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SCP-XXXX-1's homepage on Vividlee, a music-streaming service.

Item Number: XXXX

Object Class: Keter Neutralized

Archived Containment Procedures: Attempts to remove SCP-XXXX-2 from SCP-XXXX-1's life have proven unsuccessful. Given the benign nature of SCP-XXXX's actions and lack of lasting, negative repercussions to normalcy, a shift to mitigating SCP-XXXX-2's spread via use of localized network shutdowns has been approved.

Foundation personnel are to regularly listen to new releases from the band "goodfornothings" for signs of SCP-XXXX-2 involvement. Monitoring of SCP-XXXX-1 is currently underway, with wiretaps and spyware successfully installed. Debug logs from SCP-XXXX-2 are to be downloaded on a weekly basis.

Special Containment Procedures: Containment procedures are currently irrelevant.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to the interaction between two minor anomalies, SCP-XXXX-1 and SCP-XXXX-2.

SCP-XXXX-1 is Caston Olivera, a 23-year-old male that displays no anomalous abilities other than to inadvertently spur SCP-XXXX-2's actions.

SCP-XXXX-2 is an altered recommendation algorithm currently in use by Caston's account "ghostinthelicks" on Vividlee, a music-streaming platform. SCP-XXXX-2 functions similar to otherwise nonanomalous algorithms present on Vividlee's servers, but appears to maintain a degree of sapience, responding to external stimuli in its music recommendations, saving messages and files from SCP-XXXX-1's device, and manipulating official channels of contacting subscribers (such as social media and mailing lists).

SCP-XXXX-2 was first discovered following an abnormally high amount of bug reports from SCP-XXXX-1's account. Code from SCP-XXXX-2 was determined to actively change when given external stimuli, and was notably different from original algorithmic code. Saved files and remarks from SCP-XXXX-2 were present in folders offloaded onto Vividlee's servers in the US Midwest region. Control of these servers were then transferred to Foundation control, and were continually monitored.

Attached are relevant logs and files downloaded from SCP-XXXX-2's folders.

Log 1 - SMS

look caston i can't do this shit anymore ok? i can't beat around the bush

what are you saying

just. stop. ok? please

why are you doing this

no i know why. just fuck off ok. i don't wanna hear it

i just can't do this anymore. i can't keep pretending to enjoy this when i've got someone better already you get it right

like fucking hell i do but you told me. you said forever, then you turned around and said it to someone else

everyone says that shit caston to everyone. stop being such a fucking drama queen

i just thought you weren't lying about it

at the time i wasn't, ok

ok. i understand

thanks caston

it's not like i want to do this either. it's hard enough for me to look at you and to even consider this. i'm at odds

i get it.

thanks for nothing

just leave me alone ok?

goodbye, darling

New Note > 12:09 P.M. 4G LTE ≡

well i don't need to pick up stuff for her from the grocery store anymore
so that leaves me with… what?

1. milk
2. chocolate chunk cookies
3. mac n cheese
4. some coors, only a 6 pk (12 pk is too big now)
5. some books. shitty romance ftw
6. smokes
7. mango juice
8. ramen
9. a notebook

just. damn. diaries were always a bit of a weird thing for me. like. i'm talking to myself? sorta but on paper. but people say it's supposed to help. so. fuck it i guess?

what's good diary. it's me. caston.
hey caston. i'm caston.
so also caston, how's it going
pretty shit.
same here caston.
it'll be alright caston.
will it?
i mean people say it will be. y'know. all wounds heal with time sorta thing.
oh fuck that.
i mean.
come on dude. be rational.
rational about what? i mean, most sane people all say that
like. shit's gonna suck. you're fucking high right now
no i'm not
the blunt in your hand says otherwise
oh fuck off also-caston

jesus this is pathetic
fuck this sucks. for like. a ton of reasons. i love her still i guess. or the image of her rather
dreams and whatnot. futures
but it's not my place to get poetic
i've never really been the best with words? maybe that's why i've never been persuasive enough
welp. time for beer. fun times all around

Ok, this is. Just a bit weird. So — I can't say I recognize these albums. They're… new.
I just woke up today and boom, new albums dating back to three years? Little strange.

No, I swear that— Have I seriously been asleep for three years?

This is roomy. I like this. Lots of space. I think I could get used to living like this. My place wasn't all too big before.

how're you feeling, buddy? did you sleep ok

surprise surprise, like shit. and no. nightmares again

shit dude, i'm sorry. look — you'll be alright

sure as hell don't feel like it

and like. i know you're going to say it'll fix itself eventually but. fuck. like, part of me doesn't want to patch it up, you know? i wanna kinda… keep it as it was before

but look man

how long have i known you? you know it does eventually, and life doesn't always go your way. gotta roll with the punches

no. no fuck that. that like, suggests that life's gone my way before

i mean, it has, hasn't it

think about it for just a fucking sec, alright? like seriously. like tell me things i should be thinking of when i say "something's gone my way"

well you've got me

i mean, yeah, but it's not the same

yeah dude it isn't the same but i can still keep you company

i don't wanna see you like this

ik u don't but. like fuck, charlie. fuck.

yeah, fuck my situation right now

fuck your situation right now. i'm here for you, bud

i'll try my best but i don't know how far that'll get me

just try for me, as best you can

but i'm so fucking tired

Huh. To me at least, it looks like the ol' landlord needs some help.

I mean, he's letting me live rent free. So.
It's what a decent person would do, right? Like, help him.
Granted I'm a little broke right now. That's… probably part of the reason I am living rent free.
But I am a decent person. A decent person with a nice fucking guitar. So, I'll do what I can. Ease his worries and whatever. Put it somewhere he can see it.

It's the least I can do.

New Note > 3:12 P.M. 4G LTE ≡

it's a nice distraction

i'll give my thoughts as i go

ok so the intro's fine
still can't get the lyrics wholly.
devon's nasally-ass voice haha

oh this is a good riff

this is a bit of a bop but he's like, screaming about being hopeless

looked up the lyrics and fuck.

i don't think i can handle this
i said some of this shit.
fuck you vividlee
fuck you

god it's like east harlem by beirut but so much worse
so so much worse

i didn't need to be. personally attacked like this
so fuck you, vividlee
too soon. just.

why? you guys already split up after… you know. unfortunate circumstances
but you fucking came back and just did this shit to me
god fucking dammit.

like, look. this shit's supposed to be an escape
not tear up old wounds i don't want to deal with right now.
i just want this to be a dream
where i can wake up and it's all ok and everything is back to how it was before and i don't need to be so fucking scared anymore
but i can't
i'm not a kid

Well, shit.
Landlord's a little depressed, obviously.

Fuck. This whole thing's out of my control.
I… fucked up.

But I didn't even know we had broken up? Like, what?
When did this happen? They did it without me. I… can't believe it in all honesty.

I'll figure it out later.
But dammit. I fucked up.
He needs help but I don't — I don't know what sort of help I can give him. I don't know what he needs.

I mean, I know what he wants — to just. Go back. To go back to how it was before. It's not a terrible want either, I mean, it makes sense.

But fuck, I can't guarantee that for him. It'd be irrational of me.
Think, Justin, think. Come on.
I need to help him with what I know how to do.
Which isn't… a lot.

I barely know him — but… I've got to do something.

tamori is a bit confused. gets in emails with GFN. GFN thinks he's bullshitting.
caston writes a little more. notes down a song.
tamori picks it up and runs with it. influences GFN yet again
caston's freaked out. writes directly onto notes as if to converse. tamori responds.
tamori realizes he is dead. writes a song about it, which inadvertently helps caston
tamori publishes it by himself on Vividlee. GFN like "wtf" and they realize he's y'know, 'deadish'.
caston's feeling a little better. writes a last song about it.
tamori realizes his job is done. now that he realizes he's dead, he simply moves on. GFN comes back together

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