules.

The film then abruptly cuts to an unspecified point in the future. Now wearing a face mask to hide her disfigured mouth, the protagonist walks down the street to her apartment, ignoring a crowd of paparazzi around her. When she finally reaches her bedroom, the protagonist calmly takes off her mask and looks at herself in the mirror. She stares silently at the missing lower portion of her face and sheds a tear. Over the course of several minutes, her weeping slowly builds into hysterical sobs and shrieks of misery. Her voice continues to be heard throughout the entirety of the end credits.

Addendum XXXX-02: Statement by affected subject Scott Schultz.

Okay, so me and my buddies—wait, no, my buddies and I, I think that's more grammatically correct. Sorry. I'm just really rattled. It's like waking up from a dream.

If you'd told me two days ago that I spent Friday evening at the gun range, I would have said you were crazy. But then I saw the camera footage, the testimonies from Callie and the other employees… I mean, it sounds like me, but as far as I remember, that's not what happened.

I have two these friends from college, Eddie Bryant and Lance Heffler. We all ended up working for the same company after graduation. The three of us really like horror movies, and there's this tiny place, this local theater that does a Midnight Madness thing on weekends in October. They dedicate this one screen to just playing a whole bunch of obscure horror movies in a row, and for ten bucks, you can sit there and watch as many as you want until three in the morning. So on Friday, Eddie, Lance and I decide to go do Midnight Madness after work.

Everything was normal at first. We got some drinks, got our tickets. Then we walked into theater number six, and, uh, that's when things started getting kind of weird. There were these two ladies, about my age, and they standing at the entrance to the theater. They were missing their lower lips. You could see the bottom row of their teeth, and not just the front—all up on one side, too. The scars around their mouth were all puffy and mangled, not surgical at all.

Of course, as far as we knew, these were just two girls with an unfortunate deformity. Like, it was weird that both of them would have the same injury, but who cares, right? We didn't stare. Didn't want to be rude or make them uncomfortable. None of our business. So we just walked past them, and as we did, it was hard to tell, but I could almost swear they were smiling at us.

So we sit down and watch some movies. The first one was real bad, total Mystery Science Theater material. Most of the audience heckled the whole way through, and it was a good time. There's a brief intermission and the projector puts up the name of the next film, and it's in Japanese. That got Lance really jazzed, since he's real big on Ringu and Ju-on and stuff like that.

Out of nowhere, this face leans down from behind me, and it's one of the girls from earlier. Her voice is kind of messed up, but she tells us it's really good, one of her favorites. I didn't really know how to react, so I was just like, "cool", you know?

The movie started. It was still in Japanese, but subtitled, which I found a little distracting, but whatever. It turns out to be one of those Hostel-style torture porn films. Kind of surprising, since that seems kind of uncommon for J-horror. Still, it's good, and I end up getting pretty into it.

Once we're pretty far into the movie, I notice there's this weird echo to some of the dialogue. Then I realize it's the girls. The ones behind us. They're reciting the lines in total sync with the movie. In Japanese. And these girls didn't look Japanese, either. One was a ginger, for crying out loud! So I think, "okay, these are some serious fangirls" and kind of tune it out.

And then, uh. I'm sorry. One sec. So then the bad guy starts taking the razor blade to the girl's lips. As soon as I realized what was going on, my blood just ran ice cold. I couldn't believe what was happening. I couldn't believe those girls would do that. Eddie and I exchanged some horrified glances, though Lance just seemed engrossed in the action onscreen. I sat through the rest of the film, but as soon as the credits rolled I excused myself.

I'll be real with you guys—depression runs in my family. I've never self-harmed, but I've known friends and relatives who have. To do something like that, and over a movie? It twists my stomach in knots just thinking about it. I had to go outside for some fresh air for a bit to clear my head.

When I got back to the lobby, Lance was there talking to the two girls. He looked really interested, too—maybe a little happy. He called me over to introduce me to them, but I can't remember their names. They talked about how women are silenced by society, and how abuse and misogyny is often invisible. That was the gist of it, anyway.

I made an excuse and got out of there as quickly as I could. Just hopped in my car and went right on home. I had trouble sleeping that night. Kept thinking about the movie and those women. I know it may sound kind of stupid, but after I got past the initial shock of the whole thing, I mostly just felt angry at them for their interpretation of the film.

Like, Sakura—I think that was the main character's name—Sakura wouldn't have wished her suffering on anyone. My Mom wouldn't have wished her abuse on anyone. And the fact that Sakura didn't cry when she was being tortured? That wasn't her real victory. The victory is in the last moments of the film when she breaks down. Sure she's strong. Sure she survived. But more than that, she didn't let that man rob her of her humanity.

That's my interpretation of it, anyway. And I think the direction supports it. Except, well, shit. It's not a real movie, is it? I talked to Eddie. He doesn't remember anything about going to Midnight Madness that night. And I called Lance like eight times yesterday, but he never picked up. The thing that's got me really freaked, though? I had to put the number in manually. His contact info wasn't in my phone anymore for some reason.

Afterword: No records of a Lance Heffler were found at Mr. Schultz's alma mater or place of work. Investigations are ongoing.

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