Plague's Alleyway Lab
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The Festival of Florence Being rewritten
Penny Pinchers Posted
A Dark Woods, Where the Straight Way Was Lost Drafted
Closure Being written
Intruder Alert Being written
Owls This one's a fucking mess
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JaonHax's Titles N/A

Wacky Ideas

Telepathic Frogs

Making a Quesadilla past midnight causes paranormal shit to appear.

Ghosts haunt a forest in order to scare people to a remote cabin so they don’t have to eat dinner alone.

A gumball machine that's convinced it's a site director.

A 1730 style MTF-led expedition into an anomalously altered Foundation vessel. Heavily inspired by The Lighthouse and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

  • Ghost sailors
  • Discovery of the captain nailed to the wall with the body of an albatross sewn into his chest

Something titled ‘My Ass Would Have Stayed in the Primordial Soup if I Knew There Was Gonna Be Days Like This’

Dado goes on shark tank.

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