I understand you have asked me here as a part of a psych evaluation. For what, I could not tell you. That is information you, and you alone know.

You have asked what I fear. In truth, I could not say. Or it'd be rather difficult to do so, indeed.

Yes, yes, I understand that I've to tell you this to… what was it? Mm. Yes.

I understand that some may answer with relatively simple responses. The spiders, the heights, the dark. Some may dare divulge the unthinkable - numbers, words, soft little things that wouldn't dare hurt a fly.

Me? Yes, I suppose I am dodging the question somewhat.

In truth; I fear not what lurks within shadows deep, nor what clicks or clacks or bumps in the night. Rather, I fear the very thing that manifests them within my head, that paints their picture for none but me to see. What brings forth both the merry and disgusting into my thoughts and won't let their serpentine fangs unhook from me when I rest my head upon my pillow. Doctor; you ask what it is I fear? The wanderer of landscapes that I would not dare tread when I am in stimulus is just it.

It is but a simple answer, dear Doctor. I fear myself.

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