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Heya, my name is Paul, also known as Plague. I enjoy writing and I hope you enjoy reading.

A lot of my ideas are interesting, wacky, scary, or funny (hopefully). The amount of those ideas that transition into full-on articles is another story for another time. Shout out to the critiquers.

Below are the articles I've posted and other cool things I enjoy.

Collected Works

SCP-5322 - Dying of the Light

SCP-5594 - Snail Racing at the End of Reality

More Coming Soon!

PlaguePJP's Curated List of his Favorite Articles
"That Plague sure does have great taste" ~ Plague

No. 10 - SCP-1730 - What Happened to Site-13 by djkaktusdjkaktus

No. 9 - SCP-5239 - Ethic's Committee Inquest by LiterallyMechanicalLiterallyMechanical

No. 8 - SCP-5005 - Lamplight by TuftoTufto

No. 7 - SCP-3333 - Tower by JekeledJekeled

No. 6 - SCP-2852 - Cousin Johnny by kinchtheknifebladekinchtheknifeblade

No. 5 - SCP-093 - Red Sea Object

No. 4 - Taboo by PeppersGhostPeppersGhost

No. 4 - Taboo

No. 4 - Taboo

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