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Temporal Canis Lupis Familiaris

Aliases: SCP-004-WWS, Sampson, Doberman Pinscher, MC&D thing

Summary: Doberman Pinscher suffering from Temporal Displacement. Originally from the year 1982, brought into the year 2018. Owner "Jonathan Stanford" suffers similar condition.

Threat: Min. Cannot pass on effects to others.

Interest: Possible implications that the person Jonathan Stanford is capable of time travel, possible scenarios:
1) Jonathan is searching for the Doberman, I know the location
2) Could potentially take me to the past, could change the course of events in my life to make myself normal again - Best scenario
3) Cannot take me to the past, could gain a hint about my origins (?)
4) Doberman has something to do with the time travel, unlikely

Doberman will act as bait so that I may gain contact with Jonathan Stanford. Worst case scenario -> nothing about the Doberman or Jonathan Stanford is helpful, still worth the effort to pursue. Will not take much effort.

Potential of Jonathan Stanford being a form of a nobody as well?

Location: Boring, OR. Wilson's Wildlife Center.

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