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SCP-XXXX being played by J. Res. Holloway following HR complaints.

Item Number: SCP-XXXX

Class/Clearance: Safe/One

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in an anomalous items locker. In the event of an interpersonal conflict onsite arising from inherent bias, the conflicting parties are to both briefly be trained in the use of stringed instruments similar to SCP-XXXX. All involved parties are then to play SCP-XXXX, once each.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a taus and its bow, a stringed instrument commonly used in the northern region of India, primarily in the state of Punjab. SCP-XXXX is designed in a more ornate fashion than typical nonanomalous instances of the same instrument, with a heavily painted peacock-shaped decoration at the end of the instrument's head, extra paint, and a glossy finish. Instruments similar to SCP-XXXX, such as the dilruba, are played by using a bow while moving the fingers up and down its neck. However, the strumming of SCP-XXXX's strings at any location on the neck will produce the same song, which is completely unaffected by tuning or moving the fingers along the frets. SCP-XXXX will not produce sound unless it is being played with its original bow. This song is attached below, and personnel are encouraged to watch an instructional video on northern Indian stringed instruments, followed by a recording of SCP-XXXX's song.

SCP-XXXX's secondary effects activate played by someone with training in stringed instruments, especially those similar to SCP-XXXX If the subject carries an inherent bias, prejudice, phobia, or other predisposition to a certain group, listening to the song produced by SCP-XXXX completely eliminates these thoughts, producing a more inclusive, common belief among parties 97.3% of the time. The method by which SCP-XXXX does so is unknown — the song itself is thought to carry mild, benign audiohazardous capabilities in humans, as crosstesting with other violent entities has produced no significant behavioral change.

SCP-XXXX was initially inadvertently discovered by Foundation containment personnel in a local San Francisco Bay Area dump while commuting to work. The following note was found wrapped around SCP-XXXX's decorative head. Minor reconstruction was necessary.

May 2, 2016

Dear Mom,

Guess who's writing to you. Yeah, it's me! Your son who you successfully got our entire extended family to completely shun! Isn't that amazing?

School's fine. Getting A's, or whatever you used to tell me. Life otherwise is alright. The job Stockholm syndrome you made me have is still putting me on the route for neuro or oncology.

That's not the point. I guess this is a sorry, an "I'm still conflicted about this," and a fuck you. Mostly the last one.

I fixed the taus. Took it back to Amritsar and had the old jadhu-wala1 Babaji2 fix it up. I know you weren't exactly expecting to hear from me, but I figured you'd at the very least want this back. Remember when you told me you wanted grandkids and I didn't say shit? Can't really do that now anyways, but it's like you'd spit upon anything to do with me or them anyways.

This was your escape, is what you used to tell me. It became mine, but then you used it for everything. Shoved it down my throat and made me sick of it. You stuck your grubby hands into everything, except for stuff you could actually do to help.

So fuck you. Take your taus and don't talk to me. I hate you, and I hate what you did to me. This is your goddamned fault. I didn't know who I was, who and how I loved, because of you.

Fuck-cerely yours, Jaideep

Upon initial collection, SCP-XXXX showed signs of extreme neglect and disrepair, as well as minor splintering, blunt trauma, and water damage in multiple areas.

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tbh fuck bigoted parents amirite

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