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Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Copies of SCP-XXXX are to be contained in a standard inert-object locker. Under no circumstance is SCP-XXXX to be listened to, and Foundation webcrawlers are to scour video and media sharing websites for copies of SCP-XXXX's songs.



Description: SCP-XXXX refers to an unreleased album by the garage rock band DEVIATION, "All I Can Hear Are Common People." No records exist of such an album anywhere on Recoger Records, LLC.'s database, and no members of DEVIATION report recording any of the songs present on SCP-XXXX, but vocal analysis tests have returned positive. It is estimated that about 20 copies of SCP-XXXX are in existence, with 12 in Foundation custody, and the rest currently circulating the California coast's underground rock culture.

SCP-XXXX's primary effects activate when the album is listened to in order.Approximately 1 month following exposure to SCP-XXXX, all subjects undergo a series of symptoms, varying in intensity dependent on how far into SCP-XXXX subjects had progressed in the album, but all listeners will report the same level and types of symptoms.

  • If subjects listened up to track 2, PT. 2, subjects experience major dissociative episodes questioning their innate sense of reality, approximately twice per week..
  • If subjects continue to track 4, REQUIEM-REPLAY, subjects proceed to experience repeated lucid dreams all having to do with the "possession" of their body, as if the subject were a ghost.
  • If subjects continue to track 6, ALL I CAN HEAR ARE COMMON PEOPLE, subjects will only refer to themselves in the second person.
  • If subjects continue to track 9, PETRICHOR, subjects will begin to align spiritual beliefs with that of the Buddhism, primarily those that concern reincarnation and rebirth.
  • If subjects continue to track 10, IT IS ALL OVER AFTER THIS, view Addenda 1.4 for related symptoms.
  • If subjects continue to track 11, A FAREWELL, no notable symptoms occur. Subjects will report a bettered state of mental health, and no presence of previous SCP-XXXX symptoms are noted.

Related addenda are attached below.

Interview Log Transcript

Interviewer: Researcher Isaac Oak

Subject: D-19872

Foreword: The following set of interviews were performed prior to a permanent cessation of all testing with SCP-XXXX, in order to test natural progression of SCP-XXXX related symptoms. This first interview was conducted prior to any exposure to SCP-XXXX.

Note: The casual tone exhibited by Researcher Oak and D-19872 is due to having a history of testing 4 SCPs previously. It is determined that Researcher Oak shows no emotional attachment to D-19872.


Oak: Hello, D-19872.

D-19872: Hey, Doc. How's life?

Oak: Holding up well. Well, as well as it can be. Kids got into their soccer team. Wife's doing ok.

(D-19872 nods.)

D-19872: Mhm. That's nice to hear, Doc. It's been awhile.

Oak: That it has.

D-19872: So, what's up?

Oak: Got some music for you to listen to.

D-19872: Music. Genre? Something slower, more fast, rock, classical? You know I-

Oak: It's rock.

D-19872: You know me so well.

Oak: It comes with time.

D-19872: So, I just wait here? It'll come on eventually, hmm?

Oak: Yep. I'll be out in a sec, it'll come on then. We'll do some follow up psych evals after you're done listening to it.

D-19872: Huh. Never had a mandated psych eval after testing.

Oak: S'part of the effects. Ethics mandated it.

D-19872: Oh. That's… reassuring. (D-19872 chuckles.)

Oak: C'est la vie, my… you. C'est la vie.

(Researcher Oak gets up, and leaves the testing room for a soundproofed viewing chamber.)

D-19872: I don't speak French.

(SCP-XXXX cues onto the testing room's speakers, and begins to play.)


Interview Log Transcript

Interviewer: Researcher Isaac Oak

Subject: D-19872

Foreword: The following set of interviews were performed prior to a permanent cessation of all testing with SCP-XXXX, in order to test natural progression of SCP-XXXX related symptoms. This second interview was conducted following to exposure to the first two songs of SCP-XXXX.


D-19872: Doc, pardon me, but-

Oak: Yep?

D-19872: D'you ever… get a little confused about what's real and what's not?

Oak: You're telling the person who works for an organization that's literally based around containing the impossible.

D-19872: Fair. Though I'm approaching it from a more… dream aspect. Ever get lost up in your dreams, waiting and wishing for something, anything to change?

Oak: I mean, I'd argue most people do. People dream. Dream of what's better.

D-19872: That they do. D'you ever know what happens when you stick a bunch of ink into water? How it gets all mucked up, as the ink sets itself into it till you can't tell which is which? Till the dreams and the reality get so confused because life itself is a mystery?

Oak: Well. I had you for about a sentence there. I prefer to douse myself in the more concrete.

D-19872: What even is concrete? Pardon me for sounding like a hippie hopped up on three pounds of weed, but what the flying fuck are you talking about? What is reality? Numbers? What is it at all?

(Oak thinks for about 10 seconds.)

Oak: Well, yes. Numbers. Equations. Certainty.

D-19872: Funny you should mention that. I worry about your certainty sometimes. Tell me, what's the last digit of pi?

Oak: I cannot.

(D-19872 wags his finger towards Researcher Oak.)

D-19872: Precisely, my dear friend. When you break reality down, life down, hell, us down, who are we really? Who's to say we're not errant thoughts of some man up above? A brief speck, that as we die, we explode in a light not too distant to recognize?

Oak: I prefer to stay grounded in what I do know.

D-19872: Fine then. Stay under your rock. When the quieting of the distance comes to you, you'll know. You will know. Both of yourselves.

(D-19872 spontaneously enters a state of REM.)


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