phantom pain
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is known to the public as a non-anomalous disease affecting the nervous system. Victims are to be given appropriate psychological and physiological treatment. In the case of large scale outbreaks, amnestics may be administered.

Description: SCP-XXX is an anomalous sickness affecting the nervous system. Manifestation happens spontaneously and for no discernible reason. Affected individuals start perceiving strong pain in one or more regions of the body, with some limbs going numb.

Discovery: The first documented case of SCP-XXXX was reported by Researcher Dimas Reynolds on 2013/12/03. Researcher Reynolds reported to the hospital wing of Site-52 complaining of sharp pains in his lower abdomen, left leg and throat. During the check-up, no cause for this could be found. As the symptoms did not subside over several days, Reynolds suspected anomalous activity and was granted a more thorough examination. This resulted in the discovery of very fine Hume level fluctuations surrounding the nerve endings in the affected body parts.

Below is an interview conducted with Researcher Reynolds to gain further insight on his symptoms.

Date: 2013/12/15

Interviewer: Doctor Rosalind Lutece

Interviewee: Researcher Dimas Reynolds

Begin Log

Researcher Reynolds is seated in a couch opposite to Doctor Lutece. He is visibly uncomfortable.

Lutece: Hello Dimas

Addendum 2014/01/22: Priority Appeal by Doctor Lutece

Over the last 2 months, since the case of Mr Reynolds several more cases have been reported in various sites around the world. Civilian reports have started to be investigated and considered for SCP-XXXX diagnosis, with grave results. There are no shared characteristics, no pattern and no cure and the number of victims, diagnosed victims that is, is growing every single day. We do not have the resources to treat the affected individuals in Foundation facilities alone, let alone the civilian population. In the name of our mission, I propose raising the priority level of SCP-XXXX to level 5. I see no reason why research efforts are continually finding their end at the funding stage. Containing this phenomenon should be of the highest interest to the ethics committee, research division and the Foundation at large.

This proposition was declined with the following results:

Party Ethics Committee O5-Council
Votes 25 In Favor | 4 Against 1 In Favor | 12 Against
Total Votes 26 in Favor | 16 Against

Addendum 2015/04/13: Site-78 Incident

On 2015/04/13 SCP-YYYY breached containment in Site-78. While SCP-YYYY was successfully re-contained within 2 hours, having caused only minor casualties, SCP-XXXX promptly manifested in all personnel stationed in Site-78 as well as in a large number of civilians living in a large radius around it. No conclusive connection could be made between these two events.



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