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GGGG-A loaded into projector for testing.

Item #: SCP-GGGG

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-GGGG-A is contained in a climate-controlled vault in the visual media wing of Storage Site-56. Access may be granted for research purposes with written approval from the presiding Site Director.

Description: SCP-GGGG refers to a set of interconnected anomalous phenomena subdesignated A through D:

SCP-GGGG-A is a reel of 35 mm film stock contained in an unmarked tin canister. The reel consists of two separate films (GGGG-A1 and GGGG-A2) that have been spliced together in alternating intervals of 20 seconds and 15 minutes, respectively. Individuals who view ≥25 seconds of footage become instances of SCP-GGGG-B (see below).

  • GGGG-A1 is a celluloid recording of American entertainer Gene Kelly describing and then performing a musical number from an unproduced motion picture, presumably as part of a pitch to studios. Kelly spends most of the short runtime singing and dancing to a song entitled Sunshine Meadows with an offscreen piano accompaniment.

    There is no other existing evidence that Kelly ever worked on such a production; however, consultants in the film industry familiar with Kelly's style and mannerisms have deemed the recording to be genuine. Viewing GGGG-A2 by itself causes no anomalous effects and subjects can remember its contents with no unusual difficulty.
  • GGGG-A2 is a film of indeterminable content which induces various ailments on human viewers, including (but not limited to) nausea, acute anxiety, migraine headaches, and bleeding from the eyes, gums, and fingernails. Viewers are consistently unable to remember the content of the film, but will retain their memories of how the film affected them physically and emotionally.

    Viewing still frames from the film, examining the film stock directly, and solely listening to the film's audio will induce the same effects. Attempts to interview subjects mid-viewing have yielded no coherent responses. Due to these complications, the actual content of GGGG-A1 is still unknown.1 The film stock is significantly newer than GGGG-A1, manufactured circa 1994.

Outdoor portion of SCP-GGGG-C.

SCP-GGGG-B are persons affected by an auditory and spatial anomaly as a result of viewing SCP-GGGG-A. If a subject is isolated in an enclosed space for a period exceeding thirty minutes, there is an ~80% chance they will hear a heavy knocking on the door (or other entryway barrier) nearest to them. This phenomenon, for the purpose of this document, will be referred to as the Initiation Event.

For 15 minutes following the Initiation Event, the passageway will lead to an extradimensional location designated SCP-GGGG-C. Once 15 minutes have passed since the Initiation Event, anomalous activity in the passageway will cease, eliminating the opportunity for exit if an individual is still inside.


Interior portion of SCP-GGGG-C. SCP-GGGG-D is visible in the background.

SCP-GGGG-C is a spatially unstable bubble universe which superficially resembles Michigan Central Station as it appeared in the early 2010s.2 The anomalous duplicate appears to be independent from the original structure, as changes to one do not affect the other. SCP-GGGG-B subjects enter SCP-GGGG-C from a different point in the structure during each Initiation Event. Explorations within the area by Class-D personnel have shown the layout of the building to be impermanent and prone to spontaneous reconfiguration.3

Wireless communication from SCP-GGGG-C to baseline spacetime can be maintained during the 15 minute period after the Initiation Event. No SCP-GGGG-B subject remaining inside SCP-GGGG-C after the conclusion of its manifestation has been discovered during subsequent expeditions.

SCP-GGGG-D are humanoid constructs resembling Gene Kelly as he appears in GGGG-A2. These entities, unless otherwise impaired, will perpetually perform the song and dance routine depicted in the film. Instances of SCP-GGGG-D appear to be non-sentient and unresponsive to virtually all stimuli. Observing SCP-GGGG-D directly or through recorded media will result in similar symptoms to those caused by GGGG-A2.

Addendum: The following is a transcript of the standard4 lyrics to Sunshine Meadows.

I've got a ray of sunshine smiling on me

Take a leap of faith
Come on! Take my hand
I'll show you a joyful, restful land

Sha pom pom da li da
Sha rum tum la di la

Follow suit, come take a jog through
Come on now, you know you want to
Lose yourself in sunshine meadows with me

Exploration Log:

Mason Garza

Field Agent

Mason Garza

Field Agent

Background: Promoted from Class-D status after the completion of multiple successful field missions.

Areas of Expertise:
• Navigation through nonlinear space.
• Identifying GoI field signs and graffiti tags.
• Close combat with cryptobiological entities.

Lacey Wittman

Field Agent

Lacey Wittman

Field Agent

Background: Recruited from the United States Army after receiving high marks on recondite screening procedures.

Areas of Expertise:
• Anomaly assessment and identification.
• Qualified expert with multiple firearms.
• Scored in top 5th percentile for mental resistance against anomalous influence.

Recovery Log:

SCP-GGGG was discovered in 2014 when two members of the Chattanooga Film Society pulled it from a hidden vault in the basement of the group's main headquarters. The film was then handed over for restoration, and the subsequent hospitalization of the Society's restorationist led to SCP-GGGG's recovery by the Foundation.

Document GGGG-02

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