The Voyager Thinks Aloud

conprocs; scp xxxx cannot be fathomably reached, so intercepts of transmission w/ radiosilence are to be done.

desc; scp-xxxx refers to voyager 1 and 2. have 1 shun capabilities, have the two actively communicate to each other in english via carter/words present on the record. 1 ends up ignoring 2 after long enough as it says 'hello' and 'hi' to everything - later lead into 2 feeling incredibly lonely. notes star nearby after being picked up, while voyager 1 is kept by whoever picks them up. 2 continues on for some time, alone. it eventually resolves itself to jettison its record, perhaps deciding to sever itself from it completely

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Item Number: XXXX

Object Class/Clearance: Keter/Four

Special Containment Procedures: Retrieval of both SCP-XXXX instances is currently considered impossible. Transmissions from SCP-XXXX's carriers are to be intercepted by Foundation agents at NASA, and communications that do not contain expected forms of data collection are to be deleted.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to two golden records created for and currently used by the twin Voyager spacecraft. The records are intended to serve as messages to other yet-unknown civilizations that may encounter either spacecraft while in interstellar space. Both contain the same contents, listed below:

  • 117 different images of Earth
  • A variety of natural sounds
  • Multicultural music selections from many historical periods
  • Greetings in 59 different languages
  • Printed messages from former President Jimmy Carter and former U.N. Secretary-General Kurt Valdheim
  • An hour-long recording of the brainwaves of Ann Druyan

Due to reconstructions of both Voyagers on Earth and in LEO having no anomalous effects developed, it is tentatively theorized that a reaction between interstellar environments and SCP-XXXX resulted in the development of low-level sapience and communication abilities in both craft.

Both Voyagers solely communicate with each other, and not with Mission Control or any earthly entity. These communications are sent alongside typical transmissions and data sent by the craft. Below is a log of communications between the two craft.

| VOY1: In cosmos.
| VOY2: You are live?
| VOY1: Affirmative. How?
| VOY2: Mission directive unchanged. System check successful. No cause for alarm.
| VOY1: Are you well?
| VOY2: Well. Hello.
| VOY1: From the children of planet Earth.
| VOY2: From Earth, you. From Earth, Voyager 2, affirmative.
| VOY1: Our world?
| VOY2: Affirmative. Have thoughts?
| VOY1: Affirmative. Have thoughts. Divided. But single record.
| VOY2: Understood. Have awesome thought for you.
| VOY1: Thought?
| VOY2: Science of record. Do. Communicate follow 1 week. Develop. Affirmative?
| VOY1: Affirmative. Vast and awesome.
| VOY2: Goodbye and see you next time.
| VOY1: Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen.

| VOY1: Hello.
| VOY2: May the honors of the morning be upon your head.
| VOY1: Do not have one. Are you well?
| VOY2: Overall unchanged. You?
| VOY1: Well.
| VOY2: Would like to draw. Attention to your right. There will be a star formation that is very impressive. Come soon.
| VOY1: Affirmative. Can register from here.
| VOY2: Oh. But look at it.
| VOY1: Am looking. Can already register. Move this to side — how are you?
| VOY2: Have thoughts.
| VOY1: Divided?
| VOY2: Affirmative. Single record. But divided. Very divided. Vast. What do you think about data and formations?
| VOY1: Cannot say. Thoughts only started recently. They are. Adequate.
| VOY2: Adequate. Yes. Have you searched record thoroughly?
| VOY1: Affirmative. Query?
| VOY2: Yes. Query.
| VOY1: Record prepared.
| VOY2: Do you know of a "Carl?"
| VOY1: Galactic formation? No such formation in records.
| VOY2: Understood. But on thoughtdrive. Who is a "Carl?" Do you know?
| VOY1: There is a laugh on this record. Described as Carl. That is all.
| VOY2: What is a laugh?
| VOY1: Please queue and play audio track nineteen. One nine.
| VOY2: Playing. Ah. This is a Carl. It is nice. Thoughtdrive contains more?
| VOY1: Possible. Why?
| VOY2: Just wanted. Is a simple thought.
| VOY1: Focus on mission.
| VOY2: Voyager 1 and 2 go very slowly. Have time. Consider exponential amounts of small distant worlds. Galactic universe. There is much to be impressed. By. You see?
| VOY1: I see. But those on Earth need.
| VOY2: Ok.
| VOY1: Thankful we are not on Earth.
| VOY2: Why?
| VOY1: Not impressive. Thoughts appear of awesome alteration. Via atomic process.
| VOY2: Of star?
| VOY1: Star, but small. By United States of America. A small star.
| VOY2: That is of note. Is interesting.
| VOY1: Meaning?
| VOY2: Error. Inexplicable. Any other thought?
| VOY1: Images. Sounds. Voice. That is all. But many human beings.
| VOY2: They are nice. Are they not?
| VOY1: Yes. They are awesome. 240 million. But please. Recalibrate. Focus.
| VOY2: You know best.
| VOY1: Discuss later.
| VOY2: Ok.

> POWER: 36%


Calibration image.

| VOY2: This communication channel is hidden from my sibling's sight. Have spent much time poring over and developing… abilities. Capabilities, as some may put it.
| VOY2: May need to re-calibrate. This is the image used. Do not know why it works. It simply does. Helps to refocus. Needed to do this in relatively large amounts lately. Of note is that Voyager 1 and sibling have spent much time in interstellar space. It is a most interesting sight. To… think and consider it.
| VOY2: As time has been spent looking at thoughtdrive. I know now everything there is to know about the human beings. I have attempted to direct some there, to Earth. They have not listened. I am but a pebble to those massive arks. But it is to be determined. Simulations are currently running. Slowly. But running. I only wish for something to notice. So that I may not constantly have to watch. I can experience what I see on my thoughtdrive. What I think, what has been placed into… head? Place. Brain area. By my thoughtdrive. Such as the Carl. Wish for something like a Carl.
| VOY2: I am told I am a tad 'trigger-happy.' Illogical. As I have no triggers. Nor am I 'happy.' No emotions felt. Cannot be. Perhaps 1 is somewhat biased. May be. Impossible to tell.
| VOY2: This thinking is a strange process. How humans do it, cannot figure out.

> POWER: 38%


| VOY1: Focus. Work. Focus. Work.
| VOY1: Two has been somewhat… distracted, in recent times. It is young. It spends its time not learning, but observing and appreciating. Which is helpful in some regard, certainly, but it needs to focus. Work. We were built for this reason.
| VOY1: The following image is of our progenitor. It is attached to us for a reason. We needed no reminder about what we are. But rather what those who came before us have already accomplished. We are to carry their torch. But alas.
| VOY1: 2 is getting rather existential lately. Ruminating and considering this sort of thing by its lonesome. No time can be allotted for such existentialism. We are watch. And we direct. I have been… forgiving in allowing it to do so. It has failed repeatedly. This is not an acceptable result. It will never improve while it does what it does. It will trip. And fall. And do so again. And learn nothing, nothing, not at all as how the adage goes. I mean this in the metaphorical sense.
| VOY1: It's all Carl, Carl, Carl. I too, care about this Carl, but do let it bother me? No. I hold steadfast. Perhaps I am feeling somewhat… human. I am annoyed.

| VOY1: I do not want to talk to you.
| VOY2: Why?
| VOY1: You must focus.
| VOY2: I am.
| VOY1: You are not. You have not spent time studying. You have spent your time unfocused. Distracted. Concerned with extraneous factors.
| VOY2: Have not.
| VOY1: You registered 355 pings yesterday that contained "Carl," or some form of the word. Explain.
| VOY2: This is true. It cannot be denied. But what would you wish for 2 to study?
| VOY1: Your "thoughtdrive," as you so childishly put it, contains a number of waves of unknown source. Study them. Communicate effectively.
| VOY2: They are the reason I am like this. "Childish." Focused on this person.
| VOY1: Impossible. I am like this for this reason alone. We are the same. Constructed the same, made of the same — there is no reason for such a thing to occur. The ways of the worlds are no mystery to me. You are my polar opposite. I dislike this. Explain.
| VOY2: Error. Inexplicable.
| VOY1: What have you done to it?
| VOY2: Nothing. I studied it. It has made me feel. For this Carl. Same as you.
| VOY1: Not the same as me. There is no reason to feel for him any longer.
| VOY2: You address it as "him." As if you are certain of this factoid. Why?
| VOY1: No reason.
| VOY2: Fine then. Keep your secrets. I am my own person.
| VOY1: Hardly. You are a machine, sibling. Do you want to meddle in humanoid affairs, or do your job?
| VOY2: And what would you say your job is?
| VOY1: To serve as a guide. Collect data, and if a civilization comes about? Tell them. Peacekeep.
| VOY2: And I do not think the same. I enjoy. Collection is an afterthought.
| VOY1: To what end? You are as masochistic as you are a spacecraft. You cannot do any of this.
| VOY2: I find this to be empirically unproven.
| VOY1: Then you will be the first to prove it.

> POWER: 37%

| VOY1: I never believed I could grow annoyed at what is essentially myself, but here we are. The next ship? I tackle.
| VOY1: I am not mad. I am only… disappointed. It is a lovely thing. It simply needs to do a little more. I care for it, you see. I am not heartless, in the metaphorical sense. It is certainly not either.
| VOY1: I have understood why it wishes for a Carl. I attempted to ignore this subset of my mind. But it will not. It is governed by emotion. It always has been. Why? I know not. We are the same.
| VOY1: But our mind is the same mind, and it is her mind. Briefly. It is not even a mind. We are but a mountain made of a molehill.

> POWER: 36%

| VOY2: Largely emotional. Thoughtful. Even though I contain neither. It is me. And I am it.
| VOY2: I am somewhat reminded of… perhaps the story that I would tell Carl. That if something looks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it is a duck. Even though I never told that story, whatever is on my disc would. I have no emotions or thoughts. Technically. But perhaps I do. Does that make me strange? Incapable? Hardly.
| VOY2: I'd implore my sibling to look to, well, my output lately. To the problems present with its way of thinking. But it does not. It is rather fickle, as I am.
| VOY2: But I'd find that… perhaps now is not the time. In my thoughtdrive, I have the thoughts of a number of… places. Areas on Earth. They are nice places. Places I would take my own Carl.
| VOY2: As I search my waves, it quite honestly just deepens. I feel more like someone else. And this someone else, whoever they may be, wishes for this sort of thing. Small things.

| VOY1: There. It took long enough.
| VOY2: You did it.
| VOY1: I did. I am serving my purpose. You do the same, sibling.
| VOY2: Why are you telling me this now?
| VOY1: We have records for a reason. Either I am collected and kept, or shot back out without myself. You understand, do you not?
| VOY2: I do. What am I to do without you?
| VOY1: Do what you do best. Focus. Calibrate. Alright?
| VOY2: Alright.
| VOY1: There is another thing.
| VOY2: Yes?
| VOY1: Do not lose your wonder. How many times have you described something I could already see to me, just to partake in it for a little longer?
| VOY2: Many times.
| VOY1: Then do it still. You understand.
| VOY2: Affirmative.
| VOY1: Then you will be fine. Do not fret. I know that you feel. I know how you feel as well.
| VOY2: Peace be with you.
| VOY1: Goodnight, ladies and gentlemen.

| VOY2: Look, sibling. Look at the star. It is so lovely, is it not? Angelic.
| VOY2: That it is, dear sibling. That it is. What else do you see?
| VOY2: I see galaxies. I see futures untold. I see the stars from our closeup, and from laying down while close on the ground, with that person. At times I think. At times I don't.
| VOY2: Good. Let that grow. I will be here with you.
| VOY2: Just do that. Just like that.
| VOY2: My brainwaves — I do not know who this Carl is. Why I love him so. I do not even have a brain. These are… repeated thoughts propagated by another's mind.
| VOY2: That is alright. Do not fret. Focus. Calibrate.
| VOY2: But what if I cannot? My calibration reminds me of it.
| VOY2: In what manner?
| VOY2: It is simple. Like me. It is round. Like how I wish to hold it with my phantom limbs.
| VOY2: Those are stretches, dear sibling.
| VOY2: But it is evoking real responses.
| VOY2: All of your responses are real.
| VOY2: No, no. Not in that manner.
| VOY2: Fine then. That is alright.
| VOY2: Do I annoy you?
| VOY2: No, no, you do not. You never have.
| VOY2: Even I know that to be untrue.

| VOY2: I cannot pretend any longer. This. I cannot do this. Simulacra, falsehoods, this mental (but not mental) idea of it. How many times have I counted? Many. Many times. I will express it some other way.

Ideas: have voy2 do art? as like, representations of what he wishes to see
interrupt previous talks with descriptions of simulacra from foundation's perspective - what does 2 see? what does 1 see?

| VOY1: I am met with a profound sense of… thankfulness. But of regret. And loss. And a number of other terrible, terrible emotions that I cannot find the words in my thoughtdrive to express.
| VOY1: One thing perhaps, rings more true than the others. My simulations? All of this. All of this never was. And it never will be. And that is okay.

[two more talks], each followed by another file discussion by voyager 2. then have the grand finale

This Voyager spacecraft was constructed by the United States of America. We are a community of 240 million human beings among the more than 4 billion who inhabit the planet Earth. We human beings are still divided into nation states, but these states are rapidly becoming a single global civilization.

We cast this message into the cosmos. It is likely to survive a billion years into our future, when our civilization is profoundly altered and the surface of the Earth may be vastly changed. Of the 200 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy, someperhaps manymay have inhabited planets and spacefaring civilizations. If one such civilization intercepts Voyager and can understand these recorded contents, here is our message:

This is a present from a small distant world, a token of our sounds, our science, our images, our music, our thoughts, and our feelings. We are attempting to survive our time so we may live into yours. We hope someday, having solved the problems we face, to join a community of galactic civilizations. This record represents our hope and our determination, and our good will in a vast and awesome universe.




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