does anyone know the answer to number 6 on the math homework my mom wont tell me

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Thing Link Name What What but specific
One 1 Mt. Rushmore outline with a tiny bit of elaboration by nicolini mt rushmore is actually a giant fucking golem that kills enemies of the state
Two 2 Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do. In production with YossiLeinerYossiLeiner bc im too lazy to finish watson feels love and then he cant feel love so he mutilates all the science boys
Three 3 Catholic School Speedrun Eh. clip into the wall and see the whole world
Four 4 When Will Denny Himself Show Up To The Denny's being written if ever Leave a pancake in a parking lot and it will grow into a new Denny
Five 5 bun released bun
Six 6 The D-Class D-Demption or something brainstorming ft keyii 4 dudes that are d-class organize a prison break from the scpee
Seven 7 You're Getting Old how many words for "i'll do it eventually" are there? me and my friends dicking around like 3 years ago

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Other ideas:

Dennys is actually a Dennys dimension occasionally intersecting with our dimension, and is run by Denny himself at the Prime Dennystm

Duck gives you experience points for giving him bread

Durbal does his taxes

Dude stops existing except on September 21st

Other ideas not starting with D:


3312 victim finds 1004

ATF Commissions

Community surrounding mobile game mirrors real life politics, but about 5 days in advance (based off my experiences with Geometry Dash)

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