Medical Necessity
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Item #: SCP-4XXX Level 2/4XXX
Object Class: Euclid Classified



Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-XX-A are to be taken to a nearby public Foundation facility. Invasive normality reconstruction surgery is to be carried out, followed by standard medical treatment until the subject recovers, at which point they may be released.

Tracking and containment of SCP-XX samples follows anomalous contraband confiscation and supply disruption protocols. MTF-Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders") is currently tasked with limiting the availability of SCP-XX to the general public.

The Foundation Political Lobby is currently advocating for universal healthcare within the United States.

Description: SCP-XX refers to parapharmaceutical capsules distributed by Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd., and manufactured by an unknown party. When ingested with supplemental materials, the specimens cause a serious of extensive thaumaturgic reconstructions in the subject (designated SCP-XX-A).

Known interactions with materials are listed below, some taken from its promotional material:

Material SCP-XX Appearance Effects Known Mitigations
Bread No changes. Causes the subject's liver to begin to dissolve. Standard medical thamaturgic draining to restore liver function.
Olive oil Light blue coloration. Slightly shrinks extremities, resulting in dried skin and black coloration. Fingers and toes separate after fifteen days with no treatment. Limb replacement therapy with SCP-███.
Avocado oil Yellow coloration. Manifests thaumic flames on chest and navel region, destroying any non-biological flammable materials. Converts affected skin to cartilage. Surgery on damaged organs reverts transfigured skin in 47% of cases.
Milk Variable. Causes bleeding and surface blisters on the ears and temple. Cochlear reconstruction surgery with accelerated flesh regrowth.
Green peas or lima beans. Slight purple coloration. Development of a fluid sac on their posterior, outputting increasing amounts of caustic acid. None. Indefinite containment required.
Pumpkin juice Orange coloration, pungent smell. Separates subject's head from their body. A portal connects the top of their neck to their separated head, which function otherwise normally. Stitches to reattach the head.
Watermelon or honeydew Transparent Anomalous brain hemorrhage. None.

Following consumption and manifestation of intended symptoms, consumers are directed to call an anomalous incident hotline. Pursuant to 2017 amendments to the House Accords, the Foundation is legally obligated to provide containment to anomalous U.S. residents surrendering themselves into custody.

Discovery: SCP-XX was announced on 2018/07/23 as part of MC&D's consumer campaign, a series of relatively affordable products marketed towards less affluent civilians. Due to the recent legislative-instigated collapse of public health insurance markets, medical debt and uninsured individuals had been steadily rising within the U.S. for several months. To avoid increasing healthcare costs, an increasing number of individuals voluntarily became instances of SCP-XX-A.

Addendum XX-1: Surveys of Contained Individuals

interviews with people with medical issues who couldn't afford regular treatment and stuff

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