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So you're telling me that SCP-106 broke out of containment, walked into the Site-17, stole SCP-458 and is currently walking around a town 150 miles from here delivering pizza to people?

Dr. Michael Avery

Containment Specialist Kolt Moor

But… why?

Dr. Michael Avery

Trying to relive past memories, I guess. Doesn't matter, tell a nearby MTF to get off their ass and so their jobs.
Containment Specialist Kolt Moor

"Hey, you want a pizza dude? I'm paying."

"Yeah, sounds good. Uh… large meat lovers, thick crust."

"You get that all the god damn time now. You're gaining a few pounds."

"Don't judge me."

The two friends, James and Kylie, sat in the empty bedroom, one tuning his guitar, and the other about to order pizza. Uneventful, as always.

"Hello, this is Pizza Hut. What can I get you?"

"Hey can I get a small cheese pizza with olives and mushrooms, and uh… large meat lovers, yeah?"


"And a large meat lovers. Thick crust."

"Okay. Anything else?"

"Uhm. A large Sprite."

James throws a plush giraffe at Kylie. "And you bitch at me for eating unhealthy."

"I will murder you."

"I'd like to see you try, fatass."


The call disconnects.

"This is why we should have ordered Dominoes."

"You know I'd rather eat an edible pizza."

There was a knock at the door. It was the pizza guy. Hopefully.

James got up from his bed. "I'll get it." James takes Kylie's purse, and walks downstairs, fumbling to get a couple of bills out of the abomination that was her wallet. She was known for jamming anything paper related into there.

Outside the house is a rotting, old man-looking thing, dressed in a torn up Pizza Hut uniform with hints of blood on it, holding a Little Caesar's box soaked in a black goo like substance, with a large smile on his face.

"Oh man, thank you, I'm starving." James produces a 20 from the wallet. "Keep the change. It's probably minimum wage hell over there."

James takes the box and opens it, revealing a thick crust meat lovers pizza. Just the way he wanted. James then gasped.

"Wait a minute."

10 seconds pass.

"We didn't order Little Caesar's."

James looks at the box, confused, while the black goo melts his hand. The old man stares at him with empty eyes and a wide grin on his face.

"They fucking forgot the cheese pizza too."

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