i am beside myself

Item Number: XXXX

Object Class: Humanoid

Containment Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be allowed to continue work and typical duties at the Foundation. Daily psych evaluations are to be administered under guise of standard evaluations. Weekly physicals and genetic tests are to be administered and presence of nonhuman tissue is to be immediately reported to the nearest site director. Under no circumstance is SCP-XXXX to be told it is not Senior Researcher Nolan Borden. In the event this occurs, SCP-XXXX is to be administered Class-A amnestics, and those responsible are to be severely reprimanded.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a humanoid entity similar to Senior Researcher Nolan Borden. SCP-XXXX is biologically, emotionally, and genetically similar to SCP-XXXX, and displays expected levels of understanding of marine anomalous biology and ability to perform Senior Researcher Borden’s duties.

The origin of SCP-XXXX is currently unknown. The whereabouts of Senior Researcher Borden are currently unknown. Current priority is determining the origin of SCP-XXXX - it is likely to coincide with the whereabouts of Senior Researcher Borden.

Discovery: Following a period of extended leave taken by Senior Researcher Borden, SCP-XXXX was discovered after it expressed difficulty recalling coworkers’ appearances. Given the likelihood of a trauma-related accident causing mild memory loss, SCP-XXXX was kept on as regular personnel. Furthermore, notoriety gained by SCP-XXXX in-site would likely cause lasting damages if site-wide internal amnestic use was necessary. All Site-31 personnel were briefed on SCP-XXXX’s current situation via email.

Psych and Physical Evaluation

Interviewer: Dr. Gavin Kristoph

Interviewee: SCP-XXXX


Kristoph: Hello, Researcher Borden. I’ve got good news.

XXXX: Hey, Doc. What is it?

Kristoph: Physical evaluations came back well. No head trauma. As did your thaumaturgy aptitude tests. You’re fine. No implantations or the like.

XXXX: Thank god. I have no idea what the latter means, but I’m pleased to hear that.

Kristoph: Do you know why you’re here?

XXXX: Yep. Regular evals. When was the last time we had one of these?

Kristoph: Probably… around a month ago?

XXXX: Hm. Was that with you?

Kristoph: It was. How are you feeling?

XXXX: Pretty alright, all things considered.

Kristoph: You sure about that? An “alright” isn’t exactly a “feeling great,” if you know what I mean.

XXXX: Well, yes. I can’t remember much to be angry about. I guess I’ve been a little embarrassed having to double check everyone’s nametags again, but everyone’s really accommodating about it. I ate lunch with some new people today.

Kristoph: New as in…?

XXXX: Well, they’d never had lunch with me before. They saved me a spot though. It was really grand of them.

Kristoph: That’s very nice. I’m happy to hear you’re feeling good about yourself in that regard.

XXXX: Yeah. You know, when the week started off, and I woke up, y’know? When I’d forgotten everything, that was a bit of a worry. That folks would be rather difficult given my situation. But it’s pleasant to hear the contrary.

Kristoph: What would you name as your number one worry?

XXXX: Same as it’s always been, Doc. It’s hard to explain, but I can’t remember if I’ve already explained it. So I’ll try it again. You fine with that?

Kristoph: Of course. We’re here for a reason.

XXXX: You know what I find really interesting about lower levels of the ocean? Specifically that of the twilight zone, where light doesn’t pass through, and everything tends to be bioluminescent in some form or another, both predators and prey glow. It’s an interesting, but easily understood phenomenon. So, anyways. Some folks like to say that we know less about the ocean than we do about space, which is a statement I agree with.

Kristoph: Stop touching your face. You’re anxious. Talk. What makes you say that?

XXXX: Well, it’s so dark down there, and so much of Earth is just ocean. It’s so uncharted that it’s to the point that biologists rediscovered what we call a Lazarus taxon. Ones thought dead that just reappear in the most miraculous of ways.

Kristoph: Like the coelocanth.

XXXX: Precisely, yes. The coelocanth is probably the most famous of all the Lazarus taxa, and it’s known for sheltering in deep water caves. It stays hidden with the rest of its kind, not out of want, but of necessity, you see. They rest and hide, and are so terrified of outside contact that even if another coelocanth so much as brushes another, they both cower in fear.

Kristoph: Interesting. Why do you think they’re so afraid?

XXXX: Well, you see, sharks tend to like to eat coelocanths. Despite their size, they’re pretty easy prey as they lack any form of power behind their strokes. They tend to be drift feeders, and well, drift.

Kristoph: Ah. Sharks. I’ve never quite enjoyed them. Their teeth are quite sharp, you see.

XXXX: Ah, but a shark’d never attack you. A coelocanth, however, is a very, very nice snack. For a shark, I mean.

Kristoph: And this worries you how?

XXXX: I’m getting to it.

Kristoph: Calm your leg. It’s jittering again. I would’ve charted it up to thalassophobia, but continue.

XXXX: Doc, you don’t give me enough credit. There’s a reason I’m a marine biologist.

Kristoph: Fair.

XXXX: Precisely. But, the problem with coelocanths is that their seclusion is dwindling their numbers. They stay so close together, make easy prey, and tend to have little genetic diversity.

Kristoph: Makes sense. But be careful. You’re hyperventilating.

XXXX: Thanks, Doc. It does, doesn’t it?

Kristoph: Well, yes. Their inbreeding is on old British royal level, isn’t it?

XXXX: Ha, I guess you could say that. We wouldn’t know. But… I guess what’s worrying me is that I don’t know if I’m the coelocanth or the shark.

Kristoph: Which do you feel like?

XXXX: I don’t know. I don’t even know which I’d rather be. I’m so used to being the coelocanth that I suppose I’ve developed some form of Stockholm syndrome.

Kristoph: I do the diagnosing, Borden.

XXXX: I’ll leave that to you, but I joke.

Kristoph: So you feel… drifting?

XXXX: No, no, I’d use a whale shark analogy in that circumstance.

Kristoph: Explain.

XXXX: I feel rather solitary sometimes, you see. As if I’ve not done enough that warrants me to stop drifting. Home gets rather lonely at times. I know I’ve accomplished a lot. Things like awards, books, research, but I can’t remember doing any of it. And that puts me a step below everyone else. Those with working minds.

Kristoph: I can arrange to have those people sit with you at lunch again.

XXXX: That would be nice. If possible, could you arrange them to also not comment on my eating?

Kristoph: How so?

XXXX: I attempted to cook, and also spilled a lot due to not being familiar with the utensils. All in all, a pretty terrible experience.

Kristoph: It’ll be difficult… but I’ll accommodate it.


Have internal site reports about XXXX - suggest he’s doing weird shit/leave it ambiguous

Incident Log: Due to oversight neglect, an intern was briefed on SCP-XXXX’s situation but lacked knowledge of proper procedure. The intern approached SCP-XXXX during break time and unknowingly disobeyed containment procedures, informing SCP-XXXX of the fact that it is not Senior Researcher Borden. SCP-XXXX began to panic, and repeated that no personnel should be allowed near his house. Given the circumstances and a possible relation to SCP-XXXX’s origin, an exploration team was assembled and sent to Senior Researcher Borden’s house. A live camera feed was connected at Dr. Kristoph’s request for use with SCP-XXXX.

Exploration Log and Live Response:


Kristoph: Alright, Nolan, just take a breather.

XXXX: There's no need to call me that. You know that.

Kristoph: Fair, fair. But look. The screen here's gonna show some familiar images. Just watch and listen, alright? Tell me what you think.

XXXX: If you say so.

Kristoph: Stop shaking your legs. Calm down. Box breathe for me, and think about the current.

XXXX: Will do, doc.

Alpha I/3: Cam check.

Alpha I/2: Check.

Alpha I/1: Check. All operational. Ready?

Alpha I/2: Yep. Let's go.

Alpha I/3: Don't put the cart before the horse, 2.

Alpha I/1: House is in front.

Alpha I/3: Visual contact made. Approaching. Opening front door. It’s left unlocked. Seems pretty normal in here.

Alpha I/2: Way up and a way down. Which way?[]

XXXX: Please don't go further.

Kristoph: They can't hear you.

XXXX: Please don't.

Kristoph: Calm down, XXXX. They can't hear you.

XXXX: Can you tell them? I can't watch this.

Kristoph: I can't. What's wrong with the house?

XXXX: It's— It's hard to explain. They can walk around, it'll be okay. I just— I don't know. I can't say. I don't remember.

Kristoph: It's alright. What do you remember?

XXXX: I know I wake up here. Every night. And it's… familiar. Like looking through some foggy glass. Vague.

Alpha I/3: Up we go. Might as well start there, and work our way down.

Alpha I/2: Will do. Heading up right now.

Alpha I/1: Careful.

Alpha I/2: Yep. Let's go.

Alpha I/3: Don't put the cart before the horse, 2.

Alpha I/1: House is in front.

Alpha I/3: Visual contact made. Approaching. Opening front door. It’s left unlocked. Seems pretty normal in here.

Alpha I/2: Way up and a way down. Which way?[]

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